Who Am I?

Sonika Tyagi is an accomplished natural-born psychic, medium, Ascended Masters channeler, energy healer and spiritual educator. She is also the first person anywhere in the world to transcribe all the meanings of a different language system that Angels have been using to communicate with many people around the world, Angel Double Letters in her published book and oracle deck. Sonika confidently renounced her potential and path in the more traditional workforce to instead pursue work in the service of God shortly after graduating from Barnard College of Columbia University with a B.A. in Economics. She was also the valedictorian of her high school graduating class. Sonika is a self-taught Tarot reader, and publishes monthly video forecasts for the twelve zodiac signs using Tarot Cards and Angel Oracle Cards on her website www.goldensunlife.com. She has also produced a large and growing body of spiritual education on her website www.goldensunlife.com/blog that includes spiritual communications with Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Shiva the Hindu God, The Buddha and culturally prominent figures such as the late artist Tupac Shakur. Her video content has earned her more than 4 million views to date and thousands of followers from across the world. Sonika actively provides personal readings that integrate predictions with motivational intuitive coaching to clients from around the world.

Tupac Shakur’s Spirit communicates! More Spirit Communications here.

One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Dear Sonica,
    Many thanks to have given me the chance to receive from you a Purely+Seance !
    You are so a warm-hearted person. I am so grateful you could contact with my passed away parents and channel their messages to me ! I will book a reading from you soon !

    I wish you all the best !

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