4 Reasons Why FREE Psychic Readings are Bad

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When you look and ask for free ‘stuff’ you essentially take the position of a beggar. And any person who has genuinely found himself or herself in this position as a beggar at any point in life will tell you that he or she would never wish such a life upon anyone else.

Reason 1: Let me start by asking you…would you pay for a $5 psychic? Would you pay for a $5 therapist, doctor, mechanic, electrician, plumber, attorney, babysitter or dog walker? Do priests get salaries?

If you’re going to pay for a $5 psychic you are going to get a $5 psychic. Did you hear about the $5 psychic ‘Psychic Zoe’ who defrauded her clients out of $800,000 USD in New York City in 2018? Yup, as I said if you’re looking for a $5 psychic, you’re going to get a $5 psychic… if you know what I mean. As someone with genuine psychic and mediumship abilities validated by client verbal and written testimonials, I have no hesitation in mentioning here or talking about charlatans because charlatans exist in every industry including my profession.

Do genuine psychics get predictions wrong sometimes? Of course! Even the best doctors, financial analysts, gurus, plumbers, veterinarians, etc etc get things wrong sometimes.

We have many genuine and hard working professionals with positive intentions, talent and skills in every industry. And then we also have some doctors who sexually abuse patients, electricians, contractors and plumbers who do poor jobs, entertainment industry professionals who are predators, mechanics who end up screwing up your car, celebrated politicians who are wolves in sheep clothing, bankers and financiers who are nothing more than reckless profiteers, unskilled and skilled surgeons who end up making grave mistakes, shady real estate agents, etc etc.

Reason #2: Payment is a form of dedication. What you dedicate your money toward is what you value. When someone is required to let go of money, currency on our material Earth, it calls for a particular expression of energy use…of detachment. Detachment and attachment toward money are pivotal energies that each human needs to master. ‘Salacious’ energy vs balanced, fair energy. A client who purchases reasonably priced psychic services shows that he or she values psychic and spiritual awareness, spiritual work, Messages from Guardians, Passed Away Loved Ones, Pets and God in Spirit, and intuitive coaching, and is willing to let go of some of his or her money toward these services as he or she would for a pair of heels, sneakers or shoes. After you feed your physical, your mental, your emotional, don’t forget to feed your Spirit.

Reason #3: Those who provide free psychic readings or very low cost ones or TOO MANY free readings are just creating an unhealthy dependency on ‘free stuff‘ in their viewers, audiences, clients, ultimately degrading and downgrading the value of the psychic or mediumship product or service. Yes, the truth can hurt sometimes, but for a truly enlightened existence and life you have to call a spade, a spade. Interestingly, it is precisely this dependency on and mentality of ‘free stuff’ that will lead to the ‘one government or one governance’ concept that so many fear and that will severely limit each person’s right to self determination in the far future.

Reason #4: People with genuine, well-developed psychic and mediumship abilities do NOT provide free nor very low cost services online and offline. They recognize their RARE valuable ability appropriately and VALUE THEMSELVES.

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