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Hello Sonika!
I’m actually glad you asked to confirm the address because, as YOU predicted, I found someone to lease my … and I am moving next week!! So, if you wouldn’t mind changing my address to: … [Oracle Cards order]

You are truly and deeply immersed in your work. Your focus includes all the possible scenarios for every person in your message. You have much depth and leave no stone upturned. I’ve appreciated all I heard and read. Your whole countenance shines with purity. I am sharing these impressions of what came into my heart mind. Why keep them to myself? Your good work is filled with grace. Blessings and much love to you, Sonika!

Hi Sonika
In your Feb/Mar reading you talked about my going to an event that would break up my …in…. You saw purples,pinks, white…. I just attended a … where the flowers on the table were those beautiful colors…..
I wanted to confirm your vision and yes I did have a few happy uplifting hours. Thank you Sonika. So grateful to have you in my life

Hello Sonika,
Hope this year has been good to you….Things definitely have improved between … and I for the better… in pur relationship…. Anyway I wanted to see if you and I could schedule a year 2020 reading like we have the last couple. they have been so spot on and I have enjoyed going back and listening to them all year. I feel I am in such a better place and I know its a result of the energy clearing. Can you send me your prices on a yearly read to see what upcoming in 2020 month by month. i wouldn’t mind doing as session just to catch up on things too. If you have any openings I look forward to talking to you.

Hi Sonika,
Thank you for the information and I will surely check it out.
also thanks for your guidance. You were super sharp today, I was so impressed…
I look forward to getting back to you soon.

Hello Sonika,
I don’t know what I would do without you. Your past readings have been so helpful as I navigate through this stressful period in my life where everything is changing. For my 2 questions, one part has to do with career (you did give me some guidance here a while back, but I have another question) and the other the future sale of ….
What month do you see me getting….?
You were spot on for the last … I had to sell by the way! I am also going to purchase your 2020 year in review which I think would be super helpful to me as well.

Hello dear Sonika! First I’m thanking you for all you and your spirits amazing help!!! I managed to run the race … and finish! You were right it was at a … but I finished! Two of …. were way ahead as you said… My … to hospitals were due to …. and you were right, there is danger of …. Luckily, now that I have identified the problem I haven’t had an episode since it happened back in…. Here are my 2 questions: 1)…. Thank you so much for your guidance. You’re spirit guides always help lead me in the right direction. Warm regards,….

Your previous reading was quite on point. Thankyou. I have just booked a three month forecast. Kindly provide me information….

Hi Sonika, hope all is well with you. I just want to report to you that your readings for me this year have been insanely accurate! You might remember i started off the year with troubles with …. and his ex. Well you said by May I would have to request that… and…you turned out to be right. You told me to play my energies as if I….to help manifest this outcome. He admitted his fault and we both decided to let bygones be bygones. That’s about the same time I got more of a deep dive from you on our relationship potential and you said … would be asking me by July to move….I’m happy to report you again were right! In July we decided to move in together but made the actual move happen in septemer..arond the time you said we would. At my company what happened was….and like you said I ended up leaving. I asked you about this multiple times throughout the year and you were right. I needed to…because as you said…and that i was being colluded against. The timeline you predicted did change and seemed a little past when you said in this career issue but the actual events you predicted came out true. I think it’s because I wasn’t willing to fully accept the fact that… and to take the action you advised accordingly so the timeline was pushed. I greatly thank you for showing me the light as they say! I just needed more time to come to terms with the reality at…. I’m looking forward to my 2020 readings with you since I heard you say it’s going to be a big big year. Wondering what I can expect in my life. Please let me know if you got the payment and my contact form when you have a chance. I’m going to be starting off with the forecasts and then I’ll know what questions I want to ask you based off those for the 2nd read. Really looking forward to your guidance and feeling blessed (phew! haha) to have come across you.

Hi Sonika,
Thank you for the reading, it has and is helping….I had tried 3 times for finance and with two different apartments – since April,
so it has been a long process – but thankful….
Thank you for all your advice,

Hi Sonika,
I am sending you this email to update you regarding my job issues at … and with … (if you remember!). As you got messages, I got formal offers for another …, (actually from two places!)…

Hey girl! Love your videos. loyal fan. As you know you did a reading for me in august and I just want to let you know he called me this week. You said he would in october and i was waiting desperately lol for your prediction to come true. I contacted him and then waited. did exactly what you said and he got back to me this tuesday. I’m so happy because as you said he was apologetic and you told me his spirit and intentions are pure and he really wants me…just has to figure somethings out. I’ll be booking a reading soon since sometings are happening at work and I really need your advice! Thank you Sonika! LOVE and smiles to you (as you say lol!)

Sonika, Hello, I hope you are well. Overall I am ok…. Our…audit and my…exam were both big successes [both predicted.] I have 3 questions of current concern to me. 1-

Hi sonika
Just wanted to share this with you.
…. proposed to me when we were reunited in …. Thank you so much for your continuous support and guidance.
We plan to be married in … all being well.
I was wondering how I would go about another reading but about if you see us having a family etc
And If we will be ok financially….
Kind regards

Hi Sonika! Thank you, thank you! For an amazing realistic reading. You have helped me yet again to put the pieces of the puzzle together and make a better assessment about my dealings with … and other personal matters. I made another consult request with you and will be looking forward for more guidance. Have a lovely November! Much blessings, peace, health, & prosperity!

Good Morning, Sonika
I am attempting a concrete step towards the … that I’ve been wanting to make for years… You have become a touchstone for me. My first question is

Hi Sonika! I met the guy you mentioned in my reading a couple of months ago. He and I met exactly near the type of building you described in this city when you told me about what you were seeing.I want to tell you how happy I am but I also want to get a follow up love reading with yuy. I also booked my regular 3 month forecasts too as usual for oct, nov and dec. Please let me know when you can fit me in, thanks!

Thank you Sonika. I appreciate you so very much….I’m looking forward to hearing from my father Gd willing

Dearest Sonika
I am speechless. Everything you said about my father was exactly correct. You described him exactly. The channeling was perfect. I so appreciate it and that you brought his spirit through for me. I understood everything he was telling you. How amazing that my loved ones in heaven know how unhappy I am in this …. Incredible. It gives me so much strength to know they are watching over me with so much love. I will take the advice given to heart. (Yes my father did pass of a … as an aside). I feel humbled by your gift. Thank you so very much
I will keep in touch

Thank you very much Sonika for this reading. It is so important to have a Road map going forward to help navigate the future. I will surely be in touch as issues arise for your stellar guidance.
Have a wonderful holiday season

I got a reading from you earlier this year and you told me that a … would recommend that I … and that it would be the guy that I marry. I just had an encounter similar to what you told me…. I know a guy who owns … company….My friend recommended that I call him. When I saw him it was like an instant …. (You stated that it would be … on my end first and it was.) You said I would know instantly but he would be about…. when he came to look at the…, he was so…. I had to send a text asking…. and it ended with him confessing that he…. We’ve seen each other daily since and….I’m curious about where this is going.
Great , and I have already made the payment hope you’ve received it.
Please take your time sonika with the reading .
I trust you will deliver the genuine reading that you’ve always provided me with, Many thanks looking forward to the readings.

Hi Sonika,
Apologies for the delayed response. I’ve processed the payment for the oracle cards and I’ve also mailed my shipping details. I’m so excited for the cards.

Hello Sonika,
I purchased a reading from you. I actually clicked on the incorrect reading type and wanted to do the video one… I like the video ones so I can refer back if I need. Also, I always relate more to my moon sign rather than my sun sign…
You have been so accurate helping me in the past with my questions and I’m still going through many changes in my life….

Thank you so much for reading for me, you’ve given me a lot of peace of mind and clarity.
The kindest of regards,

Hi Sonika,
Thank you so much for this very interesting and timely reading !! Each of the three lifetimes resonates so well. The ‘twin’ mother: I was …
The … spiritualist: yes, I have been fortunate to have …..It is very true that … through dire financial times.
The German …: I lost my …Also the … male is reflected in my ….
The October Sagittarius reading is brilliant! Clearing past karma (how timely my regression reading) and the Angel double letters – never heard of that – and CC, well my … and me are …and I love the synchronicity of that and the message of clearing stagnation. Your book is in my cart!
Thanks for everything. I listen to all my readings often and they, along with my faith, keep me going. When I make my move back to … you will be among the first to know.


Hi Sonika,
Thank you for your lovely reading, it was very reassuring to hear these messages at this moment in time.

Thank you so much my Yearly forecast has been right on target. I was able to plan out my whole year because of your predictions and sep and forward is what I have planned for….

Thank you Sonika for the reading. Wow! Everything really resonated with me and made total sense…. So yes, it’s time to move on as the cards are indicating….Thank you so much for the reading….I will probably be in touch again soon. Love and Light,

Hi Sonika,
Thank you again for receiving my questions and this is our 4th reading. Here is the … question replacement:
Back in 2016 u said in the reading … is a year of me meeting a man , and in my last 3 months forecast you mentioned this summer incidentally find a man and it’s exactly correct … I think god wanted us to meet … and I do remember everything u said about that man description even his profession . And you said when I …, that will happened , and it was exactly like that.

Hi Sonika,
As always, thank you for the insightful reading and I am hopeful of your vision of me and my … sister … in the near future. In your previous readings most of your predictions are for …so I am excited to see new and positive changes coming soon. I look forward to contacting you soon for another reading. Take good care.

Thank you Sonika. I surely will let you know how things turn out.
I’m so happy I have you in my life for advice and support
It means the world to me
My best to you always

Hi Sonika,
I just wish to say wow! totally mind blowing past life reading. I am understanding more and more about myself. I have a strong pull/desire to travel to …! It has been on my mind for the past few years. Now, I can understand the reason. During one of my past lives I lived there and had my life settled there. …. is another place that sounds appealing to me. My mother gave me a … name when I was born thinking that it will be unique….

Hey Soneca,
Hope all is great your end!
Just thought of you as you had predicted that … would be working performing young before her peers and we just received her … permit as she was recently employed … team to dance with …! Now your prediction came a whole year before she even took up … and changed all our lives! Thanks again for the great insights!…. It’s been a revelation and a great joy to us all!

Hi Sonika,
How are you my dear? Hope you are well. I’m loving the various varieties of readings and channelings you have posted on your channel. Its great to see unique, quality spiritual content being uploaded….We are now approaching end of 2019 and I’m very much excited and feeling positive about 2020. I don’t know why but something inside tells me its going to be a great year, not an easy one, but something unique and different. 2019 has been a year where I have taken actions/steps daringly, such as: –

Life is way more exciting now and I can feel that I’m getting better everyday. One of the things that has helped me is your monthly spiritual guidance through your forecasts.
I would like you to do the following readings for me: –
1. 2020 Full year monthly guidance …
I would like the following 6 questions to be answered: –
1. …
2. How can I improve my relationships with my…
3. How can I provide more value to my career and work place?
4. Are there any past life issues affecting any present situations?
5. …
6. Where am I headed and how can I take lead and Improve myself to achieve more balance in my life?
I wish you the best always. It’s important for me to tell you that I’m so proud to have you as my spiritual guide since 2016. You have helped me in many ways. Thank you so much!

Thank you Sonika. My last energy healing was last … and it was nonlive. It worked great. This time I would like to try a live session.

You’re brilliant, Sonika, and so very wise. These thoughtful words absolutely consoled me. All I heard was truth. God bless you,

Dear Sonika,

I just wish to share with you and everyone else that the times I needed the most guidance, spiritual support and clarity, your readings and spiritual gifts helped me tremendously! Your humbleness and genuine care to answer my concerns has totally made my Tarot readings very worth it. Thank you for showing professionalism while at the same time, showing genuineness to each individual who is in search of spiritual enlightenment. God bless you and your loved ones. I look forward to schedule future readings with you.


Hi Sonika, Hope all great with you. I’m back again so soon. Something has been on my mind that I would like to know the truth about. I feel the best way to find this out is to come to you. I have ….My question is does my … know? And if so, what should I expect, will anything come of this.

Hello Sonika
I hope you are doing well, just a quick update regarding the 6 months forecast you have done for me from July – Dec 2019.
July and August has been exactly what you predicted, I’m [no] longer surprised with your readings ( well sometimes I still pinch myself with how everything plays out and I get shocked like how do you know this will happen). I have grown to trust God / you and the Universe to bring all these things that you predict in my life, you are truly gifted.
In August you also predicted it will be a … month and low and behold I have started ….
Looking forward to how the next 4 months play out. I’m excited. Stay blessed.

Dear Sonika
I do understand now the turnaround time for the readings and will be aware of it when I order them in the future. Thank you so much
That having been said I am overwhelmed by this session. I really have no words. Tears flowed as I listened. Thank you for bringing forth my dear maternal … who was also …, and it gave me great comfort in many ways. I know her messages were full of love, and yet they forewarned me of … times ahead. She described everything exactly as it presently is with such a depth of understanding, that it left me with no doubt she sees all in my life. How well she described my husband … and the … I carry and cannot seem to release. Yes I do see the karmic path in regard to … in my life …. However I am comforted by the love of those close by in spirit….
Gd bless you for sharing your gift Sonika in an affordable way. I am deeply grateful. I cannot find the words to adequately thank you
Until the next time

Omg Sonika you have a book!! Congratulations!! This is so awesome lol just bought a copy ..and you said awesome sauce in your video, that was dope lol..Also can we do a 2020 reading? Hope you’re doing well!

Hi Sonika! Back for my forecast again. Things have been going pretty good with the exception of …. Other than that, hoping things continue going good. Thank you and can’t wait!

Hi Sonika, Thank you for the reading. I am finding very informative and useful.

So crazy. I looked at the notes I took from the reading you did in January and everything is to the t !! Even this …. The reading I did last week with you was very different …but it will either way have great outcomes I’m just staying positive and taking all your advice and I am so thankful for you

Hiiiii!!! Ok so wow and whoa! Lol… you know what’s funny? The day before yesterday I was…. and you nailed it lol… the drama I think might have to do with my….and she’s a vampire of energy like you said….and you said a retreat before Thanksgiving and you’re right lol..going to visit… but should be interesting how it all plays out..I’m always very grateful for your insight and our guides.

Hi Sonika,
I’m a returning client that just purchased 6 months of readings … as a gift for my friend. July 2019-December 2019.

I put my email above but the rest is her information and I’ll forward her the messages….

Hi Sonika!

Hope you are keeping well! …. you have done a reading for me, you have done several and I loved them all. One of the last readings you did for me, you had mentioned that … and I would give a relationship a try again, honestly kinda forgot what you had said, this reading was a few years ago, but kinda out of the blue, I went to dinner with … a couple of weeks ago and had a lovely time…My questions…

You have always been such a blessing for me since I found you, for your guidance and the amazing gift you have. Can’t thank you enough…

Good Morning Sonika,
Just WOW that reading was pretty great… I’ve been not so available for him and have quit asking what… haha. Thank you so much for everything. So far everything is going well. I will definitely be getting another reading soon as my finding a job journey has been so incredibly difficult and with the holidays approaching I’m finding myself extremely stressed and depressed. Have an amazing day and week

1. So, Yes! My son was drafted to the team …!

2. ….We did have a long chat. So it’s interesting, in your first reading you did say he would make contact, and in your most recent reading you said I would push for a conversation. I think BOTH are very correct in that after that conversation…. so yeah I feel…. So you know, it’s kind of interesting what comes out and how the energy flows. Anyway, you have a wonderful way about you, the way you go about your readings and I’ve appreciated mine very much!!

I am now … years old I did have a séance with you and a 3 month ahead reading …, I am just stuck in my life. I feel like I try different things but between financial problems and my … I feel like I don’t know what my purpose is. I want to know do you see….I have a lot of questions I hope we can do this in an hour. I love your readings, you are one that I truly trust on here and God bless you.

Dear Sonika,
Myself … from …, referred to you by your client … from Dubai. I hope everything is well with you. I am here to seek your guidance for some concerns in my life. I have made the payment for the same. Please find my questions:-

Thank you Sonika! It’s been so long since I updated you on life and predictions!

In our last phone reading you said I’d meet a man named … or a J name when the winter was over and that he’d be a big contender for my heart with …. You said he would have … and that he’d be …. Well I met a J… days after the winter ended and all of those things are true about him and I see him on a fairly regular basis … but there’s something …. I’m still enjoying time getting to know him though(looking at my notes now for … it says a potential partnership may not have everything I want, wow!) …. You predicted a … energy for this time in my life which was on point. …. I just feel like he’s not …which you said in my last forecast reading that a man wasn’t quite being honest with me. I did take… from him in …. like my guides advised… and it ended up him … and us having more productive conversations. ….

Also in my last forecast you said that in March I would have regret down the road if I don’t ….Well things had started going fairly well at my job and I had received a raise…. I didn’t know what the right thing to do was but I knew it was the best thing for me and my future. I thought of that message over and over again when making my decision. ….You told me in a phone reading once that my guides advised I take an exit from … and you said you saw me mostly in a … and while that’s where I wanted to be I didn’t really have the experience to think I’d get the job.

You said … would be a money month and it sure has been. I’ve been working my new job and subbing my….

Interesting you say for June I should focus on my … health. I am doing my cousins …and she told they kept talking about me and impressed with my … skills and went so far to say that I look like a ….It makes sense that it would be a time I’m thinking about working on the … aspects of my life. Looking at my notes from past forecasts with you is quite remarkable now that those months have come and gone!

I’d love to schedule a phone reading in the somewhat near future as I love to communicate with my … and my guides and other family. His support and guidance means everything and keeps me going. Hope you are doing well. Talk soon. Thank you for all you do!

Sonika, Thank you ever so much. Your messages – even the difficult ones – are always delivered in such a careful, loving way. Such honesty comes through!! And your well-chosen words (a particular skill of yours) have made such a difference in easing my mind over a very personal issue. Please feel free to add my words to your testimonies should you like to. I look forward to our next reading. God bless you. I feel such confirmation and further conviction!!

Hi Sonika, How have you been? ….Its been long since I’ve contacted you. In a major way, it maybe because you are always there with me. You are my spiritual guide. Like my parents, siblings, my … and my colleagues, you are very constant in my life. After my prayers and morning routine, its your videos that i listen to. I have saved your videos offline and i play it everyday. You are always there with me spiritually, so I never really missed you. Your voice acts as a strength, guide and as something i cant quite describe. But still, I should’ve written to you sooner, I respect you a lot and no doubt You deserve it. Please accept my apologies for not keeping in constant touch with you.

So far 2019 for me, has been, difficult but one where I have a lot of aha! moments or realizations. Its weird, even when I know before hand of what might happen during a month through your predictions, when they actually happens, it happens with a bam! The first thought i have when the BAM moment happens is “how does she do this…how does she predict them so accurately?” and then the other bam moments are the accurate guidances you have given me on the basis of your predictions. I mean predicting something is one thing and providing accurate guidances to be followed in those situations is another, you have managed to hit all the spots…always!

I took up the … that was offered to me and you were right, a different environment, different …, … all is working well for me. With this improved … I was able to put my … in to …, … and guess what, as you had predicted, … ballet … too! She chose it, I didnt! …. That was one of those aha! moments. Also with this … I was able to …. in Mar-19, again in the exact month where you had predicted that I would be able to join ….

Love hasn’t happened yet though and it is only because I haven’t socialized yet. its not your predictions or anything, its completely me. I should be working on them but I haven’t. I haven’t put myself out there as you had advised me to.

….is a big month for me, a month where I got to make huge decisions. You had predicted this one too but I know I have the angels on my side because for the month of …, my angels’ message was to accept help from Heaven so that gives me optimism.

This May and June has been so difficult for me. As you had predicted, these two months were and is so nebulous….My emotions were played,…Gosh, its unbearable but the angels are there with me, I can feel them. These days whenever i check my watch, i always come across numbers like … etc…whenever I check the time, its these repeated figures I see and I believe, those Guardian angels are trying to communicate with me. It makes me smile and happy when i come across times like that.

It feels so good to write to you my dear. I hope you are well and I wish the best for you Sonika. Your work is excellent, I believe in you and your work! You have a good spirit, mind and attitude. keep it up. I very much look forward to contacting you for more readings soon.

Hi Sonika, Thank you so much for doing my reading again. So much appreciated! I will be in contact soon for a two month ahead very soon.

How are you? End of the summer already. You know I love Fall lol…Hoping we can do Oct & Nov? … To keep you updated Aug played out like you said. Was told to…had 2 instances that played out but I avoided one of them by not going on a …. The other one played out with me justifying a situation at my company …

Hi Sonika! Hoping you could do my forecast for June, July, and August 2019. I need to keep you updated on your predictions from previous readings. I’m kind of used to you be correct at this point so I forget to write you! I’ll be writing you a separate email to fill you in…

Hi Sonika, Thank you very much for doing my reading, always love them and appreciate your honestly very much. I have great respect for you and your gift, and feel supported. And many thanks for letting me ask a second question for you to read for me, very much appreciated. I do have something I would like to ask….

Thanks a million,

Hello Sonika,

You have read for me before and were great. I am going through a lot of changes currently in my life. My husband…My question to you is: Is it in the cards for me to …. Thank you,

Ok, if that’s the case can I purchase the July -December reading this month? As I already purchased the Jan -June and most of the things you mentioned did happen. if so please send me the PayPal payment, I will greatly appreciate it,

What do you suggest about this person my dear ? Do you see any past life connection something like that? Do you think if this guy is good enough to consider any friendship or any marriage in future ? I believe you completely in anything that I do or decide. That’s why I keep asking important things and you are THE BEST THAN ANYONE ELSE

I will call wait for your guidance my dear

I made the payment already


Hi Sonika, It’s me again. I know the 4 month forecast will be an excellent resource through this transformative time. Thank you,


Hi Sonika! Back again for my forecast. You were right in the last forecast with … making things difficult with child support since I haven’t gotten anything from …. Can’t wait to see what’s in store and hope good things! Thank you!!

Hi Dear Soneca!

First I really need to thank you for your reading concerning …, who decided to end our friendship. Your spirit guide connections perfectly described her and I was able to move on from what happened. God bless you!


Hi Sonika, Thank you very much! It is very comforting to hear the messages. And your voice is also very soothing. Actually there is indeed a city in Germany called …, which is…Thanks a lot once again!


Hi Sonika,

I have just purchased a 15 minute Past Life Regression Reading from you. I would like to make use of this major planetary regtrograde period over the next few months, to further do some personal development. The chakra healing session you did for me previously, has been very good. With good healing benefits in the period following the reading.


Hi Soneca! Here we are at the end of the first half of 2019… I hope the year has treated you well so far. Your readings have been very accurate for us, as usual. We are grateful! Little … is doing very well, and he is indeed a “gift from Heaven” as you put it. … and I would like to order new 6 month forecasts, for each of us separately, for the second half of 2019. … and I would like to order new 6 month forecasts, for each of us separately, for the second half of 2019.


Hi Sonika, Thank you so much for my reading. You are amazing, I appreciate you very much, Wishing you a wonderful 4th and holiday weekend!

Dear Sonika,

Iam greatful that I got u r contact from one of my frnd who had contacted you . Sonika I would like to ask about my family future. I would like to have our conversation over the phone by what’s up or FB messenger. For an hour.

Thank you Sonika. Payment sent. My daughter…Looking forward as always to your accurate insightful readings.

Dearest Sonika

Thank you for bringing forth such wonderful news!!!! There is never a guaranteed of course that we will receive the answer we seek, however we are blessed in this instance with a positive and excellent answer. I will surely let u know after the hearing and I look forward to my reading as well. Much gratitude to you for sharing your gift. I do feel I will also book a medium session soon as there are things I need to hear I feel. Let’s see what comes up in my reading first. All my best to you always

Hi Sonika,
Is it okay, If I can add one more question to the reading.
Since last week I’ve been wishing to buy a …. That’s when I remembered that You had predicted for Sep-19 – that an offer will be made to me from … for a matter related to …. Not that an offer was made to me yet but atleast the thought of … in a practical matter popped in my head. See, This is one of those “Aha” moments I keep mentioning about. Just when I feel like doing something, I always go back to listening to your monthly guidance, and then BAM, there’s your prediction of something very similar. I feel its the right time now but would need the divine guidance.

Thank you very much Sonika. I am appreciative of your reading and will take your advice as always. I will be happy when all is said and done. I know the next few weeks will be stressful.
I’m sure I will speak to you soon
Wishing you happy holidays

Thank youuuuuu!!! About to listen to them … Oh and the pressure points and headaches you mentioned for November are presenting themselves for sure, having to do with my … so far… also wanted to tell you the weekly reading for the previous week, you mentioned something about receiving clarity and boy did I ever lol.. it’s with ….remember for my chakra cleansing….

Just finished listening and sheesh lol… very interesting.. my … is a …so hopefully she wont be more of a pain in the butt than she already is lol.. I’ll try to find the balance and mend my hairline fractures and I’ll lookout for any fiery reactions, I am easily triggered I’m noticing as the months go on … January seems very promising… also cant wait for tour Oracle cards to come in, very excited for that…Thank you as always and I’ll keep you posted on things Side note: We’re getting snow tomorrow! Lol