Energy Healing

Try my energy healing. You won’t know until you try! Can’t get over something that happened or someone in Love, Romance, Marriage, Career, Family Relations, drama etc etc? Dealing with the same issues or ‘cr@p’ for the past several months, year or years? Feeling blocked, constantly tired or ‘stuck’? Or just need revitalization and an energy boost? An energy cleaning and healing session could be exactly what you need now. You are energy after all. Most clients report important positive event(s), usually surprising have occurred in their lives between 2 weeks and 4 months of a 3+ Chakras Energy Cleaning session with Sonika, and most clients report feeling emotionally clearer and better immediately to 3 weeks of a 2+ Chakras Energy Cleansing session. Try a 2 Chakras healing and balancing for only $79! You won’t know until you try. Each session includes a 10min post healing consultation with me as part of the total session minutes, in which I tell you what I found and brought Healing Energy toward in your Energy Being or System.

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[Reviews from current and past clients]:

Hello Sonika,
Hope this year has been good to you….Things definitely have improved between … and I for the better… in pur relationship…. I feel I am in such a better place and I know its a result of the energy clearing. Medical Professional, US

Thank you Sonika. My last energy healing was last … and it was nonlive. It worked great. This time I would like to try a live session. Professional, US

I am available at that time most definitely or any other time [consultation scheduling]. I look firward to seeing how it came out. interestingly last couple days he seen light dont know when you did it but he seems more at ease and not so disconnected. Thank you so much Sonika I appreciate all you do. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and hope the holidays were good to you. Hugs. – Medical Professional, US


Hi Sonika, I have just purchased a 15 minute Past Life Regression Reading from you. I would like to make use of this major planetary regtrograde period over the next few months, to further do some personal development. The chakra healing session you did for me previously, has been very good. With good healing benefits in the period following the reading. thank you, and best regards

Professional, Australia

Hi Sonika, Hope all is good. I am enquiring about a couple of things…Is it appropriate to have a follow-up of the spiritual cleansing sessionI had earlier in 2018? To give some feedback, a few weeks after the cleansing I suddenly gave up, completely (overnight without trying) emotional bingeing on sugar (cakes, chocolate etc). I had been struggling with this for a couple of years and now have zero interest in sugary foods! I have put this down to your cleansing.

I wondered if a second sessions is appropriate to deal with other blockages. Also, I have some escalating … (Sorry for the long email – I know you must be busy) I am thinking to book a follow-up cleansing session + 30 mins skype. (I am also interested in the 2019 Deep Dive reports)

Thank you

Best wishes & have a joyous New Year’s night.

Executive, Europe
Good morning my dear. How are you doing? I hope all is well with you. I came to India 2 Days back for two weeks of vacation. I really want to give you a interesting news after your energy cleansing session .The day I landed in India … I was getting call from one of the UAE numbers and I missed it every time. Today I had called that number back and came to know that my … is in Dubai to meet me. Today when I called that number back , he told he came to Dubai …and wants to meet and talk to me about the….
I am surprised to hear this from him. I am sure this must be result of your energy cleaning….All thanks so much to you and lots of love and blessings from universe. – Professional, Dubai, UAE

ok thank you so much. I just purchased the 7 chakra healing for him.
I feel really positive this. . – Medical Professional, US

Hello How are you … are meeting today at …
I am attaching … pic I have a question which we can discuss later
So far since last week [last cleaning] I feel positive and great can’t wait to see how life changes after 2 months. For me everything you did is good
…You have been such a great help. Thank you so much. You are definitely a rockstar – Healthcare Professional, NYC

Hi Sonika, I need more than just your words. Can you work on my energy base? – Marketing Professional, Connecticut

i am Very much appreciative of what you’ve done for me [Energy Cleaning service].

Thank you so much and It was incredible. This morning I was thinking about how i was feeling during my [energy healing] and I forgot to tell you at one point I felt in my head area a little dizzy somewhat swirling kinda but just in my head .that was a different time from where I felt like the top of my head was opening up and little tingles/sparks were at my crown very Distinct feeling. And also at one point I felt heat in the lower part of my body. I thought you might want to know that it was working. i felt it. – Surgical Professional, US

Hi, I keep being told by psychics that I will meet my future spouse in a set time frame. It never happens. The timeline keeps being pushed out year after year. Why is this happening to me? I’m worried there is energetically something out of balance that is not making me connect and finally meet my soulmate. Can you please check and work on my energy? I’d like a consultation please. – Makeup Artist and Consultant, NYC

Hi, can you please help me let go of an ex. so much confusion. so much bad luck…why so much in my love life? I know I need to move past this, but for some reason I can’t. I’m stuck on this for 2 years now and can’t do this alone anymore. I’ve failed to disconnect and don’t have any luck opening up to new people. I need your energy work please. – Journalist

Thank you so much Sonika for your energy cleaning on Marcy [dog]. Her unexpected aggressive stances are no longer visible after 2 days of your cleaning. – Doggie