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Why pay $9.99, $5.99 or even $3.99 PER MINUTE?! Or $150-200 for just 20min, 1 hour or 3 questions?! I’m accurate and 80% more affordable.

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Right after you submit payment, please return to this page and submit the below contact form to get in direct contact with me and provide your DOB.

All US, International, male, female clients. [Also gift my readings to friends, family!] Any topics including Twin Flames, travel ahead, life purpose, soulmates, past life regression, numbers, dreams, oddities, etc etc. Speak your concerns without judgement and embarrassment and with privacy and confidentiality!

For US-based and Canada-based clients: Live sessions are provided on regular phone call. For all other clients (International): Live sessions on nonvideo call on Skype, WhatsApp or Fb Messenger. [The Messages are what matter.]

Expedited Delivery = any time within 3 days [less than 4] of payment processing completion time.
Non expedited Regular Delivery guaranteed for video and email services only for the 14th day from payment processing completion date. I’m unable to respond to inquiries asking about turnaround status, but please note: within 2 weeks from payment completion, you will receive your order. Usually around 8 or 9 days.
For non-expedited live readings, you must be willing to accept a spot for your reading that is up to 14 days out from your payment processing completion date. [Usually I’m able to provide a spot earlier than 12th day though.] I’m only one person trying to meet the demand fairly to all clients. Thank you for your patience as I conduct readings only when I’m truly focused in order to obtain my utmost goal of accuracy with each reading.

1 Hour Live Session

UNlimited questions within time limit. Clients welcome to record. *Includes connection, medium with Your Ancestors, Passed Away Loved Ones and Pets if you request. Under time limit. ***FOR 2 HOURS purchase 2.***


30min Live Session


15min Live Session


Expedited 1 Hour Live Session


Expedited 15min Live Session


Expedited 30min Live Session


Private Mediumship Live Session: 10min

For connection to 1 Loved One. Evidence provided. Evidential mediumship.


Private Mediumship Live Session: 20min

Connect with the Spirit(s) of passed away family, friends or pets and receive clarity, CLOSURE, and inner PEACE. See how they are doing. Please provide name of loved one who you would like to reconnect with and relationship to you in contact form below.


Past Life Regression Reading 15min Live Session

Default: Live service appointment. Can be provided on an unlisted Youtube video recording for you to keep and watch, instead of as a live session, by purchaser request. Learn the history of your spirit and soul. You are more than just one lifetime. You have lived before and you will live again. Elements from past lives play out in karmic events, relationships, people and feelings appearing in your current lifetime again ready to be tested, resolved, made peace with or handled properly. Gain understanding as to why certain things have occurred in your life and your purposes in this lifetime. Fits details on at least 2 of your past lives, sometimes 3.


Past Lives Reading 30min Live Session

Can be delivered instead on unlisted Youtube video recording by purchaser request.


1hr Past Lives Live Session

Default: Live service appointment. Can be provided on unlisted Youtube video recording instead of as a live session, by purchaser request.


For non-US and non-Canada based purchasers, you are welcome to request to test your Skype, WhatsApp and FB Messenger performance with me 1 day Prior to your scheduled live session appointment.


camera-2801674_640 (1)Recorded Video (non-Live) Tarot or Angel readings placed on unlisted YouTube video.

*If you provide me more questions than the number of specific questions specified in your purchase or general or broad question types, I will determine the specific questions from your list of questions using my own discretion.

For newbies! Example questions to help you

Expedited 1 Specific Question Video Reading

Answers delivery in 3 days or less.


1 Specific Question


Expedited 2 Specific Questions


2 Specific Questions


Expedited 3 Specific Questions


3 Specific Questions


4 Specific Questions Video Reading


5 Specific Questions


8 Specific Questions


After purchase, please remember to return to this page and submit the below contact form to get in direct contact with me.

Testimonials, future predictions come true!

calendar-2497192_640 (1) (1)On nonlive unlisted YouTube video reading recording: Your Personal Monthly Forecasts for 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12 months ahead. You choose. Try 2 months ahead for ONLY $29! For yourself or give my readings as gift to friends and family! 2 Tarot Cards and 1 Angel Message for EACH month. Together the Cards tell you what you should be aware of in the month, what is the energy you will experience or what is the focus of each month, and what you should do to make the month be the most positive it can be for you. These forecasts are wonderful tools to help you plan ahead and make smart, beneficial decisions. No specific psychic reading questions are accepted for these forecasts and thus these forecasts are priced accordingly. However, some predictive Messages from your Guides and Guardian Angels usually do come through for you related to matters that concern you now and in the months ahead.

2 Months Ahead Forecasts Video Reading


3 Months Ahead Forecasts


4 Months Ahead Forecasts


Already Paid? Please submit this form to get in direct contact with me.

***What you need to do: I ask that you come with a trusting mind, meaning 112% believe and genuinely ask your Guides to please come through me and provide you predictions and advice in your reading from me. Belief in me from your side is Very energetically useful and supportive to me providing you an accurate forecast and service. (No questions asking for death timing are accepted.)

oiupoipoiMEET ME!


1.5 Hours Career or Business Consultation Deep Dive

***For individuals, artists, small startups all the way through to long-established, large organizations. All industries and fields.*** For those seeking guidelines on the best career, business and marketing strategies and decisions forward with the help of Spirit and Master Guides. —> The difference between other coaches and consultants and me is that I am able to ***more quickly pinpoint the relevant advice and knowledge base*** for you. <--- My psychic abilities help me to provide professional and personal advice and key insights on how to maximize opportunities for growth and success while minimizing obstacles and challenges. Legal, medical, financial and other professionals, artists, business owners, junior and senior level executives and new entrepreneurs have implemented my career, business and marketing advice to obtain greater ease, prosperity, a sense of success and fulfillment. UP TO 1.5 HOURs CONSULTATION BY PHONE OR VIDEO CALL. [Skype, Google Meet, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger] UP TO 24 TEAM MEMBERS can participate in the consultation. You are welcome to record it.]


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