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Thank you so much Sonika,
I needed to hear those messages and they have put my mind and heart at ease…. Happy New Year and many blessings.

Hi Sonika! Back for my next two months. I can’t believe how spot on you have been with everything! I’m feeling like 2020 may be my year and hoping for good fortune. I’m so thankful and blessed and you have helped a lot with my anxiety with your predictions. Thank you and looking forward to the next two months!

Hello my dear I hope the new year has been good to you…. I need guidance concerning my son, wondering if we can do an expedited question? Since November … .. I trust you so I dont mind telling you.. he’s had …. at the end of December he had a … which you had said there would be … …..that was bad……. you mentioned for the month of February that he will …. Yesterday, he got ….. I did move to a new …so I’m not living with my …. no more. You were right with things going my way in January, practically. I’m just really wondering if things will get ….. the 2020 overview for the first quarter you mentioned … in end of January till mid February and that I may wallow in some shortcomings….. I figured out that the shortcoming was…. I’m at a loss and dont know what to do anymore honestly….Thank you as always…. Excuse the novel lol

I’m sorry, the computer froze and I meant to actually select ‘3 specific expedited questions’ instead of ‘4 specific questions video reading’.
I need these answers, particularly one, soon please.
You’ve read for me before and truly helped.

Thank you so much for my reading. It was so good hearing that his feelings for me have gotten…

Thank you again sonika love my readings with you

You did readings for me before and I really appreciate your help. My question is:

Hi Sonika,
I wish you and your lovely family a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year 2020-21. May the coming year 2020-2021 as a whole big year bring you the best.

I’m attaching a pic of me and … being all goofy. We are very much guided by your messages. Thanks for everything.

Love & Peace

Hello dear Sonika! I couldn’t let 2019 go by without nabbing a little reading for myself. My question is, what do your spirit guides tell you about…in the fresh new year of 2020? As always, thank you for all your guidance this year and your true desire to help. It has been a wonderful aid in my all over all wellness for 2019. Happy New Year!!

Hi Sonika

Seasons Greetings. I just booked a 15mins Expedited skype – I have one particular question about someone who is work related. I also wanted to enquire about your coaching – is it possible to book a monthly coach session (eg for the next 6 months?? ) whilst I am in the process of establishing the business…. (I have tried other business coaches here in London who are not as helpful as you!)

Many thanks

Best wishes

Hi Sonika, Hope you are doing well and happy holidays. I wanted to gift a 1 hour in person reading to my sister …. Does not have to be expedited. Can you please suggest dates/times and next steps for payment. Also I wanted to let you know that as you had predicted I did get accepted into Cornell …. program. Thank you for your guidance!

Thank you Sonika. As always I look forward to your accurate, honest, and helpful reading

ok thank you so much. I just purchased the 7 chakra healing for him.
I feel really positive this. .

After every reading of yours I feel so positive and happy.

Dear Sonika,
How you doing my dear?….I need your guidance for my career and job right now….
Please help me with your as always accurate and life changing guidance dear…
I am quite quite stressed out and just waiting for some good news to come…
I would love to talk to you in your free and convenient time…
I have already made the payment for the question.

Loads of love to you,

Thank you Sonika! I’m up too early this morning because I’m so excited for my reading with you later today. (Not my first one) You’re always spot on and I love that my passed on loved ones can pop in so easily with you. Thank you for being a true Messinger and making it affordable as well. I’m grateful for you. I highly recommend you to my friends and family. Talk to you soon.

Hi Sonika,
Many thanks for the previous reading that you did for me last year. It was so on point. Things have been unfolding as you have said. Much appreciated. The whole family I now in the UK as you said.
Would be great if you could help me with several pressing questions that I have. Relatively urgent too.

Hi Sonika
Thank you for the coaching session earlier this week – it was incredibly helpful. Thank you also for understanding the essence of my business projects.

I will forward you the logins to my main site and details of … work to be done. I look forward to our next session.

Yayyyy!!! And awesome sauuuuuccee!!! I cant wait. Thank you so much!! ..Wanted to update you also, by Sunday I should be ordering the 2020 overview for my lil sis, she’s excited about that lol

Hi Sonika, Thank you for these readings. I really appreciate your guidance and support.

[Business Coaching client]: Hi Sonika

Thank you for your email and message – I appreciate it.

The core of my life has always been centred on “work” /manifesting personal passions and delivering my projects. It has been the integral drive of my life since a young age. I enjoy it and I am engaged in it everyday!

I have paid your paypal link for yesterday’s session and will forward you a detailed list of the work to be done on …. (Will send details by end of day tomorrow – Monday …).

Thank you again for your inspirational support and I really look forward to working with you.

Best wishes

Hello Sonika!
Happy holidays to you and a beautiful fruitful New Year!
I wanted to inquire if it’s possible to give your readings as gifts?
I would like to give the gift of a one question reading for both of my sisters.
Not sure if you do this or how it would work. Let me know. Thanks!
Warm Regards,

Hi Sonika,
First and foremost than you so much for a reading done last year. It was excellent. Hope you are well. Last Saturday, I sent another request for an expedited 3 question reading….

Hiiiii my dear ok so my lil sis wants jan, February& March. I’ll pay for it lol..I can give you her info also… I was wondering if I can also do my February and March… I have your Oracle cards and…also I’m noticing things happening between my friend … and … seems like they’re becoming friends again… the guides said I’ll be spying and keeping 2 steps ahead of other ppl’s behavior & to trust the inklings I receive.. also mentioned was getting to know someone new and that questions are popping up, with EVERYTHING lol..all this is coming into play currently lol

Yes I understand perfectly. Again, thank you Sonika for yours and spirit guides’s guidance. Gave me a clearer mind on what I will need to do. Once again, thank you and I wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year.
Happy holidays!

Hiiii Sonika! Thank you for the reading! As always it’s very interesting… the boiling over moment you mentioned for December happened last…I’m trying to find the balance… things are tense here…But thank you again, I always appreciate you

Thank you for your quick response! I am well,thank you for asking. I just sent my sister…back to … after a quick visit. She had very positive things to say about you and I can’t wait to get to talk with you myself!
I will be available on Friday at … time. Will you call me or will I call you?