Angel Double Letters Oracle Cards!

Unlike Tarot and other cards which can have multiple interpretations, these Oracle Cards give you direct, specific Messages from God and The Divine.

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  • More than the standard 44 cards found in most oracle decks!
  • Authentic. All Messages truly brought forth by Angels through Sonika, who has demonstrated her ability to acquire Messages from higher dimensions with ease in many videos already.
  • Sonika knows that predictions are great, but sometimes we just need to know how best to act and approach our different life circumstances. You will never be led wrong by these Cards.

Angel Double Letters 69 Oracle Cards Deck

Please include YOUR CORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS in contact form below. ****** Give yourself Accurate spiritual readings with the help of Sonika’s honestly designed Angel Oracle deck. ****** ALL Messages on these Cards were channeled from ArchAngel Michael and ArchAngel Raphael Who served as conduits for the composite Voice of God and All His Angels. *** Intentionally designed with the truthful spiritual principles that author, psychic, medium, energy healer and Ascended Masters channeler Sonika Tyagi adheres to: 69 Angel Cards are unencumbered by imagery, thus reflecting the clean and pure essence of their Divine Source and allowing for God’s Angels’ Words to remain in crisp focus and honored. *** These Cards will readily answer all of your questions and worries with motivational, instructional, life-affirming and predictive Messages directly communicated from Angels. *** Card specifications: 72 Cards, size 3.5in x 2.5in. Easy to handle, shuffle, carry with you and store. Quality guaranteed. No refunds, no returns and no exchanges after purchase.


Learn the complete meanings of angel double letters with THE COMPANION Guidebook for these Cards: Learn more here.

Sample Reading using The Angel Double Letters Oracle!

Hi Sonika,
Hope all is good with you. I purchased your new book on Amazon recently and I am enjoying it very much, love it!    – New reader, USA

I keep seeing JJ and LL! – New reader, USA