For Closure and Peace: Mediumship

Private Mediumship Live Session: 10min

For connection to 1 Loved One. Evidence provided. Evidential mediumship.


Private Mediumship Live Session: 20min

Connect with the Spirit(s) of passed away family, friends or pets and receive clarity, CLOSURE, and inner PEACE. See how they are doing. Please provide name of loved one who you would like to reconnect with and relationship to you in contact form below.


For US-based and Canada-based clients: Live mediumship sessions are provided on phone call. For all other clients (International): Live mediumship sessions are provided on Skype, WhatsApp or Fb Messenger call.

After your payment submission and submission of your contact form below, your live session is guaranteed for delivery within 14 days of your payment date and time [non-expedited live service appointment]. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Real Testimonials from seances are below. More testimonials here.

Comments from Participants of April 8, 2018 Séance (1hr):

You made me cry, but in a good way lol..You’re truly blessed and you never cease to amaze me

Soneca – it brings so much relief to know that my ancestors or spirit guides are very much active around me and my loved ones and A huge relief to know my sweet daughter is being watched over and protected even. Being an … in the future sounds very promising and confirms my urge to start…
and Being a typical …, falling in love and feeling love and loving someone is very important and almost like a necessity for me. …So a reiteration of guaranteed love in future and destiny is such a relief. I trusted your reading and keep asking my spirit guides for that man who will be guaranteed in my life and my ancestors or spirit guides confirming it all again is beautiful. What u did is invaluable and I don’t know how to thank you enough for getting in touch with my spirit guides. Thank you

Every Seances that i have taken with Sonika has been great. Even today the seance was very real time that i could connect with. Thank you Sonika.

Dear Sonica, Many many thanks!!! It means a lot for me that you could connect with my parents who passed away as I was a small child. I left a comment on your web site ( I didn’t know where, so I just wrote in the box : leave a comment. Just tell me if it was right or not) I will book a reading from you soon!

Dear Sonica,
Many thanks to have given me the chance to receive from you a Purely+Seance !
You are so a warm-hearted person. I am so grateful you could contact with my passed away parents and channel their messages to me ! I will book a reading from you soon ! I wish you all the best !

Comments from Participants of March 22, 2018 Séance (1hr 15min):

I want to thank you so much for this seance tonight! Honestly, you couldn’t have described my father any better. He was a loving family man, and that is what I try to bring to my family. I was so glad to hear from my nephew as well, he and my Mom have a social spirit and share an August birthday! It was really nice to meet you tonight Sonica! Again, I was so touched! Thank You!

Thank you dear Sonika for bringing through my loved ones tonight. The messages were so important for me to hear, and exactly what I asked whoever was going to come through to address. You are such a gifted woman and I feel blessed to be a client of yours.

I will Sonika. I cannot thank you enough for last night. The people, my grandma, mom, and Uncle that came through and gave me the most important and meaningful messages was just an incredible experience.

Comments from Participants of March 11, 2018 and March 16, 2018 (1hr 30min and 40min) Séances:

Hi Sonika, Thank you for giving me the opportunity of a free séance. I admit I was nervous at first being that this was my first one, but I truly enjoyed it. I liked that you took your time and in no way rushed through each one of us. It was beautiful to know that my mom and my childhood dog are together. Thank you for all the messages from my spirit guides and for sharing your gift with us, you are a beautiful soul.

Hi Sonika! Thank you so much for offering your special gift. I attended your seance tonight and my grandmother came through. Everything you said was spot on and I feel at peace. Your gift is amazing. I am so glad to know that my grandmother is watching over my sons. Since her passing six years ago, I have felt her close to me. In tonight’s reading you mentioned pearls and my mother. I forgot but my mother recently gave me my grandmother’s pearls. Thank you for sharing and offering your services. You are blessed.

The Seance helped me to channel my own thoughts very well now. Thank you so much Sonika. The experience was very different and amazing at the same time.
Connecting to people i really miss now was an experience of its own.
Thanks once again!

Sonika, the seance tonight was wonderful! It was so good to know I was still connected to my grandmother, which I thought I’d completely lost connection with due to my situation. I was really surprised she came in for me and had really good intentions for me with each message she brought. Lately I had been feeling like I had no family support around me and she reassured me through you that I was actually just not taking advantage of my support group around me. I feel a lot closer to my family roots now after the seance. You have a really amazing way of delivering clear and specific messages, Sonika. Thank you very much again, as always!

Hello Sonika, Thank you for holding the seance and providing a spot for me. I really enjoyed it. It was my first seance and it was so nice to have my uncle come through. His advice to quit stressing about money was greatly needed! Thanks again. Would really like to attend again in May.

Dear Soneca, Loved your Seance session. Mine was short and sweet and informative. Gives me hope to answer the question “what is my life purpose”. Will get back when things transpire. Thanks a lot,

Comments from Participants of Feb 2018 (1hr 15min to 1hr 45min) and Mar 2018 (1hr 45min) Séances:

Sonika’s seance on March 3rd was absolutely wonderful. Great insight and commentary came through to her. I am excited to see how things play out for me. She was very kind and generous with her time.

Hi Sonika,
I was very pleased my sister came through. You were able to communicate with her and provide accurate messages that resonated with me. You also confirmed she is with our … I highly recommend you.

Hey Sonika, I was just about to write back to you as well… It was such a lovely session, thank you so much. I apologise for the delay….Thank you for the messages…they were so soothing and heart warming yea.. I’ve known that I have a karmic cycle till…, … thanks for confirming it… Can I mention the seance this morning on my InsideOut Blog? and put a link to your site

Dear Sonika, I enjoyed the seance last night because it was casual and spontaneous. I thought it was very kind and considerate of you in waiting for all the participants to log into the session; It was helpful and made the session very comfortable in letting all participants know that if they were stressed for time, you would try to accommodate, and/or they could leave the seance at anytime. Since each reading seemed to take approximately 10 – 15 mins – one suggestion: have either a one hour seance for 4-5 people or a 2 hour seance with 8.

On a personal note, the second guide that came through for me, … Thank you for selecting me to participate in your seance, it was great!

Hello Ms. Soneca, Ok so I am not one for leaving reviews, but you are definitely worth it the exception. So please feel free to add this to your website anonymously. I’ve received at least 3 readings from you in the past 2 years now, come to think of it, it was before I even knew the face behind the voice. Ms. Lady you’re just a blessing in disguise, more importantly you are real!

I am glad that I was part of the seance last night. I was not sure what to expect but it was worth it. I appreciate you sharing mutiple messages, and how detailed you were. As usual, thank you for sharing your gift.

Hello Soneca
I just wanted to say Thank You so much for the messages from my spirit guides today. It was very meaningful It us wonderful to know I have … coming … financially and that the .. …is spiritually connected to me.
You are a gifted generous soul. Gd bless you”

Dear Sonika, first of all thanks for all messages you gave me. I hope I understood right that our … gonna make some money…? It is difficult time in my life so I would love to book a hangout reading to get some guidance and hope…”

Thank you Soneca!interesting!

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