Readings Only $14!

For people all around the world who are on a tight budget, you can still invest in your spiritual development and progress every month. What you get for only $14.5 USD/ month subscription:

(More valuable for you than a Netflix subscription!)

Your Personal Monthly forecast for the next month:

  • Pay as you go option
  • Forecast uses 3 Cards [2 Tarot Cards and 1 Oracle Card] for your month ahead and is delivered as a video recording on an unlisted YouTube video.
  • Predictions and Coaching (Guidance) from The Highest Divine Sources; being forewarned is forearmed and foresight helps you keep life right.
  • Together the Cards tell you what you should be aware of in the month, what is the energy you will experience or what is the focus of each month, and what you should do to make the month be the most positive it can be for you. These forecasts are wonderful tools to help you plan ahead and make smart, beneficial decisions.

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To receive your personal forecast by the 1st of the next month, please submit payment and the below contact form by the 15th day of the previous month:

Your Personal Month Ahead Forecast


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To receive a refund you, defined as the purchaser, must cancel your order within 8 hours of making payment to me by sending me an email to sonika(at)goldensunlife dot com. Please note, there is a small $5 admin and processing fee subtracted from the payment amount for each refund that is sent to purchaser. It is your responsibility to submit the above contact form within 8 hours of your payment time and date. No refund is issued after these 8 hours from your payment time have passed. By purchasing this personal monthly forecast service, which is a non-expedited non-live, video recording order, you agree to my terms of service.

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