Reading Questions

These sample questions will help you bring your concerns to my attention.

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Example questions for Tarot and Angel readings: will I meet my soulmate this year and if yes, when this year? Will I get a new job soon? What do my Spirit Guides advise I need to do in this situation for the best outcome for me? what should I know to sell my house soon? How does he or she feel about me? Was he cheating on me during our relationship and with who? What is he or she feeling at this time about us? Will he or she contact me and when? Is he my Twin Flame? Will he marry me and when? when do you see my house selling? will we make up or break up? how many children will I have? Will I receive a salary increase this year? Will he leave his wife/ partner and when? Will she leave her husband/ partner? Why is my pet acting this way?

Any topics you want to discuss: love, Twin Flame, soulmates, romance, business, other people, pets and animals, relations, your ex, family, property, career, real estate, identity, personality, inheritance, philanthropy, charity, special simple or intricate circumstances, numbers and dreams, ‘weird occurrences’, sexuality, gender, money, investments, ETC.

Will I find true love soon? How is my mother who passed away doing? Does she have any message for me? Does my dog/ cat who passed away have any message for me? How does my money look this year and next year? Will I have financial stability? How does my retirement look? Do I have negative spirit energies present in my home, office, building, etc? Has anyone done negative spiritual energy work toward me?

is he cheating on me? will John marry me? when will I have another boyfriend? are my kids ok? Will I have more children? should I change jobs? When will I get a job offer? will my surgery be successful? Protection Status