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Hope you’re well. Just wanted to let you know something interesting.. I don’t know if you remember that in the last reading you said that in …. I would be in school- I assumed driving school… turns out it’s Harvard Business School- I was accepted into…. 2 days ago…. I’m so excited and nervous.. lol.. I got into Harvard whoa, that really happened!!

Hey Sonika! Back again. I’m truly amazed how spot on you have been with everything so far. My question is,…. Thanks Sonika! You are the best!

Hello Sonika!

Last time I contacted you…and am grateful I have reconnected with you. Your answers to me … gave me some peace regarding my dog …, some strength to continue my relationship with … and my third question came true….I started a job in … of … and recently ended it in … of 2018. I totally believe you can connect with my Angels, not only because you have done it already, … although recently I was told “God doesn’t want you to live in fear” which has led me to find you again. Which takes me to Question #1:….

My second question once again involves myself and my future with …. you were told I “I would keep my life….” Last November, after … years together our lives finally came into balance and we have chosen to remain together, we have made a commitment to stay together since we feel we will need each other as we age, and we solidified this commitment with a ring I wear as a symbol….

Hi Soneca! I hope you are doing well! Thank you for saving me from getting involved with some false men! Also, I still love watching your monthly readings. As usual you are so insightful. I have these questions – …

Hello, I’m a … who got this great recommendation from my best friend and hope you’re able to help me, please let me know if you need any more information or anything. Thankyou

First Question :

Hi sonika. So you where right … has contacted me and it has been … like you said he is …. Does he still want a relationship with me? …. I’m so so confused what to do when I next talk to him. Please help sonika

[Post Energy Healing Session]: Thank you so so much for all your patience, guidance, help and homework. I appreciate your wisdom and your humanity. The world is lucky to have you.

Hello Sonika I hope you have been doing great… I met a guy while I was… like you said. … we are from different cultures like you predicted( … because he has the most handsome smile ever! Just like that you predicted from the cards )…

Good morning Sonika, It’s been in productive year lots of things to share with you. i was Just wondering if you are still doing the year ahead readings? I’ve had one with you the past several years and wondered if you had time in the month of December to do a 2019 year ahead reading from me. Last year’s was on point as was the years before. I enjoyed them very much. i Look forward to hearing from you. I purchased a … with … back in June as you said i would and he and I have definitely evolved and shared some amazing time this are a few pics. we have made tremendous strides.

Hi Sonika, Hope all is good. I am enquiring about a couple of things…Is it appropriate to have a follow-up of the spiritual cleansing session I had earlier in 2018? To give some feedback, a few weeks after the cleansing I suddenly gave up, completely (overnight without trying) emotional bingeing on sugar (cakes, chocolate etc). I had been struggling with this for a couple of years and now have zero interest in sugary foods! I have put this down to your cleansing.
I wondered if a second sessions is appropriate to deal with other blockages. Also, I have some escalating … (Sorry for the long email – I know you must be busy) I am thinking to book a follow-up cleansing session + 30 mins skype. (I am also interested in the 2019 Deep Dive reports)
Thank you
Best wishes & have a joyous New Year’s night.

Hi Soneca,

Greetings! Hope everything is going great with you. I have some updates for you and have also purchased two expedited questions regarding the updated. So I did reconnect with … lately as you predicted. He reappeared…

Hi Sonika,

I want to thank you for what you do, and to tell you I had a reading with you last year. You where spot on. I’m back for this year and to seek some clarification on certain things you hit on last year that I feel is coming to pass. So here goes my questions.

1) love life:

Last year you told me I would be … for 2018 and would meet someone in situation …. Around the time that you did my reading I was… and met this person. I thought nothing of it. He was going …. I left that… just as you had said in November and …. Fast forward to the beginning of this year 2019. He contacts me and we begin dating….

2) work:


3) family:


Thank you again for everything you do!

I look forward to receiving any type of information you can give me.

Morning Sonika! …I’m getting to know a gentleman that I think you predicted. In one of the readings for December you kept reminding me to look at ….funny choice of a word because he’s …. so yeah lol……Very interesting indeed!! I’m like holy crap lol wow! In the previous reading you did tell me I would be …. and that I would have to look at the …and either say yay or nay.. I do get a really good vibe from him and …and he you’re right he does make me .., thank you so much! and I passed my comp exam, … Thank you for the prayer, I needed it

Sonika! In my monthly forecasts for … through … you had predicted that … I’d be invited to some kind of big …, possibly a .., that seemed “official” and that someone would invite me … and that my guides said that it will be good for me to go. I had no idea of any kind of … … you can see in my last post that I got invited to the biggest … there is! It’s a guy that I met at … and he’s had feelings for me … … I had a great time and had so much fun dressing up and meeting all these incredible people. It was such an honor to be able to attend. If that’s not enough, … so their wedding is next …! Two big … that came out of the blue for me! I can write a testimonial for all the other things you of course predicted but I’ll save that for another email when I have more time! You never ceases to amaze me with your gift!

Hi again Sonika,. I really appreciated the reading you did in …, with my deceased mother. It was very helpful, … I wanted another one including both my mother and grandmother. … The second half about my work and … partner.

I appreciate your predictions and your guidance over the last 2 years. You have been correct in practically everything. There’s one thing, however, that still has not materialized. I’m asking more so because my instinct is that I will be taking over …. Meantime, he is causing more havoc and disarray ….So, my question is …Please let me know the price?

Hi Sonika,

I just want to give some background. I had asked you this question in … 2015.

1. will I be able to keep my job for the next … years?

I was given the message: I was told no…. I sense you will make the change away from … within 4 years or less.

On November …[2018] I found out that I am … my Job with … and I am at peace because I kind of knew it would happen based on your answer in 2015.

That was the reason for the question you just answered for me about my future salary. So, I am expecting that to play out as well, since your predictions from Spirit are accurate. I would like to ask one more question.

Hi Sonika, I don’t know if you remember but earlier this year you predicted that by the end of November 2018 I’d meet a specific man. I met this man in …! Now I want to book some time with you to discuss this relationship.

Hi Soneca,

…I recently listened to the video again and wow, I am blown away by how accurate your reading was.

Here’s my update:

I left the relationship that … Within.. months of walking away, I got married … to someone else. We held our reception… In the video, you mentioned that I could be married as early as 2018.

Career-wise, I was promoted to the position of …

i am Very much appreciative of what you’ve done for me [Energy Cleaning service] and I will follow you or advice to the T.

Thank you so much and It was incredible. This morning I was thinking about how i was feeling during my … and I forgot to tell you at one point I felt in my head area a little dizzy somewhat swirling kinda but just in my head .that was a different time from where I felt like the top of my head was opening up and little tingles/sparks were at my crown very Distinct feeling. And also at one point I felt heat in the lower part of my body. I thought you might want to know that it was working. i felt it.

Hello Sonika

I’m back with some good news, wow like you predicted on the money … is meant to …, you said I will have to involve the ….

My cousin … my cousin is … and you predicted … empowerment on this reading.

I managed to get … TODAY that I owed him …

Thank you for the guidance Sonica .

Be blessed

Hi Sonika,

I am contacting you to give you some updates. My … is well and the last … scan was negative (no masses were present). Also I passed my exam and it is a big relief. That exam is very difficult (the pass rate is about …%) and my previous … didn’t believe that I will pass (which explain part of my …).
I am … and I will contact you in the future for professional services and guidance (through readings and others).
I am extremely satisfied by your reading.
Thank you so much!

Thank you Soneca! You helped me validate who my Twin Flame is back in 2015. I will always be grateful to you for that

Hi Sonika,

I hope you are well! …. you did a reading for my dog …, which was very accurate and very appreciated

Hi Sonika, Thank you for letting me know the messages – I really appreciate it! Thank you also for all your guidance which has been incredibly accurate, supportive and inspiring.

Sonika! Lol I need your help dear… Well I think I experienced the … that was brought forth in my last reading…. Well The … card I got for September happened as well…. And totally blew my mind of how in sync him and I were/are.. Even he couldn’t explain our connection..

Dear Sonika, Many many happy returns of the day!!!… I feel privileged to have met you as a psychic. Sending you love and light.

Hi Sonika,

….As you had predicted, the second half of 2018 has indeed turned out to be pretty very good and busy especially in my career and family area ….

Hello Soneca, So I have purchased 2 question readings from here. Here are my birth details:….I am happy to report back that as you predicted, I have my green card now, and I got pregnant in… Thanks a lot for the reading and timelines! Now for my questions.

I also don’t know if you remember reading for me getting back … from my ex. You were dead on about ….


Sonika… woooow wooow wooow!!! I’m amazed by your reading , I just want to get back to you with my feed back with the first reading I had with you in June regarding my question of …
You mentioned that I will have to ….and that the person will contact me to apologize. Today I received a phone call from my ex … of … years …
He apologized for everything … and it has been a year since I last saw him , I am at peace with myself.
I can not thank you enough for the amazing reading, I’m patiently waiting for the rest of the things you mentioned to unfold .
You are truly gifted.


Hello, I hope you are well. I worked with you quite a bit in 2015 regarding someone I have a special connection with named …. There was an event that you informed me might happen way back when and it has indeed manifested…. she is engaged to be married. I remember your guidance at that time was to remain …. If you have any openings I’d like to schedule a session with you to talk about this in more detail. Let me know, thanks.

Hello! My name is … and I was referred to you by a great friend, …. I was looking forward to having an hour-long reading with you, … I would appreciate your help with this! I look forward to hearing from you soon and would love to schedule a reading with you,… says nothing but wonderful things about you! Thanks so much have a lovely day,
* this is my work number, feel free to always text me to reach me the fastest! Otherwise feel free to email me back, thank you!

Good morning my dear. How are you doing? I hope all is well with you. I came to India 2 Days back for two weeks of vacation. I really want to give you a interesting news after your energy cleansing session .The day I landed in India … I was getting call from one of the UAE numbers and I missed it every time. Today I had called that number back and came to know that my … is in Dubai to meet me. Today when I called that number back , he told he came to Dubai …and wants to meet and talk to me about the….

I am surprised to hear this from him. I am sure this must be result of your energy cleaning….All thanks so much to you and lots of love and blessings from universe.

Thank you so much Sonika. … And I do feel a … is more suitable for me since I’ll be …. You are the truth!!

Hi Sonika

I’m sure you know I have more questions especially about what do with my relationship situation w …. Can you help me on this so I can take my life in the right direction? I can honestly say that you have been the one to help me the most so far. I have come to trust in your readings.

Hi Sonika.

Hope all is well !

My friend … will be purchasing a session from you I told her how amazing you were !!

Thank you

Hi Sonika, just want to tell you we’re pregnant! Almost a month after your energy cleaning for me my pregnancy test came out positive and the blood test also came out with good results. My doctor believes this will be a healthy pregnancy. As you might remember we’ve been trying IVF for more than a year now and shit!!!! your energy cleaning fulfilled our hopes in less than a month!!!!! You are too good to be true lol. We are utterly shocked and stoked as you can imagine. Please keep us in your prayers.

Sonika, I am a repeat customer. …. Anyway, you have been spot on with something’s the last couple months. I have to admit I was skeptical because of getting bogus readings in the past, but after several things happened that you said would. I’m blown away. I have 3 questions that I’m hoping you can help me with:


Thank you so much for all this! I’m amazed, truly. Thank you and I will continue to be a customer.

Hello Thank you so much for my personal reading. As you predicted I passed my exams this year and has started my internship. Again thank you so much.

Hello my dear! Dont know if it’s too early to read for Oct and November? This year went by fast lol..So to brief you on what’s been going on this summer: Remember the … guy? …had him showing up as the …. and oh man, that card came to fruition all throughout the month….. It’s funny because for September I got the angel …card. And pretty much that’s been everything in a nutshell. Overall just trying to stay positive. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the end of summer

Hope all is going well with you so far and you’re staying out of this heat, if only there wasn’t any humidity it would be bearable lol…Soooo can we do the next 2 months? …. I also have a question which happens to be about someone you mentioned in my last reading. We left off with me telling you about a … man I was getting to know, well the question is about him lol I just want to see if you can give me a …. In the last reading you had said a … energy would be around me and that it would be … and that he was a …Yeah well, you described him to a T lol… Other stuff going on has played out like you and the guides have said. I did work out a deal with my … You had said I would take the advice of a …when it came to matters of making … I had thought it would be my best friend but it turned out to be a total stranger lol…. So I ended up taking his advice and he helped me with the set up process and for the past 2 weeks … I made more money … than I did with … lol …. Oh and you were right about there being no …, even though I’m involved with the … man lol I seriously don’t know what to make of him, so please help! lol ..Thank you love Xoxo

Hi Soneca, I hope you got the payment. You are a supremely gifted tarot reader, the first I have seen who gets timing so accurately! This is a sort of continuation to the question I had asked earlier. Whatever you predicted came true and I am looking for on guidance on my next move. In my last reading request, I had asked about the future in my relationships and you’d mentioned that my partner and I would come to an agreement in…. I am very happy to tell you that we have decided to get married soon.

Hi Sonika! Amazed by your last reading. I bought 4 more [questions]! Lol.

Hi Soneca –

…I wanted to followup with you regarding a specific message you read for me. You mentioned that the…was going to file for bankruptcy…I spoke to… yesterday and … mentioned that … is going to file for bankruptcy and … are currently coordinating the effort with an Attorney. Speechless… thank you.


My first experience with personal readings and had a positive experience with you both times. You really got the essence of my mom and dad and made me feel they were at peace. You are a really talented person and I will be a repeat costumer. Your little details definitely had me know you were real and it’s nice to know a person can connect like you can in a period I really needed it. You’re a very talented person and have a great gift.

Hi Sonika Hope all is well and happy with you. As you told me [he] did ….My question is will he keep …

Eclipse season and the retrogrades were/are so bad! I just want to hide! Lol.. I received some good news yesterday, my … so i’m excited for that. With the angel … card you did say I would be reintroduced to … on the career front.. yay!

PS– one of the … that you said would be interested in my work has responded positively to me.
It feels so good that the energies stagnant for so long are starting to move.

Hey Soneca! … I have been wanting to give you some feedback on the forecasts you did for me and … for some time now… we have been very busy as I think you can imagine! Anyway here are some highlights:

At the very start of your forecast for me in …, one of the messages on the Death card was …and related impressions. Well here is what happened. …. So … rolls around, and I was feeling really frustrated and angry, and I wanted to dump… I wrote a whole …. In the middle of that process, your forecast came in. So I deliberately waited to hear what you had to say, …. And then you said … and you said that strategically it was better …. So here we are in …, and we have actually finally just completed …–and honestly I am pretty happy with how they turned out. It looks to me like he and I are working out some karma with each other. …

Maybe the most remarkable prediction you made was on the Wheel of Fortune card in …. You were talking about a … And then you said something mysterious, you said you thought …would begin for us here in the … around May 13, 14, 15. Meanwhile we were convinced that the ….would come after May 22 …because we had reason to think …. But it did cross my mind to wonder why you had made that mysterious statement and that maybe you were actually predicting a … date. Lo and behold, the … May 14th!! …And so it seems you predicted the … date with amazing accuracy lol
And on the somber side, you also predicted that in… I would be helping make decisions about …and that something would be foretold. Well I know that my mother,.. And indeed she called me at the start of … to say that… So in a way this prediction you made was not very surprising, but on the other hand, I never cease to be amazed because of course you knew nothing about my mother’s situation!
Finally I just want to mention that a friend of ours … has just told us … This is a bit of a leap for us, since we don’t know much about the …. So we decided to consult the forecast you made for …, and it is very interesting indeed that in …, you are talking about …putting in a lot of effort to sell … for the holidays. So this is very intriguing and we are going to have a serious conversation with our friend about what is involved.
Anyway I am very eager to see how the rest of the year turns out…I am hopeful that by the end of this year, we will be free and clear and empowered to develop our lives in the best possible directions! Much gratitude and love to you for your wonderful readings and your loving energy
you have no idea how much relieved i am .
what ever you said is very much true.
you gave me so much insight into future with just few mins of video

Sonika, You truly are a blessing, your reading blew me away. I have received readings from you in the past years …. Every time you are exact in what you tell me and I thank you for being that connection for me to my guides. I needed that confirmation and to know what I was thinking and seeing was real and not a figment of my imagination. I do believe in God and this is just more proof that I am close to God. Also, I appreciate the mantra and will take the advice from you and my guides. I really needed this, thank you. If I were to get another reading done, do you think you could tell me more information as to who the …? Oddly enough, I worked with a …. … who told me some months back that there are … (he said the same, said they were like ….) but couldn’t pinpoint what they looked like. I will gladly pay for another reading if you think my guides would be able to indulge further on that information. And the glitter, it’s quite incredible. Thank you for everything.

Hello Sonika, Hope everything is great with you.I am just writing to give you an update on things how it developed after your reading. If you remember my … question to you was … In the reading you asked me to be …. I did find a good place … just like you had mentioned. I did accept … as you advised looking at the other benefits….If you recall in the reading, you mentioned that the cards were very positively saying that i will get something before June or beginning of June although you said this might take till end of June/July considering the timelines could be a little off sometimes. I am very happy to say that it happened exactly on the timeline the card presented. I found … … on June 1st. I am happy now…

hope you are doing well. thank you so much for reading you did to my friend. he find it extremely useful to direct his life further…I need your guidance regarding my … marriage….i have made the payment as well…will wait for your valuable guidance…lots of love and rocking weekend for you

I just wanted to reach out and tell you I can’t wait for our reading on Thursday.. I believe you are gifted and you always gave me advice that was true or came true.. I’ve been through a lot in this lifetime and I’m still standing thanks to God. I know you don’t sugar coat anything but I just need to say please always be honest with me because I can handle anything even if it’s something I don’t want to hear. Thank you for being there and helping me through many phases of my life in the past 4 years also I could hear it in your voice how you care..️ thank you

Hi Soneca – just wanted to let you know that I have finally had confirmation that my … – to say this journey has been long and hard is an understatement. What I had to share with you though is that your three monthly forecasts with the predictions and advice has kept me going through an extremely volatile period in my life – the constant feeling of uncertainty was extremely disheartening and full of emotional unrest. I listened to your readings over and over again just to try and keep that hope up and depending when I listened to it during the period – I would hear different messages more vividly than before! So just wanted to say thank you for the insight and hope. I will be booking another 3 monthly forecast soon – hope you are well.

Oh my goodness of course I appreciate your advice, I’ll take every bit of it!…It’s funny you recommended … that said something along the lines of ‘bring this person into my life or someone who is even better suited for me’ and… I got my first message from …!… I’ll keep in touch and will certainly be booking more services in the future. I’ll probably end up doing a monthly forecast at some point as well as another medium session somewhere in the future as I’d love to communicate with a few others and of course anytime I can talk to my … is beyond a miracle and something I wish I could do every day. I love him and miss him more than anything. Money doesn’t feel like enough of a payment for what you are able to do for people. Thank you a million times over. I am so thankful. Have an amazing week

Hi Sonika, It’s been awhile. I hope you are well, and your work continues to fascinate me. I have prepaid for two questions:

Here are my two questions:….

I’ve been to several different psychics and you are the ONLY one who’s turned out to be pretty much 85 to 90% right on my predictions and the people in my life. Some have been exact to the point spot on. And your much better for my wallet too! I’ll be reaching out to you for another session later this month.
Hi Sonika! So I’m ready to book another session with you because I want to look into advice on the best time to contact … and what to say to him and how to approach the situation (we only just touched on the topic in the reading) so that I can better my chances of the outcome I desire of being together and marriage one day! Also I’m interested in connecting with loved ones. Think I’d like to go for a regular 1 hour session for $85 this time. Hope to hear from you soon and then I will go ahead and book the appointment!
Hi Sonika, just want to let you know all of your predictions turned out 100% correct for us! He ended up doing…so exactly what you said would happen. And my mom is now undergoing…,exactly what you said will happen by this season…again! My….also got a job and house…in the time frame months you told me he would. You’ve left me stunned though happy I found you. Your advice was also sooo heartwarming for me and I used it. I remember when you were giving it to me I just felt you really cared for my situations deep down inside of you. Now I think I should just contact you every time I need a little push, motivation or advice and not always predictions on the future. You’re invaluable! More readings to come with you!!!
Wow what a beautiful soul and so genuine. Truly remarkable reader .thankyou sonika

Your insight and guidance very much appreciated, Sonika. Your message about my health aligns with how I was feeling, but brought me much more relief and clarity, and certainly assurance I am on the right path…. Thank you so much for your help.

Hello Soneca, Hope this email finds you well. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have helped me immensely since our first read together and you are a gift to this world. So thank you so much. I would like to have a “clearing” or “cleansing” session with you and maybe at some point speak with the other side if and when I’m ready. Please let me know if these readings are different than usual and when your availability is. Thank you so so so much!

Thank you so much Sonika for the forecast readings. I wanted to let you know you predicted … for June. Today, intense … randomly came. I’m really feeling that .. cups…. When I got home from work today I immediately went to your video to be reminded of what the advice for this month was. I’m so looking forward to the … that is supposed to be coming following August …. I hope it comes quickly. Thanks again so much for the forecast reading. I truly value your insight and guidance from my readings and I will keep you updated on how things go as well as other predictions or situations that come to pass.

So very true. You are so gifted it’s beyond comprehension. I am so grateful for you.

You are not only my psychic but also my spiritual coach!

Hey Sonika

Thank you for your reading and answering my question – you picked up I’m a … type investor – again how right you are!!

All the best till we meet again.

You are, without a doubt, one of the most likable people I’ve ever ‘met’ in my life. Your vocabulary is so extensive, your mind so quick, and you’re so spot on. Blessings to you and to the service you render. Many thanks.

I read your future. I don’t just tell you what you already know. I tell you where your story is going to go.

No sugarcoat and vagueness. I respect my profession too much. Thoughtful Delivery.

—> My Séance Testimonials <—

Hi Sonika, First of all thank you for your previous reading. As per you said, my … could not get any child support from me… Thanks a lot for your prediction. I have one question:

Hi Sonika. I just wanted to say thank you again for my personal reading. It was very accurate, and informative. I really value your insight, so I purchased a two month ahead reading for myself. I know I gave you my information before but I’ll give it again because I know it’s almost impossible to remember each clients information….I look forward to writing a testimonial for you. I am blessed to have met you, and I appreciate your gift and the spirit world allowing me to connect with you. Let me know if there’s any other information you need from me in order to do the two months ahead forcasts. I’m not sure if I have to ask to participate in the points system you have but I would love to. I know I will be coming back for guidance. And I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

Hey Sonika, My wife and I have been meaning to give you a review for a while now. We have been distracted unfortunately. Is it possible to upload this review on your site for use anonymously?
Sonika is our Go-to-Gal!
Sonika and her guides are the most accurate team we have found over the years. Trust me…we have tried quite a few. My wife and I don’t make any major life decisions without considering a session with Sonika first.
1. Is there something that you have wondered for a while and itching for the answer you can’t seem to answer yourself?
2. Going to make a significant life decision?
3. Wanna know how to break a self destructive cycle?
4. Talk to loved ones (including pets) that have passed?
5. Seeking validation you have on a gut feeling?
She has helped us with a great variety of questions such as the following:
Career Changes
Life Coach
Past Lives
Future Events
Medical Claims and much much more

Holy shit. Everything she’s talking about i happening to me right now.

Hi Soneca, I sincerely want to thank you and tell you that your reading was so accurate. As you said in the reading (from the video), I will get the salary increase in … 2017. You spot it, I did not ask for salary increment directly (but indirectly) and on … 2017 I did get the salary increment of ….

PS. surgery went great as you said it would. Thank you so much

That’s not bad at all, you always have great prices so we can do the 24 hour lol Thank you

you are spot on everything that you have told me with your messages dear…i will try to follow your guidance to my best. you dont believe last week i thought of asking you for ” 15min Private Mediumship for ONLY $15! ” thing.
but then again thought first i need to deal with my …. but your reading came as surprise to me that you gave me what i wanted more..
i was shocked indeed. my grand mother messages are really true and very important actually. i m thankful to them
i agree that i need… i would never go to any other healer for sure other than you. Bcoz i trust you always.
please just let me know how much it would cost me and how it will help me.
definitely i would think about going for it. why not, if it enriches my life style and thought process and elevate me as a better person. always thankful and grateful to you. lots of love,

I found it so useful!! I’m already thinking about when my next reading will be. There’s much more I’d like to get into even outside of my relationship with…. I’d love to schedule a medium session at some point as well. You put my mind at ease. At first hearing his… But you went on to confirm…. It’s been torture being so confused about something that I am so sure about in my heart. When I saw your site and your YouTube I felt very connected and confident that you could help give me guidance and answers. Your … tarot readings felt like they were speaking to me and my situation. I am so grateful to you. You are such a blessing to be able to help guide people. This really means everything to me! It has to feel amazing to be able to share your gift. I will keep you updated as I will probably be talking to you in the next couple of weeks! 30 minutes wasn’t long enough!! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you (and to my spirit guides whoever they are, I forgot to even ask their names!!)! Have a great evening Sonika. Thank you!

Hi Sonika, oh wow! I was blown away by your reading .. I know I should be used to it by now but each time produces a fresh ‘gasp’ from me on how much you pick up when I have made no mention of it at all in my question. I simply have to tell you

1. yes, I do… I have lost touch with…
2. Yes he is very….
3. The apartment we live in…
4. ….Your experience reassures me a lot.
Thank you so much Sonika for this deeply insightful reading.

Thank you so much for bringing my mother through tonight. It was important for her to tell me about my …as they were very close in life. I relayed her messages to my daughter … immediately and she is very grateful as well.

I know you gave me several extra minutes and I appreciate your generosity. I will know for the future to book more time. How lovely that she is with her beloved …. I am going to book another session soon. With great respect

Hi Sonika, Thank you very much for the helpful and insightful reading this week. Please see below my anonymous testimonial:
“I have had two readings with Sonika and I am really amazed by her incredibly accurate description of my situation – so much so I wanted to write a testimonial.
Sonika provides true insight and genuine guidance with both the tarot and gifted mediumship.
Her readings are clear, detailed and uplifting. Everything she said was entirely accurate and I now feel more motivated in life generally.
I have had readings in the past with other psychic mediums/tarot readers and Sonika is definitely one of the very best!
Thank you Sonika!”

[Pet Psychic Reading] Hi Sonika, Wow, this was incredible! Thank you so much for doing this for us, it was so accurate. … does in fact drink …! Also, it is amazing that you picked up on the daschund thing, we have always thought he … What a beautiful reading, thank you on behalf of me and my family, and of course,…! You have a true gift. I will definitely be purchasing a personal reading from you in the very near future

I recently had an hour-long personal tarot reading session with her. She is awesome. She tuned into each of my questions and answered with stunning accuracy. She was quite descriptive and precise when asked about certain of my acquaintances. It became very clear in the first five minutes that she does this with total conviction. Her rates are ridiculously low especially when you compare her genuinity to some other pretenders around here [YouTube]. This is professionalism !!

Sonika, my God you are amazing! I got a reading form you back in July when I was single and had no man at that time around in my life. I was hoping to be married. You said in my reading that I would be married within ‘1 year or 1 year 2 months’ of the date of the reading and this man would be someone I never met before but who oddly enough my mother will introduce to me, which I found almost impossible and mom, really?! I admit I bothered you a bit about a more exact month and date for when I would meet this man you stated and which month I would marry. I responded by also telling you that on Youtube a reader who does only love readings told me I would be marrying a man I told her about from my past and this man would reappear in my life in Sept and we would marry in February, but you didn’t state the same. I didn’t like the fact that your timeline was a bit longer. (I was honestly being impatient and restless about my disappointments in love.) …BUT You turned out accurate! I married this year on May..The man from my past came back in November, but we never made it past 1ish week ha! Weirdly in December I felt a desire to start shopping for my wedding even without having a boyfriend! I started looking through bridal magazines and visiting jewelry stores. I couldn’t understand why I was doing this but I felt I should. Then, in the last week of December my mom told me about about a sales contract opportunity with a company that is located in her building. She told me I should explore it for my business and I did in jan. Guess what!! The day I met with my business contact at that company’s office I met my future husband and did not even know it then. We struck up a conversation and as they say the rest is history! He and I moved quick, and felt deep for each other and we were both ready. No more of the men who don’t know what they want, no more wasting my time with them! You said True love is meant to be nebulously described in psychic readings….so true! AND my mom led me to this man ironically! You were right. When I responded to your reading with impatience, you were patient with my impatience and kind enough to tell me that True love needs to be a bit ‘nebulously described’ in genuine psychic readings because my guides don’t want me to know all details ahead of time,, it has to magically occur. You told me there are many fake love psychics and fake tarot readers online who only do love readings because love and romance are the most popular desires and ‘wants’ for people, and they feed into this desire with the same ‘usual scripts’ and details that never come true or pick up mostly on the ‘intermediate love partners’ and not exactly the One husband or wife. They are not truly providing guidance from above and I needed to trust in my guides who came through you. You also told me I was one of the lucky ones because some clients get longer timelines than one yr..I can’t thank you enough and I thank God I trusted and walked the path of your predictions because I met the perfect man for me!! I’m typing all this to you from our hotel lol…we’re on ourhoneymoon!

I look forward to contacting you again for other readings. I will definitely keep in touch with you. I have been diligently watching you on YouTube for over a year as one of your subscribers. You come across as funny, intelligent and dedicated to high-caliber service. This is the first time in my life I’ve sought this type of service, so I was apprehensive.You were surprisingly on point with respect to the professional realm of my life (the … field).

Good morning and hello my dear! I’m ready for my June & July reading … So to recap everything that happened in the last month and currently, your predictions held out true like always lol…You said the month of May for me was going to be …and that started towards the end of April, hope it clears up soon….You mentioned …and my one …has exactly that…You also said I would have to …and absolutely I do….Also, I forgot to mention that during the séance we did on April 8th, my dad came forward and you did something that he would constantly do because he couldn’t…My point is, if you didn’t know my father or have been in his presence physically, then you wouldn’t have known that. And you totally hit the nail on the head with that gesture lol Thank you so much for that. It truly warmed my heart…. So I’m excited to know what the next 2 months have in store! Thanks again, ttys Xo

Thanks for the insightful and wonderful connection to my mother. I know you said, she stated “…”. I wanted to apologize and speak to her again. Do you think that is a good idea? … Very grateful for your help.

This question may seem very weird to you and I have not shared about this to anybody until now. You are the first one I am talking about this. I don’t want people to judge me. i feel much better that at least i am able to share this to someone…it was in so much of anxiety and this was affecting my day to day life..i knew u will not judge me and i took a chance to share this with you….i think i am destined to get ur gift this way

Hi Sonika!! Can we do April and May?

Omg there’s so much to tell you lol And thanks for the follow on …, I got so happy lol .. So you were right about my … job and the way I’d be feeling…. So I went back to previous videos and in the Nov/Dec vid, you mentioned that my … workplace would lead me …later on into … I had no idea what you meant so I didn’t bust my head over it lol..I learned that your predictions always come out when I least expect it to but I’m always amazed by it lol… So lately, I’ve been…

Sorry for all the rambling lol But everything you’ve told me thus far is resonating. ..Hoping to hear from you soon

Hi Soneca, First of all, your piece about Jesus was very interesting. I think it is so cool that you are such and open channel….Regarding my karmic analysis, it was fascinating. My father….I have to affinity … even tho you mentioned it. Interesting….I was fascinated and thought it was very cool that I was one of the more…. I wish I could revisit that period of incarnation….I’ll have to ask you about my ex… with whom I spent over ..years of my life. Such a powerful relationship…that will be another session. In the meantime, it is so frickin’ cold, yes?….Have a great day and thank you for your service.

Thanks a lot. I have been meaning to leave a testimonial for your reading with me earlier. 3 out of 4 things have come to pass and your timing was super accurate. Thanks so much. Look forward to sunday

Well, you were right!! I reached out telling him… I’m trying to follow your advice of remaining detached and at peace and keeping the faith in God. I’m sorry, I’m sure you get bombarded with updates from people all the time. I’m just so grateful to your advice and your willingness to help others with your gift.

OMG… Sonika very on point reading unbelievable… Yes in the beginning he was … but then stopped l had continued and … You saw the Sun card because he… LOL. Thank you so much.

Hi Soneca, I really appreciate the authenticity you bring to your work and not deviate from your true style and not compromise on the truth of the messages. thank you for that and well done!

Sonika, Something you predicted has happened today. You had predicted that in Feb-18 I would have some sort of a… which would be more useful or how do i say it, applied to an area of … relationship. Well today a …, gave me a substantial amount of money, as a blessing and gift for my …. I am now going to use that money to buy… Your predictions are freakishly accurate as always. You amaze me all the time. Thank you, thanks a lot

Hello, Sonika! Thank You SO MUCH for the 3-month reading! I just finished writing my notes for the reading, which I will refer to frequently in the next 3 months! Your messages really help me to understand circumstances that are happening each month, and I’m excited to see how everything unfolds.… I will be in touch again when the flowers are blooming to schedule my next 3-month reading!

hello my dear!! i need your insight please lol… first off, hope all is well with you xoxox
so my … popped up back in my life….and its funny because, in my february monthly reading i got the …card and the … card… you said the … card will mainly be me … it came to fruition,….you never cease to amaze me soneca lol….so my question now is i need clarification on this situation….as always i trust your guidance…..thank you dear! hope to hear from you soon xoxox

Hello Sonika, My husband and I really appreciate you about your tarot reading. My husband successfully got …. as you said!! … We would like to buy

Hi Soneca, I can’t wait to give you some updates on my … partner readings we’ve done recently. I don’t know if you remember….But in your reading you sensed that me and … will somehow … the person…will become very involved and helpful. This statement has slowly manifested itself already!….In this most recent reading we did about …, you pointed out …. And it’s true! …. This …we … on is a brand new journey for me and I pray for a great future for its very day. I wanted to thank you again for your readings Soneca! They are always so spot on and helpful. I can’t wait to check back with you again

Hi Sonika I love u and found you most accurate!

Dear Soneka, I’m writing to let you know that my … has started her … today and your guidance was well followed and I believe they are working out in a very positive way for my … and myself. Please do give your blessings to my … as you have a played an important part in her life pretty directly by helping and guiding me out.

Sonika, I dont even know how to begin because I am crying so much right now (in a good way). Thank you so much for the message! I am beyond thankful. Everything you mentioned about … was right on, especially about her giving me kiss … I miss her so much…. I attched her smiling picture for you to see her smiling face too ( hope you don’t mind). Thank you for the career and life guidance messages as well….Will definitely keep in touch and will reach out to you more. Pkease take care and keep doing what you do because you are amazing.

Hello Sonika, Thank you so much for the positive reading. As always, you manage to give me the right messages with utmost empathy, carefulness and positivity. I like how you put the true messages from my spirit guides forward to me. I truly admire your value for being honest with any and every tarot readings you have done for me. You have been my tarot reader/friend/earthly guide for almost 2 yrs now and I’m so blessed to have crossed my paths with you.

Since you like to hear from your clients, here is my feedback on the various readings you have done for me.

Certain things you mentioned in my … reading, has totally blown my socks off. You are right….

Your guidance for mellowing … makes so much sense to me and the right thing to do. … So you are right and Ill certainly keep in mind….

With regards to my love life, Yes i very much agree on ….The … card actually surprised me because it clearly suggests …and You are right, all those times when he…..

Dec-17 & Jan/feb- 18 Monthly forecast – All the messages were just perfect: –

Dec-17 – I had the … card – … and during Dec-17, I was able to…

Jan-18 – I had the … card. It was a tough month. There was an incident that happened …So your interpretation of the … is perfect, that is I had to decide to… I also faced a bit of … I know my … ..after Apr-18 which the guides had imparted to me through you with the …Card.

Feb-18 – I had the … card – Its too early, but this again represents me ….

So these are my feedback. I’ll write to you at the end of Apr-18 to let you know how the rest of Feb-17 until Apr-18 turns out for me.

Dear Soneca, Thank you very much for this detailed response and very solid suggestions for how to narrow … and reduce the frantic feeling! Really appreciate your help!

I have had a medium reading with you in the past where you connected to my mother in spirit and brought forth truths only she and I would know. Her messages were very meaningful Your gift is exceptional

Hi Sonika, I had a reading with you this week and just wanted to follow up to say thank you. It is such a pleasure to speak with you and you have such an amazing gift! You’ve helped me with your guidance, as well as my … and … who have also reached out to you. Take care and I look forward to more readings this year!

Thank you Soneca, you have amazing gift, first of all. The price you ask is too low for these specific messages you telling to clients.

You’re awesome, thank you! Especially the first messages you get, I’ve been listening to you for more than a year and time proved a lot of what you said right. I am indeed in the middle of a…

Hey Sonika, I’ve actually been thinking of you all day.. was going to message you as soon as I got back from work to give you a big thank you and energetic hug…I’ve literally been all smiles all day and quite productive business wise….Also, wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your advise and care, over these last three years, you have been vital to my personal and spiritual growth and a catalyst to realising and fulfilling my potential in many many ways. Thank you for everything, looking forward to connecting with you again soon.

Soneca, I hope you are well. happy thanksgiving. I wanted to give you a feedback on your forecasts for Oct & Nov-17 as promised. Soneca, they were precise and very much of a guide to me. In Oct-17 you had forecasted…that i’ll be required…In Nov-17 again, it was forecasted that i’ll be….You had forecasted that in Dec-17, I will be heard with…I believe the … energy is beginning to take place in me now that Dec-17 is soon approaching…I’ll let you know how it goes by the end of Dec-17. Once again, thank you so much Soneca for guiding me with accurate messages etc. Have fun and be safe. Peace, love and respect

Dear Soneca, Thank you so much for the quick turn around!! Since I have been getting readings from you for years,…I remember the very first reading I got from you confirmed that …. You also saw us ….during some of the readings, which all came true later on lol! But, like you said….That’s why I needed this reading to make sure I don’t fall back….Thanks again for the amazing reading Soneca! I truly appreciate your kindness and honesty. I’m sure you will help lot more people out there with your compassion and gift! Keep the great work up and love always!

Omg I almost cried listening to this. Thank you so much Sonika, I’m wholeheartedly grateful… And I always see 111 or 1111 and other angel numbers….Thank you again! I’ll be in touch in March again. I’m excited

Hi Sonika. I’m…. I’m really excited to have you as my reader. You are my favorite and love your energy and accuracy even in general readings.

Hi Sonika, ….I wanted to thank you for the several readings I have had with you. They are quite impressive and they have helped me heal and move forward. Thanks again!

Very on point! Thank you so much for helping me. I will be reaching you again in the future

Hello, Soneca! Sorry for the delay in responding!…Wow! I absolutely love your readings! This definitely touched upon a few themes that I am experiencing now, and it will be interesting to see how these energies play out over the coming 3 months…. You are incredibly gifted, and I really appreciate your talents! I will certainly be in touch next year to continue the monthly readings! Have a fantastic Holiday season, and we’ll touch base again next year!

Also I just wanted to say that I think it’s pretty amazing what you’ve done with your website, and all the great content. You are not only gifted but also talented and prolific!

I’ve had readings in time past from different readers which were very unprofessional in communication, booked dates, etc. I want to thank YOU for providing me with exceptional professionalism. I am grateful!

Hello Sonika, Thank you for December and January’s reading. They were accurate and I am interested in February and March as well.

Hi Sonika, Thank you so much for the reading. It is greatly appreciated. Would you please forward me the information to leaving a testimonial for you? I’ve come to you enough times and have been blown away. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Love your readings. Soneca, you are one of the best readers on YouTube. I’ve been watching since 2014 and your readings have been very accurate with me. I hope so with the 10 of pentacles. I’ve had days of wanting to give up but I will keep at it.
Good evening, I got your e-mail address from …this week and would love to connect for a phone reading.
That’s brilliant advice, thank you for that, this is one of the main reasons why I truly love my sessions with you, your advice is truly from the heart. And I’m very grateful for the fact that I found you on YouTube.

Hi Sonika

Please do a reading for me July August September. Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to it as your guidance always prepares me for the upcoming events

Your my new favorite!! You’re amazing

I would like to schedule a live (1) hour reading via phone with you. I found you on You Tube…You are awesome!!!!! I am looking forward to speaking with you. Please let me know when you are able to schedule the reading with me. Much appreciated!!!!!!!!

Hi Soneca, Thank you so much for the reading and as always it is amazing!! You’ve helped answering my questions. But I want to make sure that I understand the key points correctly. Could you please confirm that my understanding below is correct?….This is indeed another super helpful reading. Thank you again for always being real and honest with my questions Soncea. I am going to be a forever fan!!!

Hi Sonika, Thank you for the session last night., it really was good, I’ve already started applying a couple of them already in worked I’ve booked another session, because all my questions weren’t done. Hope that’s ok

Hi Soneca and Happy New Year to you. Can you send me a link to pay for a 3 month reading for feb March and April ….. I have great news – … is sold with hand over … 2018… so putting an end to my past – lots of emotional energy …. My focus for this reading is… Thanks…

Hi Soneca, This time, the reading will be for me

From the last 3 months reading I had from you, everything was right on point, I got a job, which am starting in…

I will send you the payment for the upcoming 3 months reading

[Past Lives and Karma Analysis]: Hey Sonika!… You truly have an amazing and beautiful gift and I am so blessed to have been able to experience them !!! Here is a review that you can use for your reviews on your website if you like :
Sonika is absolutely the “real deal” she was spot on about people and circumstances in my current and past lives. There is no doubt that she is directly connected to the divine and channels their messages so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world Sonika, I look forward to many more readings with you

Hello Sonika– I hope you are well and taking good care of yourself. You gave me a very accurate reading in the summer of 2016 — now I have …Perhaps you can get some guidance for me….I’d like to buy the three-month reading for

Dear Soneca You can’t imagine how important this message was for me to hear and how accurate. Already my landlord…. I have been upset and nervous all night… You picked up exactly on everything that began happening tonight. Thank Gd I reached out to you as I have really been beside myself all evening. You have given me courage to face what will be a positive not a negative. Gd bless you for sharing your gift Wishing you many blessings in the new year

UPDATE: I did have problems with my …as you mentioned in my reading. That was overwhelming…LOL. I need to listen again to keep up with the other predictions. QUESTION: How do you feel about personal readings for Saturn In Capricorn?

Dear Soneca Thank yo7 so much for your 2 amazing readings and I would to ask you about ‘gettein* a message from our departed loved ones’,

I am a regular viewer of your youtube channel.. “golden sun tarot”.. I like the way you do the readings.. I am interested in knowing what 2018 holds for me in my career, personal life , finances etc…
It amazes me how this challenge turned out for us, we had to fight,fight, fight to receive…. Thanks a million for all the help you have given us thru this …. I’m sooo Looking forward to our session on…

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for your gift. You have helped me a lot.

…I do want to say you have been very accurate with time frame predictions in the past (down to the exact month), certainly more accurate than any other psychic I have ever read with…but you are definitely one of the best when it comes to time frames. Anyways, thanks again! I enjoyed this discussion and look forward to what 2018 brings. Will keep you posted – I wish you and your loved ones an amazing holiday and 2018!
Hi Soneca, You did a reading for me awhile back, right before the August solar eclipse, and I wanted to let you know that the predictions that you made are all coming to pass. You are incredible! Thank you for sharing your gift. You are appreciated!

Hi Sonika, I was able to view my reading today and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of heart. I will keep in mind all that you’ve mentioned. Also, thank you for being honest and not holding back, means a lot to me.

Ohhhh my dear Sonika!!!! Yayyyyy!!! That is great. I have been thinking of you for a while now! Happy New Year!!!! I would love to have the reading for sure, is always a pleasure. You participated of a great part of a change time in my life!!!!….Tell me when you are available!
yday i was listening all the readings that you have done for me previously to gain more clarity.. and they are super super predictions which happened exactly the way it is said so making points out of them so that i dont have to go back and check once again…your first reading you did for me IN FEB 2015 says everything… literally EVERYTHING

Dearest Sonika, You are 10000000000% true in what ever you said. You made my life easier now.

What you said is absolutely true and actually he doesn’t….
This guy …You are 100000% true and thank you so much for such a wonderful guidance lady. You are an angel I told you You have a wonderful lovely and great happy new year ahead. Loads of love to you. Thanks a ton dear for showing me true light

WOW! Thank you Soneca, I do feel like my mind and soul is …. I believe the … card does infact make sense. ….sounds perfect advise for me this month. Your forecast is spot on and that too with immediate effect actually…kinda freaky and cool at the same time! Please take your own time with the 2018 forecasts. I would like to purchase one more reading to know about my career/job status for 2018.

>>>Hello …, you’re most welcome and I’m always humbled to provide you useful and implementable Guidance. – Sonika,

I am so grateful to you and my spirit guides for helping me through this time. These messages meant everything to me. I will surely sleep tonight now. I know we will speak again soon. Happy Blessed Holidays to you and all those you love

Thank you Soneca! Very helpful to have the added clarity. Really appreciate it!

My god u have amazed me once again, back in Dec-16, u had done a reading predicting that my… would either be proceeding positively or will be finalized sometime between Aug-sep-17. Yesterday my …finally proceeded with the official …process. You are awesome! Ur predictions and guidances are so accurate.

How do you read so far in advance. ? Your amazing cabt wait to see what develpos. Thank you so much. Your always so accurate

Dear Soneca, Thank you so much for this forecast. It was really nicely detailed and beautifully put. We both loved the personalized feel. We will keep in touch with you on how things progressed.

It’s so nice to see your face! You gave me a wonderful reading over a year ago connecting to my mother who passed.. love and light to you my friend

You don’t talk too fast. You have a lot of information to get out. You’re perfect.




Hi Soneca, Thank you again for this reading. It is and will help me, going forward. Also the previous reading you did last year, about whether I will sell, or should I try to sell my house. This happened, and it was a difficult process, but I kept going, and what you said, that I would benefit from it – has and is very true. Thank you
Good morning!! The summer has been good, a little rocky like you said but still relaxing..And of course everything you said has come out, always grateful for the messages…Looking forward to the next 2 months.

Everything is as you said! My … Is pregnant and reaching her fourth month now….I remember long back when I did reading with you, your prediction of her pregnancy could be possible in 2017 ending or in 2018. It just happened the same way… very happy

Hello Soneca, Thank you so much for the reading. WOW, what a message to come through about being… I think Spirit are really trying to make a point of this, perhaps its me always thinking, naaa, not me….But this really is amazing….And then you spoke about ‘possible’ … gains end

of November into Dec., weeeellllll….on 11.1.2017, notice…and like a miracle it all came thru and I received my first

…end of November,… So you were spot on with that for sure.

Will write again Soneca with developments, you really are a very gifted lady. Are you in America Soneca ? Im a … living in … for many years now. Sorry to keep this short and to the point, flurry of activities with … and shopping, and the rest…. but will definitely be in touch again soon. Keep well and happy Soneca, thinking of you most gratefully,

Your testimonials are sooo correct!!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this for me, I really needed to hear this.

Hi Sonika just wanted to thank you again for the incredible reading last night. I’m still taking it all in. You were on point with the major things going on in our lives that you could have never known. Also when you brought up my …Another thing I realized later is that yesterday was my … birthday, the one who you said was one of my guides. I’m going to write a testimonial for you but I will do that later tonight or tomorrow when I have more time because I could go on forever! ANYWAYS the main reason I’m writing is just because I wanted to share with you the pictures of the people you connected with last night. I’m not sure how they appear to you but this is them in their physical body.

omg, you are so hardworking and committed

Dear Soneca, Every word you said in the reading is 1000000000000000000000% True….I dont know how to thank you for such wonderful messages. You cleared my clouded head…I have a path now…I understood which way to go…you have no idea how relieved i am now…i know which direction to go and where and what i am lacking.. and you said i am not actively looking for …information on… is also absolutely true..i completely agree I am gonna do that from now…

Good evening! Thank you again for the awesome reading…I want to refer you to a friend but I want to give it to her as a gift. Can I Pay for her? If so … how do I go about it please

Hi Soneca – had to tell you what happened today. After your reading on Tuesday, I spoke to…. Today, Thursday….
Thanks to your reading and advice about looking towards … And doing something different with … – i wouldnt have done … I wouldn’t have started the conversation with him! This can potentially lead to …! Thanks heaps – i will keep you posted!

Yay!!!! Hi! I have been listening to you for years! I am soooo happy to connect. You are absolutely AMAZING. I men you are truly gifted. I KNOW I am someone you are very connected to LIKE SOUL SOSTER you absolutely come through for me EVERY TIME, Without a doubt always on point. ….

Anyhow- again I have been absolutely impressed by you and you have helped me a lot. Look forward to friendship and sharing your vids here on out!

I asked you before if I will get … January, and you are right on, I didn’t …, however, I have another

Hi Soneca, Thank you so much! You are a very talented woman and I am grateful to have had this reading with you. Your reading is the best birthday gift I could have given to myself! You are really impressive!!!!!!….I must admit, you were incredibly accurate. I will take all of the information and insights you shared with me and use them on my path.
I will pursue the …. as you suggested.

Wonderful reading from the angels, Soneca! Thank you for clarifying my work path forward. I will …. I will nurture …. Your reading has comforted me considerably. Bless you and your gifts, which bring focus for us who are directionally challenged. You’re a true way-finder!

Hi Soneca! I just paid. You’ve always been so on point and helpful to me in past readings. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Hello soneca thank you so much for your mail. I thank you for your return and also for being direct all over the way, because being honest if I couldn’t move on since the last 1 and a half year, it’s because one of my family went to see a card reader over here in … and they obviously said what (at that time) we wanted to hear…. That me and … were meant to be together and that we had a bright future together and so on. MayB that’s why I couldn’t really get over it and be in a real relationship since then (not counting a small adventure I had which did not last long)

Hi Soneca, You’re Sept-Oct is SO spot on re my ‘stuff’! I would very much appreciate a 5 specific question reading please. Big decisions are to be made in the next week or so and would like some clarity (LOL as does every on eh!)

Hi Soneca! I hope all is well and as always thank you for always helping me and being so honest with what you see. ….You were so right about …, the guy I met through …. (You were right about … too, he was …..) …. Just like you said, we developed a nice friendship….

My … got a house in …. You said of … . Around this time. Thank you so much. I can’t describe how I feel and how thankful I am for being guided to you.

Hello Sonika. …You can’t believe I was just thinking of you!!!! Thank Gd all went very well….I went in feeling peaceful because of your reading so I’m sure that made a big difference. You are really a blessing in my life

No thank you for at least being the only person that would actually take time and hear from my heart.

Hello Soneca thank you very much for your reading everything was spot on I hope this will help me heal and just let go off my ex . looking forward to do another reading with you. Thanks and god bless

Soneca, I absolutely love your readings and can’t wait to have another personal reading from you!

Thank you Soneca. It means so much to me having the support of such a gifted reader. You are always spot on. You have given me much comfort at a very worrisome time. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season. I will be in touch

Yes my dear

After seeing your email and reply that day , it was great relief and I could do my… well that day. I am really grateful to you my dear. Till now what ever you read for me , everything absolutely went fine and 100% true.

…I will wait and see what is gonna happen. I trust god, you and my lawyer. Hope to see truth comes out.

I have made the payment dear.
I will wait to hear from you.
Hey Soneca, How you doing these days? Since you have been a key component to our success with the … processing, I thought I’d take a moment to give you an update and thank you for all your help.
1. The .. decided to increase … which also helped them to increase …. This is a huge success! My wife and I are incredibly grateful. In time we hope to ….
2. The … and it influenced them to change to …. Now that we have been awarded …, we get … for me and my wife for life! Yay! These are the numbers you and our guides gave us and were very accurate! Thank you again for all you do!
Hello, Soneca! You are amazing! I really enjoyed your 3-month video for June, July and August. Your reading helped me to make some big decisions about forging a new path, and things are already working out as you described! I would love to purchase a new video that covers September, October and November. If that works for you, please send me the PayPal link, and we can get the party started!
Thank you so much. I trust your guidance implicitly

Hello Suneca, Thank your for your wonderful prediction, I received the offer next day .

Dear Soneca! I can’t help to give you this update on our most recent reading about…We talked yesterday and just as you predicted…. ….That’s the exact wording you used in the reading, how amazing!!! You rock dear! I will be patiently waiting for the rest of the reading to unfold. I’m just curious did you see or hear those words with “ “ in the reading? They are definitely powerful and spot on words! Thank you and love always

Thank you for your patience and the clarification Soneca!! It’s amazing how you receive messages! I truly hope that more people can get help from you like I do. I believe what makes you unique is not only your reading ability but also your kindness..
Soneca, U r awesome! Because of your messages I was able to protect myself from…. Thank you so much, so so much

Thank you! Just sent payment. Address is … So all 3 words you mentioned in our last reading! … Look forward to hearing what spirit says!

Thank you so much love the reading, you really gave me so hope on me getting better an on my … situation, an on my grandparents being by my side when I was … , I always knew my grandfather was always there by me , your really good at what you do , bless you an thank you so much
Hello, Soneca! Wow! What a fantastic reading – again! Thank You for such a detailed and thorough glimpse into the months of Autumn! I really enjoy your style of reading. There was so much information that it took me 2 days at the office to review the whole video while recording notes. I am so excited to see how some of these energies will play out in the coming months! So far, your predictions about June and July have been very accurate. I regularly refer to those notes, because they help me to gain a better perspective of the theme for each month. You are very talented at what you do, and your insights are so helpful! Thanks again for sharing your gift with me!
Thank you Soneca! You are gifted for sure. Wishing you only greatness . Speak to you soon and have a fabulous week ahead.

Dear soneca

I Thank you a lot for your messages
It really really helped me a lot and relieved me of tension and showed me a right way.
It just happened the way you predicted
Love you my dear
Lots of love to you

Thank you Soneca!Your messages were spot on.Please provide me with a 6 month reading from July to December.

hi Soneca, I wanted to let you know I found a new job just like you predicted
And my boyfriend and me are getting married …week(s). Thank you so so much for your valuable guidance. You were absolutely bang on target with everything !! Your gift goes beyond what words can describe and getting this guidance from you has been a privilege. Once the wedding is over, I would surely love to contact you again for my fiance’s …. too. He’s also blown away by your skills

Back in 2015 I asked if one specific person was going to come back into my life. Your response was Yes and this will happen before mid 2017. You will interact but they will not come back into your life. Well, I did interact with this person on 6[]2017. I am blown away, Thanks. I would love another reading, I would like to to the next 3 months with Tarot cards.

Hi again Soneca, I hope you are doing well. Looks like you are turning into my spiritual guide. You have no idea how much your readings have been helpful to me. I would like to purchase a tarot reading – 5 specific questions.

You have completed a reading for me before and you told me everything I needed to know.. So I’m back. I would like the 3months for $38 (tarot reading). So that I can see what’s coming and be ready and able to adjust.

Dear Soneca
I cannot thank you enough for our medium session last night. Your gift is beyond compare and the kindness and generous heart you have to make yourself available to everyone without charging the prohibitive prices you surely could get given your Gd given gift. I cannot stop thinking about it as beyond a doubt you brought through my long passed …. and the messages … brought forth were meaningful and comforting.
Everything you said was specific and could only be known to me. You are a very special soul here on earth and I for one am very blessed to have found you. I look forward to your help going forward in life as circumstances dictate. Forewarned is forearmed. Thank you for sharing your gift.
By the way, your reading for July is SO spot on! I got the “Judgement” card for this month, and this is DEFINITELY a theme for this month! I turned … this week and am SO EXCITED and HAPPY about this decision! Your reading helped me to make that decision – one that I have wanted to make for a long time! Have a Fantastic Evening!

Hi Soneca, Hope all is well! Many things happened since our last quarterly reading. I am amazed to see how some of the prediction came to manifest in life. I’m eager to see how the next quarter looks for me. Could you please send me a payment for reading for July, August and September? Thank you!

Just want to thank you Miss Soneca for an awesome BIRTHDAY session and thanks for being our “Tarot Reader” & “Spiritual Coach. You will be hearing from me again soon
Hi- hope you’re well! So I’ve secured a new job and actually ended up being a promotion, a huge raise and Full paid … from … to …. so you were right …. haha. Anyway, I was writing to also ask about current wait times. Just looking to get a little deeper insight thanks in advance!
Hi Soneca, Thank you so much for such a thorough reading! I have to say that this reading already resonates so much before July even starts. In my last reading about … situation you pulled … and told me that something will happen… and it came true. …
Besides that, I have somehow been having this strong feeling … And your reading kind of confirm such gut feelings.

Dear Soneca,

I would like to order another 6 months reading. I think I’m becoming addicted …
Pls let me know if it is available.
So far the things are happening exactly as you say, which is hard to believe for the one who has … in the Ascendant….
Have a great day!
All the best,
Hi Soneca,
Here is my testimonial and please do know I mean every bit of it. I took my time to truly write down this. I’m sorry I should have left a testimonial for every reading you have done for me but this covers all that.
Soneca, is a wonderful, sincere, sweet, hard working, organized person with substance, a deep spiritual and intuitive side. I’ve been amazed at the level of her intuitiveness and it is pretty evident in her high quality readings that are spot on, deeply guiding, substantial and freakingly accurate! Soneca has done 5 readings for me in total so far and she’s preparing one for me at the time that I’m writing this. Soneca has always delivered her readings on time. I like how she takes her time within the promised delivery time to truly tap into her intuitive side in order to do a reading most effectively. I’m honored to have crossed paths with soneca and to have her as a spiritual guide, almost like a mini life coach in my life! Thank you Soneca from the bottom of my heart! Please do know you play a vital part in my life. Looking forward for the reading and more readings!

Thank you so much Soneca! I’m excited for the summer lol…And you’re absolutely right about …., so yay! Lol always appreciate the messages and guidance Hoping you have a wonderful summer, I’ll be in touch at the end of August Thank you

Insanely and specifically accurate from beginning to end. OMG thanks!!

Hello, my name is …. and I would like to get a 3 month reading. I had a reading my you back in …2016.

Soneca, thank you so, so much for this reading. I could feel your feelings and my guides talking to me simultaneously and I was just in tears while listening to this Forecast.. it resonates so much, it is so on point and I’m so grateful for you bringing the message through. You resonate so much, I can hardly believe it, it’s just amazing. What you’ve forecast is what I’ve been expecting and it empowers me to prepare for what I need to do to make it happen. I love you so much, Soneca! I’m pretty sure we have had past lives together, I feel so familiar with you, and you set an excellent example for me to follow. I know I’m just gushing but I hope you feel the love I have for you, my beautiful soul sister! I will let you know as things unfold just how accurate this reading is! It’s awesome.. I am going to be the voice for … everywhere and I am honored to fill this role.

I will make sure to do so. That is why it is so important to consult with you on an ongoing basis. It is so helpful to know what’s coming and be able to avoid unnecessary problems whenever possible. I appreciate you so much. I’m going to order June – August reading now.

Very important. So much up in the air in my life and so much stress. Thank Gd I have my faith which holds me together and you for sharing such a true gift. Much Appreciated!

I got to speak with my ….wife n she informed me that …. Just like you said. …Thank you for your insight.

Ok yes saw the private key sorry. Thank you for the beautiful yet truthful and will be taking in every advice giving reading. Officially a permanent cliente. You shall be hearing from me after these months are up for a possible updated video. Thank you very much

Hello, Soneca! Thank You for your prompt response to my previous email! ….so I’m certain that you are correct about that prediction! Thank You for your time and efforts in making this video! I really enjoy your YouTube videos and your Tarot card of the day on your website. As a new student to Tarot, you share a wealth of information that goes beyond what I have read in other books and blogs. It’s an honor to get a reading from my virtual Tarot teacher! Have a Magnificent Day!
Thank you so much Soneca
I have watched the reading once and will go back several times as the summer progresses. It is so helpful to have this guidance to follow and know what to look for and also avoid.
As an aside, my current … told me that ….. as you said. Thank you for everything
I just finished listening to your north node Leo audio and it’s one of the best I’ve read for this new node position. Your voice is also very pleasant to listen to. I look forward to all of your other YouTube presentations in both astrology and tarot – studying astrology for 50 years but just beginning tarot at this time. I will definitely consult you should the need arise. Thank you for that in-depth audio and I really enjoyed it.

Hello, You were referred to me by a friend who was very happy with your reading, my friends name is …. I’m interested in a live 1-hour Tarot reading. Could you please let me know what the next steps are and what is your available schedule? Thanks,

From day one you’ve always been spot on with me and I am deeply grateful for that.

Hi again Soneca, I had a chance to listen to the reading and I’m really impressed with your no nonsense style. You’re good!

The reading was exactly accurate….and yes I study… that was so correct….About my … I will start it what you have told me about doing small things at a time and keep doing them. About that girl, I accept what has universe or spirit angels have guided me….Thank you so much for your guidance. I really appreciate it.

Hello Soneca! I have been reviewing my April May reading many times. Your readings are so helpful. I have a delema….Can you see the truth of the matter?

Hey Soneca!! Wondering if we can do April, May & June? Cant believe its already March lol…To update you, mostly everything you said has come to pass (as usual lol) Overall, Jan and Feb have been good months..keeping busy for the most part but that’s always a good thing lol..

Hi, Soneca! I was very moved by …message as somehow it reminded me of my … who is always dear to my heart. Actually it brought tears to my eyes when you read the message. Your reading brightened my evening and thank you again!…. Warmly,

Hi Soneca, How are you? Just wanted to tell you that i passed my driving test on… and got the license…my driving license was one of the questions i asked you in my reading last time and you told me i will get it this time when i give my test. Thank you

Hi Soneca Taro greeting from Tokyo. In 2015 I purchased a personal reading from you…and it’s very very spot on. Very even got the month right ! Thank you !!

Hi there, I hope you remember me! You did a prediction that I will end up in a company [not academia] for a job. Yes, I got an offer from a company. I thought to share this news with you. I will stay in touch with you.

Hi Soneca! What an amazing reading…. This reminds me of last year’s reading, because then I was single and looking for love when I requested the reading, and it turned out to be all about the woman I was about to meet. And indeed I met her as you said I would. I am so grateful I asked you for that reading because it guided us through quite a chaotic set of experiences! And this new reading, what can I say, I am just amazed. Partly I am amazed that the guidance would be so clear… I am very grateful, to my guides and to you….It shows that the guides are not only giving messages but they really are also influencing which cards come out..

Soneca is one of the best Tarot card readers I have ever been read by and I have been to many over the past 25 years! Thank you for you reading and accuracy. You knew details that no one else could have ever known.

please get your rest, you have done so much for me I can not thank you enough!

and it never went wrong. you are always always right and to the point. you know what, you are my angel who helps me with your messages and puts me out of my worries every time. A big big thank you to you …looking forward
Dearest Soneca, I would like to express my gratitude for the hard work you do on youtube. I am following your forecasts from Hungary, and some months ago I decided to translate some of them for my beloved ones.
Two months ago because of the requests I got from friends I started to translate all signs into Hungarian, in written, for Hungarian people who are interested.
I just wanted you to know that your messages from Spirit are spreading to those who need to hear them.
thank you
love and light
from Hungary

Hi Soneca, I just wanted to thank you again for my reading … you have been reading for me for about 4 years now and it’s funny because you still amazes me when you’re reading for me it’s spot-on, thank you again

—-“You are very welcome…. I am humbled always to read for you and to be the vessel who connects you to Your True Guides, Spirit Guides, Passed Away Loved Ones, and God, all of whom want you to thrive and overcome your internal and external challenges in this current life. Please keep in touch. Smiles, love and light, Soneca Taro

Dear Soneca, thank you so much for doing the reading for me… It really resonates and helps me to anticipate things. I always listen to them over and over again as the months go by and am amazed at how well connected to source you are. I am also a reader but it helps me to have someone else read for me because well, you know how it is LOL

This was very accurate in hindsight. Thank you!

Your readings are just so spot on. I would like a private reading please. Thank you

Thank you. Your readings are always helpful. You’ve help me be a stronger person over the last several years and I’m grateful for it. You are always so caring & compassionate and genuinely empathetic to my needs.

Hi there I wanted to get 2 question for 26$ . I had reading done with you I’m very positive about your readings you gave and so far it came true

Hi I’m Canadian living in…. I came across your tarot after watching so many videos of others.. seems I’m drawn to you! I would like a personal tarot for my future. My DOB is….

Hi Soneca! Happy New Year! My best wishes for you in the New Year! Just wanted to let you know that you were absolutely correct and that my divorce became final at the… of 2017! Thank you for your insight! I have two questions to ask you

Thank you for the last reading

I would like it if I could once again have my personalized monthly for cast for the months of April and May.

I’m not surprised…. you’re very sought after and in demand! Solid detailed true readings and affordable, not expensive!

Hello Soneca! It’s….., we had a reading on December ….2016. I hope you have a spot available soon, please let me know! I need a full reading, as many things are signaling to me from the universe and a few things you said have come my way. Thank you so much! Sincerely,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comment. I am looking into getting a tarot reading. Ive never had one before, but I follow you on YouTube, and was touched by some of your readings. To be quite honest, I just feel like I trust you (sounds odd, I know). But, there is no one else I’d rather recieve a reading from. I am leaning towards the five questions tarot reading.

Hello, I’ve been watching your general Tarot readings for … and you are amazing. I would like to get a more personal Angel reading from you when you have some time. I was wanting to purchase the 30 mins for $58.00. Can’t wait to speak with you. Thank you,

Right on the money as usual! Thank you!

Hi Soneca – I would like another 3 month forecast reading with you. I had one before and it was very accurate. Can I have a reading for Feb March and April 2017

It’s important to note Soneca that your generosity makes it possible to have these readings. As you say in your Your Tube videos you have made yourself affordable, thereby allowing people like myself to avail themselves of the opportunity to have readings with you and enhance their lives and help themselves when they are in need the way you have helped me. Perfect example is the …. Had you not warned me, I would not be aware and might have caused myself a big problem this summer. Now I will be careful.
So I want to thank you for that as well
I look forward to seeing what the summer holds. Many issues at hand.
Best regards

Hey Soneca! Ok so I need some clarification on a gentleman. It’s actually someone who you mentioned would be a theme in my life during the winter months (no shocker that it came to fruition lol).

Hi Soneca, I’m introducing my friend … on this email, she would like to do a reading with you to get advise. Hi …, This is Soneca’s email, she’s really amazing! Wishing you all the best
Thank You for an awesome reading miss Soneca! Here is my review,I don’t know how to post my review anonymously. Please use my review on your web page
“I’m a long time customer and very pleased with the results I have experienced when dealing with Golden Sun Tarot. With such accurate and concise results I make it a point to schedule an appointment with her prior to making major life decisions. Her spirits guides work with yours and have your best interest in mind. We are in a free-will universe so we can always change the results we are given; however, somehow the results I get with GST are at least 90% accurate to what the outcome actually happens to be in the end. Are you looking for clarity in this Earth Suite your wearing? Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment!!”

…i will sjow my friends how u do readings and they will order from you.

Hi Soneca, I want you to know I really appreciate the reading you did for me January through March. It really helped me keep my destiny in mind as I dealt with some difficult challenges. Will you please do another reading for April May and June please the 3 months: $36

Hey Soneca, Could you also let me know when the session is and the time. and I’ll purchase a reading from your website. I just need to check my time table as well. You were absolutely right, in terms of scheduling this month is literally mental, but in a good way.. lol …I was really stressed today and suddenly felt like I should watch your youtube forecast…. and it was so nice for Aries March 17.. and the day literally turned out perfect just like you said it Take care and speak soon,

Ohhhhhhh my dear

lots of love to you..

you again surprised me with quick reply…

thank uuuuuuuuuu

i will inform her about this ….

when i tell her she never listens. i hope at least she will understand your guidance….

All Thanks to you


Hi Sonika, I am very pleased and amazed! Thank you so much. I will bookmark your site if I need more spiritual advice. You are amazing. My ex actually …. And I was amazed you mentioned … Your predictions are so clear and it all makes sense, specially your advice for my…Thank you very much you, just made my day!

Very good reading and awesome advice .. Yes I’m relocating on Monday to a peaceful place.. Thankyou and dealing with lotsa gossiping people at work but I just let them, I’m too busy for my goals and yes an ex cancer male that I’m trying to avoid cuz it’s not serving me anymore also ex Taurus that very abusive I’m pretty done with drama . Thankyou

Hi Soneca!! I don’t know if you remember but almost exactly one year ago I purchased a full year reading from you of 3 Tarot cards per month, 36 cards all at once, for $144. I feel badly because I promised to give you feedback on how things turned out, but you know, it was such a crazy year that I never got around to it. Listening to the video the first time I had to stop for a breather halfway through, because it all sounded so serious with many difficult moments. Let me just tell you that I am absolutely amazed at how you foretold what was going to happen, so long in advance. Even the last set of cards for this month, which you pulled for me one year ago, are relevant and accurate right now! It is shocking that this is possible, and also kind of humbling because I like to think that I have free will and I’m making choices in my life, and yet now in many ways it seems I am a fairly predictable person after all…. Well perhaps it is closer to the truth to say that your reading was part of the guidance that kept me on track, to help get things to turn out as they did. Because in truth I turned to your video many times during the year, to review the guidance and help me understand the point of what was happening and the choices that I had in it.
And now again it seems everything happens for a reason–it is probably a good thing that I haven’t told you the details of what happened, because now I can ask you for another year, if you are willing, and your perspective will be clear and uncontaminated by my perspective on all these things. I know that my guides prefer it this way. And in fact I know they are present right now, while I am writing you this mail paying close attention as always! It fills me with gratitude. So please, dear Soneca, may I request another reading from you, the same as before? Could you let me know the different options, different kinds of cards you could use? Thank you so much for your reading, no words suffice for this. And thank you so much in advance
Sincerely yours,

Hi there! I followed you in YouTube and I think you are awsome! I would like to have a 30 min reading with you

Hello! I have used your services before and have been very satisfied.

Hi Soneca, just wanted to let you know that your predictions for the last 3 months of 2016 have all happened for me! You were the ONLY psychic to tell me that my…. career won’t take off in 2016, and that there is divine timing and I’d have to be patient for a bit longer. Every other psychic I’ve talked to told me fairytale after fairytale about all these amazing…I was supposed to get in 2016 – and voila, 2016 was over and NOTHING. You also told my friend that the guy she was asking about is toxic and they have a karmic relationship (every other psychic told her they’d be happily engaged by the end of 2016), and here we are in 2017 and he is still not giving her what she wants. Even though she tries to deny it and doesn’t want to admit that you’re right, but I can see very clearly that things are playing out exactly as you said. Anyways I hope you’re having a wonderful 2017 so far and I just wanted to let you know how accurate you are! Hugs,

Hi Soneca, I am not sure if you remember me…I have had few readings done with you, and you have always been extremely accurate….I have 2 questions…

Hello! Thank you for the recent reading. In my December forecast, the angels/guides were correct when they told you that I would….(You also saw in the cards that in December there would be a new beginning.)

Amazing! Went through a difficult break up and had more readings than i can count, she read for me a week after a break up and I had no idea there was another person involved and she was the only one that told me so! found out 7 weeks later what the truth really was…. waiting for the rest to manifest!

I am sending love and light your way hoping that things are good with you. You are an amazing soul, thank you for helping my life. you changed my life for sure…. Thank you Soneca! you have done so much for me I can not thank you enough!

Soneca, This reading was awesome and so revelant! No such thing as coincidences. Thank you, your and my guides for taking the time to come through and help me and my wife.

I looked up the distance between … n ….. It around 40 min depending on traffic. I spoke to my other sister n she was willing to help me with moving. Thank you so much. You give me peace.
I can’t tell you how dead on you were with the advise on the new job, very established team to fit into and now lead so yes patience will be needed…Second and third questions really made me smile, swear that’s how I see it as well . Awesome message about the ex as well you a lord my response as well …. Thank you so much for my message on my dad…. so I am glad that you mentioned that. Thanks so much awesome reading!
Hi Soneca, Thank you very much for your reading. I enjoyed it as usual. I’d like to let you know how much I’m grateful to the universe for sending you to me in the most darkest hours of my life. I realize how hard it must be to read for a person you’ve never seen or known, but believe me, every time you describe an energy, event, a person, I perfectly understand what you mean, what you are talking about…. I consider myself quite intuitive person, but when my mind is shaken as it was during some period of time I just felt that helpless. So, thank you for that! And pls know, that what you are doing is really important! I wish you all the best and will get in touch later. Best regards,

If you remember, you did some predictions about my career and I wrote you back that I did get a good … position in a big company

Now, in the middle of December, i can tell this reading is soo true

Thanks,….The reason that I’m contacting you is that… (you mentioned this would happen in my last reading)

Hi Sonecca, Hope you are well.. Just wanted to ask you if I can schedule a 2 hour reading with you Love & light,

Dear Soneca, Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. I had such a difficult weekend and getting it was very special. I have a deep faith in Gd and all of my beloved angels and speak to them often. Your reading made so much sense to me as it validates many of my intuitive feelings and gives me a guide of what to look for and how best to behave in the coming few months. Also that by next fall I will be in a much better place which gives me great hope.
Thank you for sharing your gift and making it so affordable. I will be coming back to you soon
Wishing you blessings

I love Sonika. She is always, always on point!! Please follow. You will not be disappointed.

Hi Soneca, You are so gifted! Just signed a contract on my home today. Settlement date July 15. Mid summer just as you said. Thank you!!!

Omg I’m so very speechless right now…It definitely resonates…I’ve always heard that phrase that you mentioned ever since I started dating in my teens,….wow, wow, wow…Thank you so much I will definitely let you know what’s going on around that time. You’re a blessing Wishing you and your family a happy, happy new year. Thank you again

Hello Soneca,

thank you for your readings, they’re very helpful.

Could you read me for February, march, and April?

I have to mention to u that u truly do have a gift, from the last reading 2 yrs ago wow exactly as you advice it was exactly what happened. And that is the reason why I would love and appreciate if you may do a full reading regarding my love life in deep and full. I thank you for your time and consideration in this matter..

Hi Soneca, I’m not sure if you remember me….you have done some readings for me in the past. I was hoping for another session.

Hi Soneca, hope you’re doing well? I’m beyond amazed how accurate your readings have been for me during the past several months. I listen to my private readings over and over, and every time your guidance makes so much sense to me. I really appreciate the gift you have and clarity you provide that helps me so much! I know you must be really busy since it’s the holidays and almost the new year but I was wondering if I can order a 3 month reading from you for January 2017, February 2017 and March 2017?

Thank you, Soneca for these very true words of wisdom. They do help with keeping things in perspective.

Dear Soneca, Happy 2017! I hope all is great with you, and that you had a wonderful Xmas. I just wanted to touch base with you six months on from my Birthday reading with you in July that was so full of amazing prophetic insights

Hi Soneca, hope you are doing well? I’m one of your repeat clients and wondering if I can request another reading from you for the next 3 months(Oct,Nov,Dec 2016) The last few readings you did for me was so spot on…wow you are truly amazing! The readings make sense more and more as time goes on and events play out. Please let me know if you have time to do another 3 month reading for me….

You said that Donald Trump would become President, (you also stating that you weren’t endorsing anyone, but just letting people know what came up.). You are an amazing Spiritual Worker. God Bless You !!!!!

it’s obvious from the way you do your readings that you are a very conscientious person with high standards and a strong sense of obligation once you have committed yourself. I have a… friend like that – I am always trying to teach her how to slack! Your reading is spot on – I have to negotiate a contract…. and take leadership of the… group…. So, yes, lots of earth/air energy. Thanks for the excellent reading; please take care of yourself — take a break, get a massage, read a nice book….

Thank you for your reply. We have 2 questions as followings. You are the best psychic reader we have ever met!!

Thank you so very much for your reading. We did not say our detailed situation in terms of …., but you exactly answered what we need. We really appreciate you. You are truly gifted!!

Hope you’re well. It’s been a while and I thought I’d just mail you, been wanting to message you for a long time. So my life is going quite well right now.. just like you said aside from some teeny meeny ups & downs.. but overall everything is good…. And I just want to thank you for all your help, I’ll soon do a reading with you again come December

Keep smiling!
Love, peace & smiles,

Thank you so much. The special for an hour because you always give me so much info n it seems that an hour is not enough but it will work. Thank you again. Your a blessing.

I have already done with the payment. Please confirm it. Thank you so very much, Soneca. Your reading is always precisely accurate.

Hello, don’t know if you remember me …. I would like a reading with you if possible. What kind would you recommend. Thank you. All you said of what messages my dad sent where true.

Thank you Soneca! Dead on in so many ways!

Thanks for your kind words. Especially about my Grandpa, made me feel so much better. Gave me hope. You were right about my visa renewal…in August,

Your reading is “spot-on” and I appreciate your thoroughness and detail! Thank you so much for your valuable insights!

Hi Soneca, Yes. I’m doing better and have some things to tell you that have happened. Things you predicted Wednesday at 8… works for me. Looking forward to talking with you. Thanks so much.

Hello Soneca Hope all is well. I will love for you to do a two month forcast for Mr. That’s November and December of this year. I know you already have my information. Please just do thesame format like you did for this last three months. looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Hello, Sorry to bother you but I really trust your readings.

Hello Soneca, Thank you for your explanations. I have to tell you that he has just….I like the way you give the messages. Next week, I will e-mail you for more questions and make my payment via Paypal. Have a beautiful weekend,

Dear Sonika, I love your website and your passion to bring love and joy to people.

Hello, I watched the utube video for cancer August 2016 & it was so spot on to the financial challenges in my life. I would like to schedule a reading to see what I may be facing ahead. Thank you

Thank you. You were on point. Do you 30 min readings? I have a few more questions.

you were soo right about all this!

Hi Soneca…. I saw the vídeo and loved it…. I just wanted to say that … is going through a divorce currently and the person you mentioned being … is his ex wife…

Thank you so very much for your detailed reading, Soneca. Your reading is amazing as always and motivates my husband. You are gifted. Thank you again.

Dear Soneca, Thank you very much for such a deep and insightful reading, specially you gone through each question in depth with satisfactory answers….I also agree with your reading regarding conflict this person has….It is true too….It is also true. I want to be in… industry, it is my dream and was feeling little short on applying thinking I don’t have enough experience but after your reading, now I am going to try definitely….I thought about Australia too! I like reading regarding that the one…. I really enjoyed and got good advice and insight from your readings. Thank you very much and I will stay in touch with you.

Hi Soneca, you are very well! I can’t praise you enough for your gift. Thank you for all your guidance very helpful! Let’s do October 2016, November 2016 and December 2016. I’ll contact you again from the next 3 months for sure.

I really love tht ur doing card of day, thank you for your time!! Shiny blessings my friend

Hey Soneca! I’ll just tell you all the details now lol…. I wanted to tell you that the July monthly reading you did for me is soooooo on point, holy crap lol..You’re super amazing Thank you!

Hi Soneca! You did a 5-question reading for me in June and some of it was very useful…. I took your advice and declined to be …. (good call) and I finished that book… gave it to my sister who loved it. Anyway, I’m a November Scorpio and have decided to get myself a present: the 3-months-ahead forecast. Let me know how to send the money, and thanks for all that you do.

Hi soneka, Your readings have always been my guiding light…and have helped me in so many ways that words are not enough to describe…

Hi Sonika!I hope you are doing great. I am really enjoying the “new look” of your you tube channel. Thank you for the amazing gifts you share. I would like to get another reading. Due to my super busy schedule, I will need to do the video reading. I know that you’ve made changes and that you have quick turn around times for your readings. Please let me know the price for submitting you the questions via email and for return of the reading within the next couple days. I would email you the questions tomorrow.

Hi Soneca

Hope you are doing great.

I am ok. Managed to survive September.

I am just glad it’s October now. You got it right again

I am sure October will be good just like you said.

Talk soon

Hello again, Soneca, I just wanted to let you know that everything you told me happened just as you said The C and the Z stands for ….Home… which is where I initially applied and didn’t think that I qualified. …I didn’t give the C and Z letters any more thought… it wasn’t until much later…. that I realized that it WAS… that you were talking about. ….So today I got word that I have been approved.. I will be signing the lease this month and I will be moving the end September. Again, THANK YOU so much !!!

spot on. go to court for my family may 28 th attorney says it’s 75% my side. we had a private reading a while back. I’m very blessed

Back in November of 2015 you had mentioned that my ex would return sometime in 2016. This person has recently surfaced. At this time, is there any advice or information I should know from my angels/guides/spirit with regards to returning?

Dear Soneca, Thank you so much for the reading. As always you are extremely accurate in picking up what is going on in my life….This has been very helpful and I will speak to you along the way…Thank you for sharing your gift

Hi Soneca, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible reading last night. You have helped me so much I can’t express my appreciation and gratitude enough. I feel like I can move forward with confidence I am on the right path.
My girlfriend is wanting to book a reading with you for next week if possible. Monday or Thursday night if you have any availability….Was there any other information you need? Thanks again for everything. The biggest hugs and blessings to you.

Thank you so much!!!! I can feel your predictions are coming.

Hi Soneca, …. I really appreciate that you keep your fees low considering how much PayPal takes (not to mention the quality of the readings).
I would still love to have a reading….I look forward to hearing and getting a reading from you!

Best tarot reader currently YouTube imo.

Thank-you so much Soneca! Everything reasonates with me!

Hi Soneca, How are you? I hope you are doing well? I have received quarterly tarot readings from you in the past and I have to say all your details are very accurate! All information you provided resonated 100%. Left me in awe every time I listened to the utube video you sent me….I would like to order my tarot readings for the next 3 months July 2016 August 2016 and September 2016. Can you send me your PayPal link? Again thank you for all that you do.

Hi Senca, Thank you so much for the reading. I can honestly say you gave me the best reading ever and I have had quite a few. I am very pleased and my friend who was listening would like to purchase a reading too. You will definitely be my new go to person when I am in need of a reading….Again thank you so much!

Thank you so much, again, your words are still percolating, amazing how messages are transmitted, perceived, and ring true regardless of previous beliefs. and even more amazing I was so lucky to have discovered your channel on youtube. One day, in the not TOO too far away future, I will be able to give head nods that MATTER = E/c2
and you will become more popular on youtube than you could have wanted -I will be there for you in case you need back-up or consult/protection, but it is hard for me to think of you as anything other than STRONG! Also what you said about 2016 being a 4th chakra year for me.. resounding support and appreciation, gratitude to you. NAMASTE .

Hi,Soneca. I just watched you tube ( Aries, Sep 2016 ) I was amazed!!!! I would like to have 2 month reading for October and November please.

Hi Soneca, Just want to let you know that I Finally PASS my Exams. It has been a challenge for me , Thank you so much for putting up with me with your readings and most of all thank you for patients and support, you gave me hope. I will do a reading with you in future so you can give me insight on whats ahead. I am looking into jobs now. Thank you again, you are my therapist! Thank You! We will keep in touch. Take good care.

Thanks soneca, you the best!

Thank you so much Soneca for the reading and she is very happy and relieved, thank you thank thank you from the both of us! Peace power love !!!

hi sweetie you did a private reading for me…, I went to court today for my family, we are awaiting the judges ruling. i expect that ….June. your private reading was spot on so far. this reading just confirms it. i hang on to your words. you are AMAZING love light and great energy your way. i could use positive vibes

Good Morning Soneca, Thank you so much for the reading. It was amazing and I got chills hearing some of the things you said! You have such a talent and gift-Thank you for sharing it with me (and the world). I will definitely be recommending you and having you do more readings in the future. Thank you again!!
Hi Soneca, I purchased a 3 month reading from you…. Your reading was amazingly accurate and helpful for the three months March, April May and I found that having your insights really helped to navigate some “troubled waters” during that time. I would like to purchase another reading for the months of June, July and August please. Assuming you are happy to read for me again could you send me the required PayPal invoice
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

You are and always will be the best on youtube! I literally been watching your videos almost everyday since 2014. I will never forget you for you have helped me through your videos more than you’ll ever know. I just want you to know that your readings have helped me through all my shadowy days and you gave me hope for tomorrow. Thanks, Soneca

Hi, Soneca and thank you for the reading! Couple of days after you made my Video reading, my pet came home…. in the morning! Yes, her harsh journey came to an end and came back home!

Fantastic, Soneca! All set! I absolutely LOVE your readings and refer to my notes from your readings frequently. You are AWESOME at what you do!
Hi Soneca, Thank you very much for the reading. So far everything is happening the way you say, don’t even know how’s that possible. I’m going through a hard time in my life, feeling as if I’m moving in the darkness, so I do need pieces of advice.

I also want to tell you that I’ve always gotten an awesome vibe from you and your readings! I love that you are so very intuitive (we all are, I know, but some more than others) and relay those messages to us in your videos, as they are channeled to you. I understand also that you are busy and may not get around to answering these questions for me in the time frame that I wish….Thanks, Dearheart !! I will wait for your reply so that I can pay you, and we can move forward with the reading. Lots of Love

i have been listening u mam for about 2 yrs and sounds very right.Thanks

Hi, Soneca! I would like to purchase your Tarot Reading on a private video placed on YouTube. I’d like to purchase the reading for 5 questions ($55). You helped me tremendously in the past – I got my first reading from you back in November of last year. Looking forward to connecting with you again. If you could please email me

Thank you Soneca, you are a psychic rock star!

Soneca, I just wanted to let you know that I met the man this afternoon. You were right – he came into my life ……I will set up a reading with you.

Thanks Soneca!!! This is so spot on! He just told me tonight that he will be coming….You rock Soneca!!! Now I just wish that there will be some nice connection with someone in the coming months as you mentioned in the monthly readings. Thank you!!! Love,

Hi Sornica, I have some new developments in my world I would like to run by you. let me know when u can fit me in.

You were absolutely write about [him]… of cause I was shocked…

Thank you very much Soneca! I am also very happy to report a validation from your April forecast. You said there would be 3 ‘ace of cups’ energies happening in April, and I believe I just had my first one right on April 1st (now hows THAT for timeline accuracy?!) OMG!! I will keep you updated as more materialize and things progress. I hope you never stop giving readings because I will continue to use you to connect with my guides you are so accurate and a direct line to the angels!!!!! much love Soneca !!!

Of all people, lay the cards. You’re the best!

We really appreciate about your reading because after following your advice, I met him and got married.

My cat came home!!! Thank you so much for the reading!!!

[From my previous Tarot Course Student]: Hi Soneca, How are you?…. I wanted to tell you something… I did a reading for a friend of mine who was having a real tough time…. It came true word for word.. Just wanted to say thank you for your teaching, guidance and blessings.. You’re a truly lovely person. Love, hugs & light,

Hello Soneca, I got the job!!! I had the best interview I have ever had. I was so comfortable with the people and this company….I am so happy and blessed! I thank God, my spirit guides, and angels for helping me. Thank you for being there to help and encourage me with your special gift! I just had to share my good news. Will be in touch for the next set of monthly readings.
Hello Soneca, I asked for some type of comfort and stable energy yesterday and your message came. Thank you so much for responding so quickly! I needed it! I am grateful that you are there to provide this guidance.

Soneca, I would like to have an angel reading with you. I got your email from my mother who has had 2 readings with you. I would like to schedule the hour

You made my day you are awesome
Today is my birthday and you replied me so soon
It was unexpected and I consider it as my birthday gift
Love you loads soneca
I am gonna read now
Love ya thanks a ton
Hi Soneca, First let me say Thank You for a great reading!!! I look forward to our next session. I will email you when I get the job which will be in October. Love & blessings,

Hi Soneca, How are you? I would like to request another reading. You were right on with my separation and I have moved on as well. Overall I am doing much better than last year and I guess your prediction gave me enough strength to move on, Thanks again.

Yes I am available and I am super excited to speak with you again!

Hello Soneca, thank you so much for the video. We both appreciate your guidance and honesty. Please don’t ever worry about being too “harsh” or straightforward I’d rather you tell me the truth than sugarcoating! Trust me it brings me peace and relief to know the truth. I gave my friend your email, she may get readings with you in the future.

Hi Soneca, thanks for the reading. Another “on point reading”….Very grateful to hear that as I suspect I will need their support going forward….That the seven of swords should show up for May is quite extraordinary and your reading of it spot on.

Again thanks for the reading. The warnings around health are particularly important and are a reminder to me to make my meditation, diet and exercise priorities above all else. Kind Regards

A while back a asked you to give me a three question reading. The first item you said to me about a lover ….Is true!!!!

You told me that if I was highly self aware I would figure it out and I did on my own like you said.

Hopefully I managed to release myself from negative patterns. I just wanted you to know. You are a true spiritual guide! Warm Regards

Thank you, Sonika. I have to say I got chills when you shared what my Spirit guides told you about the… relationship to… I was picturing …holding his hands … and then you said this is about …. All of the messages resonated very much I will certainly be in touch again in the future for another reading.

Thanks for reading for me so quicky

[From my previous Tarot Course Student]: But thank you for everything Sonecca, I’ve really have learned a lot from you

Soneca, Thank you so much for this wonderful reading and wonderful messages. I can see you put a tremendous amount of effort to it and I am truly grateful. As you can imagine, I am very pleased with the reading…Having a bit of reassurance goes a long way.

Hello! I would like to get another reading I had one done last year

Hi Soneca! I just wanted to let you know that your 6 months forecast for me from October 2015 til March, all have come true! my current circumstances changed to exactly what you said. even things I did not want to hear at the time turned out to be true.

I asked you some specific questions too about my career and you said I would sign contract before April and i just did this month. also said there would be a career proposal before the end of February, and I got it before the end of February. you are soo accurate and awesome!! I would love to buy another forecast from you from April til June?thanks so much xoxo

Hi my dear Soneca

Good morning. How are you doing?

Hope you remember me , this is [me] from Malaysia

I need to get a private reading with you regarding few urgent and important decisions related to my friends. They asked my help to get to you.

Will it be possible ? Please let me know. I need to know to your availability for the reading. I will wait for your reply.

I need a reading, I am so confused. The last one you did for me almost all has come true. Just one thing hasn’t. I want the 30 minute reading and would also like the next three months forecast.

Hi Soneca!! I’m back with more questions. I’m really feeling the energies in your April forecast quite strongly…it’s so frustrating but I’m taking your advice….!

Hi Soneca, I definitely do not want to rush the spiritual genius in you, but was wondering when will you get a chance to send me my reading…I blame my impatience on my astrological disposition

Thank you so much for the reading today. I sincerely appreciate the truth! For a follow up in the future, would you suggest monthly forecasts? Thanks for your help and guidance

Hi there is like to set up a 55 phone reading again please.

Hi Soneca, Thanks for the readings. I like how you saw travel in my forecast for May. I’m actually going on a cruise trip to Caribbean in May.

Hey Soneca, I just wanted to thank you for my past reading! It look like you was correct after months of no contact with him, he has finally reach back out to me this month. I will have a follow up reading with you soon. I just wanted to give you thanks.

You’re the bomb! Lol Thank you so much, I appreciate you

Hi Soneca, I trust all of your readings. I was mentally prepared …. In fact I like your readings as you speak truth that you get from spirit guides. They are so insightful. Thank you very much for these readings. I will stay in touch with you. I am more excited about getting …. You are right about one thing regarding five of cups reversed. I am … but good to know that at last everything will come to an end. Thank you,

Wow you are good

Once again- I’m simply looking forward to talking to you, Soneca. Your good ear and words will be greatly appreciated

Great sincere readings one of the best on youtube. You are a generous and beautiful person….namaste and thank you

Hi Soneca! I really liked your last reading, so I would like to get another 2 month forecast reading, now for the months of april and may. Could you?

I have been following your readings for over a year now. I really love you and my instinct tells me you’re no joke. I know the difference and I appreciate your work. I have a lot of learning and developing that has taken place over the past year and would love some all around tarot guidance . Please get back to me at your earliest convenience .

Soneca, you are awesome, You certainly are a medium for me with my spiritual guides. I hope I get to meet you someday to thank you in person. I’ll keep updating you with my life process. I want you to be a part of all the good things in my life. I hope we become good friends too someday. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I look forward to having more readings from you.

Great reading Soneca …. Thanks a lot, You got me right on so many points. Thanks for the insight.

Hello Soneca, I have a job interview! Intuitively, I feel good about this one. It fits a lot of direction you provided in the tarot readings. Will keep you posted! At the end of April I will want the next three months. Feel like these months may be quite eventful! Take care and thank you!

Dont feel obligated to respond to my msg but I did want to let you know that the price I paid to you was very small because you provided something priceless called hope. Again Thank you and be well.

Wow again!!! and thank you for responding to my post. I’m so glad you do not candy coat things so I can plan for real events.

So many exciting things happening so I’m optimistic about it all lol..Things are and have come to fruition that you mentioned in the previous videos and I’m just dumbfounded by it all, but in a good way lol

What I like especially about your readings is that one can sense you are kind and gentle. And you really want to help others – its not just to make a buck or two. I’d like to thank you for your readings. Know this – all your work makes a difference in peoples lives

Thank you so much! You are such an enlightenment to me! You never cease to amaze me, honestly…Thank you for the wonderful messages, definitely looking forward to them God bless

Thank you very much for the reading! Its helped me gain better insight to what I need to be more focus on. I wish you love & light

Hello Soneca, You have read for me a couple times and I am amazed with your abilities. I did refer my sister to you for a reading last month. She, too, enjoyed and was amazed by the reading. Could you please read the next three months for me? I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Soneca, Hope you are doing well? First I have to say you are absolutely amazing and I truly appreciate the gift you have! I’m one of your repeat clients and I had a 3 month reading done by you beginning of this year for past Jan Feb and March and wow everything you mentioned resonated as the weeks and months went by. Amazing to me how so much of the information and guidance you provided me slowly made so much sense and helped me tremendously with awareness. In January I really felt the card…. Then March I met another person….(you mentioned that in the cards)…. So currently I’m struggling….which my angel cards indicated too. So I would like to have another forcast reading for the next upcoming quarter – 3 months April, May and June from you when you have a chance?Let me know if you have the time and if you could email me your paypal request for me to send you my payment?Again thank you so much for all that you do!

Hi, I just watch your video and I really like it. I wanted to know if we can do a reading: 30minutes reading. Are you available today? Thank you.

AMAZING! Your readings are the most accurate I have ever received!

I would like 3 more readings, yes I will keep in touch. Amazing what you said about me having my own office and I have already taken steps towards those goals.

I went to the Party, YOU were so right on!! I spotted the girlfriend!!!!!!

How are you? I had a reading from you and the information I got was accurate. Thank you. I would like to purchase course 1 and 2.

Thank you Soneca. It is such a blessing to have your insight.

you do put your all into these readings and thank you.

Good morning! I hope all is well with you. I have used your services before and I was very satisfied. I am back because I need help. Do you still provide answers in 1 hour? If so, I’d like to know information.

Thanks, I love every single reading you’ve done for me, you’ve save me from alot of pain and some bad chooses I’ve could have made, in Love and money issues.
Your my light at the end of the dark tunnel I’m in.

Hi Soneca, I wanted to tell about the reading that you did for me last month. Please excuse my english.

It’s been quite accurate for february. Also, I got a job offer, like you said. You mentioned a masculine energy that would be “stubborn” and that I would have to deal with the same energy, at some point. I met this man. Something has chaged this month, for sure. I feel i’m getting free from long held fears. I’ve been going out of the house more, which is very odd in me, but it feels great. Also, I’ve let go of many grudges. I look forward to get another reading from you in the near future. I just wanted to share with you the accuracy of your reading. Have a great week.

I would please be so Blessed and truly would adore having a private Tarot class lesson with you and would be exceptional!! …. With learning how to use my beautiful tarot decks that have been sitting in my nightstand for nearly 2 years please..

Thankyou Soneca. I got a lot from the reading you have sent me, I totally resonated with all you said and you have been able me to understand where to go and what to expect in the future months. Loved your reading

And I may contact you in the future regarding learning the Tarot since it seems you offer such excellent training services! Once again thank you so much

Dear Soneca, Thank you so much from the center of my heart. I was first a curious person looking at YouTube videos for help. Then I was a client in a heavy spot needing guidance. Then I became your student and today was a special day completing your tarot classes. You have guided me in so many ways and I thank the universe for the opportunity of being your student. I am so happy and excited and thankful. You are a genuine person and I knew that from the first time I heard your voice on YouTube. You rock Soneca. I’m a big fan. Keep on being a force for good. Much love

Hi Soneca, Thank you for today’s reading. You are the very best!!
Your readings always help to keep me on course and you’ve shown me its important to trust in the universe. Love and blessings to you. I’m grateful to know you.

First i want to start by telling you that I think you are amazing!( I purchased a reading from you last year). Ok, I would like to purchase an hour phone tarot reading when you get a chance. You probably dont recall as you have alot of client but i was such at low/sad place last year when i purchased your reading. And you really helped me so thank you.

Hi Soneca I have more questions when will you be free?

Thanks for your hours and hours of readings. …

Dear Soneca, To be honest, I don’t really understand how all these works but it works and so far it looks like everything is happening the way you said in the video. I do beleive that the Universe gives us some opportunities which we either take or miss. I wouldn’t like to miss anything good which is comming my way so I’d like to ask for further 6-months reading, February – July. Pls let me know if I should file the form on your website or ask you directly with this letter. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Let me wish you a happy and prosperous new year
Hi Soneca, You said that you feel that I should be in environmental. Just like you said! Your reading was very accurate. I enjoyed it very much! Thank you!
Thank you Soneca for your reading. You are accurate and straight forward to me. I knew the answer to my first question after I wrote it down and you validated that my feeling is correct. Your answer to my third question was validating….Just wanted to give you feedback. Thanks again you’re very good! Love,
Thank you, that helped me a lot, in keeping my perspective about this whole issue.
Will recommend more people.
Thank you so much Soneca! I am really looking forward to watching this. I just looked at the first 2 minutes and I can already tell you that your brief statements about March are spot-on. I am expecting a pile up. Lol Amazing. Also I notice that you sent the mail at 3:55 am, and I started watching it just now at 5:44, on 2-22.
Hi Soneca, Thanks for getting back to me! Your readings have been amazing and I was so curious about how all these energy and messages come through you. Please take care and I will be back for more readings in the future.

Just wanted to enquire about purchasing an Angel Reading for the next two months Jan/Feb 2016 please? I enjoyed the last few Angel readings and will probably continue purchasing them regularly every second month.

Soneca Thank you for taking the time to write me back. I’ll be in touch about other things as I trust your readings.

I feel like I can be extremely honest with you and share whats truly going on in my mind with you, and for me I spend almost all my time trying to pretend, so it’s very rare for me to be this open and honest. I feel grateful to have found you. Like I said you are truly gifted and a amazing person. Thank you

Very interesting reading! My last reading with you, everything was right and everything you said would happen, did! You have a gift for sure! Thank you very much sonica!

Oh my goodness! Congrats on your popularity! I am so pleased that people seek your guidance! Yes please contact me. I can pay anytime and good luck!!!

Thank you Soneca for trying to send me the reading at your earliest. Many Thanks again I’ll be in touch Soneca. God bless you

Thank you Soneca, my heart is definately feeling the hurt. I would say you are correct that somehow there was a delay. she was to fly out yesterday. Very interesting. I truly appreciate all you love and support.

Dear Soneca, I Love the affirmation you posted….My future is an ideal projection of what i envision now….I love that! Thank you for taking the time for me and I look forward to talking to you . It has been a very challenging two weeks for me. I do feel stronger but it is day by day. I appreciate your support and guidance. feel that I have grown in so many ways over this past two years. I know there is an amazing future that is waiting for me in the proper timing. Thank you so much and i know i ask very simaliar questions each time and I apologize. But thank you for always continuing to answer

Hi, I hope you and your family is well. it’s me from AZ

I want to thank you for reading for 2 of my mom’s friends.

And today or tomorrow my BFF will contact you

Good Afternoon, So for my personal forecast for October and November 2015 were pretty on point. I did take a trip to Los Angeles as you mentioned before. I’m ready for my December 2015 and January 2016 forecasts.

You have strong insight.You said something about a romance-a long time ago you said she ws really old fashioned, u said chocolates / flowers type person-you were spot on I met a libra-we knew each other for awhile, and we kinda hooked up-I got flowers and choclates sent to me from her–omg! and 4 more times after that-I hpe she is not a person who is going to leave–she is a strong soul connection fr me. Energy–I will watch that I can feel weird energy around ppl. thx blessings

Hello, I am a previous customer that had an over the phone tarot reading with you. I am interested in purchasing another as soon as possible. Please email payment instructions and I will gladly pay you asap.

Hi Soneca, It’s a humbling thing learning this lesson…..Thank you Soneca for helping me in my journey

Also every reading I have had with you has been amazing….and I’ve grown allot from each one …and dodged a few bullets thanks to you honey!!!..thank you again!!!

Thank you very much for the extra time I really appreciate it. I didn’t know if I had sent that or not and I am very grateful and I wanted to make sure you knew.

Thank you Soneca. So happy to hear that Archangel Gabriel is with me through this time. I would like to continue these 3 month readings through 2016. Happy New Year!

Hi Soneca, Thank you for the reading! I found it incredibly insightful, and I was especially excited to hear the vision you shared about him. You got it spot on! I will definitely recommend your services to friends and come back for another reading sometime soon.

Hey there Soneca, just wanted to say Hi and let you know that you are VERY appreciated for what you do. I had my second reading with you this past July and mostly everything that you mentioned is coming into fruition. I did meet the person (possible love partner) that you mentiomed during my reading. WOW! You were SO spot on with the details you gave me on the person that came into my life recently (last week) and I’m so thankful for this awareness. My eyes are open now! Just wanted to give you an update and say that you have an amazing gift and I’m so grateful for your guidance! Hope you have an amazing day! I’ll be back in touch soon for my next reading with you. Thanks again!!

Hi Soneca, I enjoy your readings very much, I find them to be very helpful, straight forward and very honest, I appreciate the fact you do not sugar coat things. I think you are very gifted and just an Amazing person. Per my last reading, you were right as you said, I would reach out and try to contact him, I did. Since then we have been in contact, and have spoken and enjoyed a nice time together.
Hello Soneca, I just wanted to let you know that the reading you gave me back in Nov 2014 was so accurate. Thanks again for you reading you are a great tarot reader and you are very gifted at your craft. Happy Holidays!

Thank you SO much and SO kindly for investing your beauty for and into us, for our Universe and creating more gorgeous continued manifestations held with the utmost positive loving peaceful kindness… Wise knowledge given is just one of the best gift’s… Creating more Light, as well.

thank you Soneca! You are amazing! I love all the answers and especially the ones that are hard to listen too but I like them for some weird reason lol!!

Dear Soneca, Hi, after one month from the first reading, I would like to book another 1 hour reading with you.

I’d like to book a 9 question Tarot reading in a recorded video whenever you have an opening in your schedule. It took a while for me to be able to interpret your last video to its fullest extent (because the project took so long to complete), but your reading has proved to be AMAZINGLY accurate!

You’ve told me things I didn’t want to hear but were accurate – I wasn’t aware of him having a girlfriend which he did and you told me when they broke up which was true – so you’ve always been consistent, honest and firm good or bad and that’s all I ever wanted. Thank you Soneca. Thanks again for everything – I will not forget your kindness

Wow thanks for the quick response Soneca, how nice of you. Something is strongly telling me to talk to you ASAP.




Wanted to update you on somethings. Now since August, I’ve only seen her twice- (I started my new job the fourth week of August as you had predicted

Hey Soneca! To give you an update, everything you said in my monthly readings has come to light and it’s playing out like you said. .Doing my best to get through it with a clear head..

First of all I wanna say a huge thank you to you. You are quite an amazing human being. Also i think after our reading today, its the first time I felt true relief. A more settled feeling.

Wow.. Thst was right on, started up again, tyvm Someca

Hi Soneca, How are you? Hope everything’s going well with you. I have been wanting to update you on our last reading but always got distracted with things. I did have my gift close to the time you predicted in the reading. And like you said it had been extremely busy with him for me in the last two months. The associate is also as capable as you described in the reading. I just hope he will stay for the long run. Nonetheless thank you so much for the help you’ve offered and we will talk soon.

Hello Seneca it’s me . I gave 4 people your email address they are very interesting to get a reading from you

Will do! Thank you for the encouragement! Will stay in touch and let you know how things are going. I feel so grateful that I have been lead to you. I frequently listen to my monthly readings and the general You Tube readings you do. It is helping to keep me grounded. You are such a blessing!

Thank you for the guidance about some things that he may have been hiding from me. I have paid close attention to this and made some beneficial changes, thank you. These readings do help me with guidance and putting things into perspective.

you are great person! I wish I was your friend in real life! thank you for your readings

my journey with him took an interesting twist! You actually helped me discover something about him and I in a roundabout way so thank you and the spirit guides for that. I will tell you more about it in a future reading

I just don’t know where to start! Thank you!!! I have goosebumps and this entire personal reading, ENTIRE, resonated with me. I have just moved into my own space after years of living with other people. I just followed my intuition, which I am learning to do every day. I can hear God, the Universe reaching out to me, if that makes sense.

Soneca! Thank you, thank you, thank you. ️ You were dead on. He and I did meet at work. You just eased my soul and gave me the closure that I needed. If I was in front of you right now, I’d hug you! Thank you for everything. Hugs and lots of love to you!

Hi Soneca, Thanks very much for your quick response. It has been a very busy summer in many ways. Following your advice has really helped. I really appreciate the gift that you share. I sent the payment. Just as Spirit guided you to tell me in the last reading, I’ve been able to focus. Also, you told me in the last reading that our idea wasn’t being marketed effectively. This was absolutely true! Once changes you mentioned were made things moved forward. I really appreciate your readings, Soneca.

Hello my dear friend! Yes I am back again…..Lol! Again I am coming to you for a reading…. Do you have a frequent flyer program? Lol

So much is/has happened in my life both free will & some from past readings with you. I know & respect you are quite busy….please I’d like the soonest available??? Gosh thank you my angel! Look forward to hearing from you! Love & light

Thanks so much for the quick turn around Soneca!!

Thank you for all your hard work and brilliant guidance of 2015…you have helped me so very much! Thank you again! Love and Light and a brilliant 2016 to YOU Soneca!!!

On a special note, thank you so much for the Birthday reading you gave my friend in September. She really loved her birthday gift. She loved conversing with you and was very pleased with the messages that were brought forth. I think she feels more at peace now…so, thank you.

Soneca, I seriously love you. I am a Sagittarius and I have been involved with a Virgo in the past. It was never the right time for us in the past when we met and dated the first time; however, we have reconnected and feel as though now is divine timing as he just moved in yesterday, and everything has been great so far. You are always on point

I had to back track, since I just found you, I wanted to see just how hard you hit the nail in the head, and yet again you hit it hard!!! Great job, thank you sooooo much, and thank our angels!!! I feel like my angels are whispering in your ears, thank you and many blessings!!!

Hi Soneca, How are you? I would love another reading. An hour or more if available. If at all possible, are you available before Tuesday?

Thank you so much! Your readings are my favorite!

Hi Soneca, I hope you don’t mind my writing but I had to share this with you. Since my reading with you my energy has been so strong and I have never experienced this before, but it feels very good. Thank you for listening.
Thank you Soneca, I received the reading and it is going to be quite helpful., I will get back with you for additional reading, possibility to reach further into the up coming new year., I have also forwarded your information to my son for a reading as well. again. thanks for your assistance.

Hi Soneca! I think I’m ready for another reading… you think it’s too soon? It’s been a literal whirlwind since our session a little over a month ago….my last reading was phenomenally accurate I’ve been read by so many but your readings leave me coming back for more! Your gift is like no other. Grateful that our paths have crossed. I would like an hour session. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Soneca, Hope you are well. I’ve been meaning to write to you for so long…. I think about it everyday… The strangest thing happened you know… and I thought about what you had told me. I’m not sure if you remember, but you told me that I would buy property by the next year, but I have to beware of someone. And the choice would be down to 2 places, but I would choose the right one. Strangely, a several weeks back,I got 2 places (both good), but someone in one was a real mean person to deal with. But the other place, was god send, almost a miracle. And I moved in 6 weeks back, it’s amazing! really is. So, I was just curious, because, everything you said came true,.. whoaa… Loads of happiness & light, thanks & take care.

Thank you so much. I definitely very much appreciate it. You are such a blessing to me! He leaves today. Hoping to see him tonight. Fingers crossed. You are the best! Muah!!!

I am so happy you are in such high demand!

Thank you, Sonika. This is extremely thorough and I am impressed by how insightful the reading …. I look forward to contacting you again for other readings.

Hi Soneca! I got an update for you. The office just called to let me know that it will still need roughly three weeks to finalize the process! I think it is going to be mid to the end of August for me as you mentioned. You were right!

I literally made a channel just so I can comment! All I got to say is wow! I read tarot as a novice myself, just for friend and family, they all say I am blessed. In the past I was able to read myself but have been going through a stagnant situation in my personal life for so long now that I am very unable to read myself, I time after time pull pretty much the same lay out as you did, but I think since I am so vested I was unable to interpret it the way you did. Every card, you hit on the nail with just the needed relevant related information to my situation. Thank you!!!!! This is my first time finding you, now I have to look through my last months and see how close to my reality it’s been, and I can’t wait to hear about November, there is something big coming up , the limbo we’ve been in for 3-4years now. Also it is very refreshing to hear you pray and ask for messages from our angels I feel like lately in tarot, all others lack

Soneca, I cannot thank you enough. This reading was so incredibly accurate. I cried instantly. I have been on a huge transformation within myself. I feel that God has been guiding me and that just in the past 2 days I am truly having a deep understanding of the universe and the connection we have in and with it. I am listening to you as I write this. You are so dead on with every single thing you have said. Spiritual experiences are really starting to happen….starting yesterday! You were wonderful….thank you so much Soneca. You confirmed everything that was in my heart and my soul….everything I felt deep inside. It’s as if you were my confirmation that I needed to know I am on the right track. I am finally finding it again and you have been my confirmation. I cannot thank you enough for this. I hope I have not rambled on, I actually just let my fingers type where they wanted to…that is new! I am so excited about my spiritual side opening up….it feels so good!

Love and Peace to you always

Soneca is the most amazing tarot reader in the planet. I highly recommend her gifts!

Hello Soneca, Thank you for your response, I have submitted the payment. I want the truth regardless of what it is. I know I can count on you. Thank you very much. Love and Light

dearest, your last reading was amazing. thank you so much. truly you have a remarkable gift. I am doing very well these days. I believe this time my motivation will stick. I am staying focused…and keeping things simple. Working out and eating much healthier. But I would like a private Skype reading from you. I look for ward to hearing from yu and please charge me accordingly. thank you again so much. I tell everyone about you. You must be swamped with clients!

Hello Sonika, I received your message, and I read over it a few times. I feel this resonates, and it helped to give me some clarity which I really needed. It’s funny the page of cups is there, because … is a Pisces, and is …. Knowing this, it’ll help me to … now, as I was struggling to do so before, because I wasn’t sure of what … feelings were towards me. Thank you for your time and energy. I truly appreciate the way you delivered this message as well. Thank you so much. I hope you have a good weekend.

Hi Soneca, I hope you are well. I wanted to keep you posted regarding the insights you gave me about my manager and her objectives for my company. You were spot on. Today she announced that she sold some of the business to an outside person. Thank you for allowing me to keep in touch with you to let you know how your insights are unravelling in my current situation. Smiles and blessings to you.

Hi Soneca! it’s me once again. I was wanting to get a 1 hour reading from you this time. You did such a great job with my five questions. My sister listened to my reading and said “wow”. She now wants to get a reading from you sometime soon. Thxs once again. I look forward to my next reading from you.

I just had to follow up, my ordeal is over, and it all happened just like you said. Your words meant so much to me, and still do. I will email soon to find out if Spirit has any ‘heads-ups’ for me. Bless you, Soneca, I hope the good you bring to peoples’ lives is being returned amply.

Hi Soneca, I have heard great reviews from the people I have referred to you so far. Very glad to hear they have had the same great experience I had with you. I will continue to send people. I would like to schedule my 1 hour reading as soon as you have available. I am having some challenges and make some decisions I need to make – I would really like to have your guidance before I make them.

Everything’s is good with me more or less lol..Your July and August reading has been on point and scary accurate. One example, was you said I would somehow be involved or information told to me about a legal case and that I was somehow involved. Sure enough,it’s happened. Craziness! Lol.. and you also said for August I’d be involved in job change..Well, I got an offer.. and you simply amaze me because you did the july/august readings before I had any job

Just some feedback, some of the things you mentioned in passing during the previous reading have happened. This is in terms of what I needed to have happen in order to move forward. So even though I wasn’t actually expecting the events to occur – when they did occur, I recognized their significance almost right away. So thanks again, Soneca! I will get back to you in the near future

I did exactly what you said about the nursing school. I applied the school I Had in my mind and i got accepted!!

She’s the real deal. Her ability to communicate with Spirit is amazing.

I had to stop the video mid way through. I’m the air sign. yes, I have been in my head all weekend! there is so much going on, I feel overwhelmed! I had a personal reading with you in July soneca and I have to say, so much of what you said might happen is already happening and in the way you said it would. I feel like I’m someone else, like I’m sheading old skin. I am starting a new job! you are amazing soneca

Hello, I would like to get another 1 hour live reading from you can you send me link to pay for your service please? I was afraid I had lost your info you have given me the best most accurate reading i have ever had. So excited to speak with you again!

I’m just watching your video today and you mentioned the weather as for something to look out for… Hurricane Danny is in the Atlantic and I live in Florida… WOW. You leave me speechless!!

Hi Soneca, I would like 1 hour reading again please. I am moving in 1 week to live on the beach which I have wanted to do for a long time and as you predicted it has happened.

WOW! I have goose bumps and tears! Your reading was/is so spot on accurate I feel like its my own personal reading and I didn’t find this video until August 23,2015. Thank you so for sharing! Blessings.

Thank you for the reading, Soneca. I am glad you were able to reach out to my sister.

Thank you so much Soneca. This enlightned me and I can’t wait to schedule my next session.

you are amazing, My personal reading gave me a better insight, you were spot on. I defintaly will be getting more personal readings from you. I wish you love and blessings

Thank you so much for this powerful and insightful reading!! You are always spot on and I find your messages valuable!! i’m grateful and appreciate the energy you give!

great reading- I don’t tend to be easily impressed with tarot readings but this is very impressive; it describes my inner landscape well, both current situation and what I want.

Requesting the 9 questions answered via YouTube video. Thank you for my previous reading. Really eases me.

amazing spot on reading, thank you.

Hi Soneca, How are you? Hope you are doing well? First, I would like to apologize for my late response, I’ve been meaning to send you my testimonial but life has been hectic for me lately…. A few months ago, I received an angel card reading from you and I have to say that you have an amazing gift!!!! You are so accurate and precise with all the information and guidance you provided me. I’ve been noticing some of the information you mentioned during my reading starting to unfold and resonate, WOW I’m breathless. Thank you for your help and I am truly grateful!

Thank you Soneca, it’s good to hear you are doing well, my summer has definitely been interesting and left me with more questions than answers. Thank you so much for your quick response, you have no idea how much your readings have helped me. You are so amazing and right on point every time. Love and light

Hi Sonika .. I love your readings. I have one question same day return pls. You are always spot on!

I cannot say enough good things about Soneca and all she has done to help me. I started having readings with her last fall. She helped me through some difficult times following my divorce. She answered all of my questions very honest, accurate and with gentleness but directly. She most definitely has a gift and is able to break it down to help you understand. She has answered all of my questions no matter how big or small. She has continued to keep me encouraged and move on to a better place in my life.I have had readings with her on a regular basis now. I go back to last years readings and am amazed to how exact her predictions were. Truly astonishing To actually see them manifest into reality is astonishing! She has helped me see that there is hope in my future. She has been dead on with upcoming circumstances and how I should approach each situation. She tells me the good as well as the thing that might not be playing out as I would like but in a positive way. Her prices are affordable compared to other readers and amazingly accurate. Another reason I am able to have regular continued readings with her. My notes help keep me encouraged when I’m feeling down that I have a brighter future that lies ahead. God has truly blessed her with an amazing ability to help others. I am so grateful for her and for the exciting future ahead of me. She has guided my path to find love and happiness again as well as to have more patience.

Thanks your reading was so amazing last time in June.

Hello Soneca, First, thank you for your messages to my 3 questions. So far, it has been helpful concerning my U.S….I have watched many of your videos, I enjoyed them a lot. Thank you for your kindness,

Thank you Soneca for being truthful and accurate. Last personal reading- I reached out to you with a sense of urgency, everything you said… came to light. Many blessings, love and light. I’ll be contacting you soon again.

I would like a live 1 hour reading. I enjoy your youtube reading and I feel there is a positive connection between us.

I had the privilege to have a reading from Soneca. I can truly say that I never experienced such exactitude in her reading accompanied by the connection with my guides, angels and my precious family members that passed! Every information was accurate and she presented it with such respect, interest and humanity. Don’t hesitate to contact Soneca for a reading! Thanks a million Soneca, you are a blessing! …. from Canada.

Soneca, Thank you so very much for your thorough and enlightening reading. It opened my eyes to so many, many things. I so look forward to meeting the man you described. I will schedule another reading before the end of the year. Blessings to you.

Hi Soneca, Thank you and I can’t wait to get guidance from spirit!

Thank you so much for a wonderful phone session/reading. I always enjoy our sessions. You are very delightful to communicate with. I also appreciate your kind, understanding approach, Never Cynical but sincere genuinous.

Have a great weekend.
Hi Soneca, Thanks so much for the quick turn around!!

And I should add that a travel plan has popped up as well, as predicted by the reading

wow you are so good! I think you are the best on youtube! Pleasant voice and accurate reading!

Hi Soneca, WOW is all I can say. I just listened to the video after getting off the chat with him. Your reading was amazing and so accurate, thank you so much. There were definite mixed signals, I was very shocked and hurt but your video really helped. I’ll be requesting another reading very soon, thank you again.

Wow, I am still blown away by this reading. I will touch base with you in a few weeks for another reading. And, I am at peace. Your reading gave me courage and confidence. I am literally feeling major energy shifts in my body, especially stomach. It is pretty powerful. Thank you. Thank you.

Hello Soneca, I wanted to thank you soooooo much for your amazing reading. I feel at ease. I trust you, I am blessed to have you in my life. Blessings beautiful. Love and Light.

Hello, I would like 1 hour. My friend recommended me to you. Thank you in advance

Thank you! That was an amazing reading!!! I have a few more questions. I will put together today and send to you.
I cannot thank you enough for your insight. Goodness, I hope I meet you in person someday!!

Wow you’re AMAZING. I am truly relieved because I have been questioning her loyalty for a very long time wondering if it was going crazy or not.

This was surely the most detailed 3 month reading we ever had.

Dear Sonika, I just listened to the reading. It was very intense. I will have to listen many times to make sure I don’t miss any messages. I am so happy I had this reading as it gave me so many very important messages. When you mentioned seeing me at a party in September … I smiled. My …. on Sept.. …so seeing me talking with a woman was exactly correct as well as I will not be with the men. There were a few bright spots and happy to know I will find… and direction of what to look for but then it will be the least of my problems at that time. Mixed blessing. It seems that the coming few months are going to hold some … and I’m so happy to be forewarned so I may be prepared to handle myself better. Also to not worry now needlessly was a major message. I thought … before you said it, so I will start tomorrow …. Your gift is outstanding and I appreciate being able to receive such an accurate and amazing reading. A lot to take in and to work on and I am so grateful for the stellar guidance. Will surely be in touch. My best to you always

I’m doing ok somewhat lol thank you though..your oct monthly forecast you did for me is unfolding and holding true….You’re always on point. You said my health is really prominent and I’m on my way to see a doctor today, so hopefully it turns out well.

Good evening and would truly enjoy thanking you for the utter happiness each month you directly assist with for me, as I hold the utmost respect for you and value your Blessed cherished Gift to us all.

Thank you kindly and is so very nice, thoughtful and treasured, as well. I would enjoy learning how to read and understand Tarot cards please and invest my time with helping others and myself, too. Any information regarding would be truly appreciated and admire your kindness for offering, as well.

Blessings to you always.

Thanks Soneca you always give wise council. I would definitely do that. I believe it would help for sure.

Hi Soneca, You were right !!!! Got a beautiful job offer yesterday and starting June 17 Sooooooooooooo happy !!! just walking on clouds right now, wooohooo

Hi Soneca, Good news that things are still on track and I did hear he is single so I’m glad that you verified this for me.

As you’ve told me many times this is going to be a slow process…. As always, thanks for the immense amount of help you’ve given me these past 6 months!

Dear Soneca, Payment made! And yes, so far June 2015 has been challenging but it was worth it. As you advised, I am back in Canada due to circumstances and as your guides said, I had a health issue when I arrived. 🙂 I knew what I needed to do, but having you confirming it made it feel like I’m making the right choice, so thank you Soneca for being honest and straight forward with me. Once again thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi Soneca, Thank you for the prompt reading which you have provided. I have to say, the messages were greatly appreciated, and have made me finally feel more secure and optimistic about my future. I have not felt this way for quite some time. Your insight into the reading was incredible….. I was especially shocked when you mentioned the color. A few days ago, she and I were watching something on laptop, and this color came on the screen. I had this vision. I have a few busy weeks ahead of me, but when things settle down I would like some more information about perhaps doing your tarot learning class. Once again, thank you for your reading, and have a lovely day.

Just, blown away. Definitely a blessing to have found you and your very extremely helpful insight. Everything was just so spot on. I really needed this affirmation and again further insight. You have no idea how much of an emotional and mental weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you so much! I would greatly appreciate if you kept doing this. Nothing but greatful.

It is I who is grateful, for your very enjoyable reading young lady. Much peace, joy and blessings to you and yours.

Thank You !! I always enjoy listening to you ~ so very accurate readings.

This is the third reading in a month that has mentioned a young female (my niece) needing my guidance. We don’t live that close to one another, but I need to find a way to spend time with her.

right on… thankyou so much for ur insight.. blessings…

Hi Soneca, Thank you so much for your reading for me a few months ago. I wanted to let you know that you have been absolutely correct regarding my case…. I am going to have my say at least. Once again you were spot on with the home I wanted to purchase. You were absolutely spot on and I look forward to having another reading soon.

Thank you!

Thank you so much. You were incredibly accurate. I will be sure to let anyone know who is interested in this type of work aware. And I am sure I will use you again. With gratitude

Hello, Soneca. I hope you remember me.., all what you said in my reading came true .. Also my mom’s reading was a believable and slowly but surely coming true! I would like to purchase another 1 hour reading with you. Please remind me info and where to send it.. Looking forward to hear from you

You always hit it right on the nose!

Good evening Soneca, Hope this e-mail finds you well…. With everything going on, especially because you predicted so much of it last time, I would love to buy another 2 months prediction please July + August. Thank you so much in advance, am excited to hear this again …

Also I wanted to thank you for helping my friend M. I referred her to you and she has taken steps to ,eave all the negative behind and try to move forward with her life. So thanks again.

Hi, I was able to very well relate to your last reading I had with you. Would like purchase 3 months ahead reading.

Thank you very much for the reading,! Alot of it makes sense especially the message about becoming ill, he was just diagnosed of an illness this week! I look forward to watching this again and taking notes to watch out for. I will be purchasing another reading sometime in the near future as I saw you have readings for specific questions. So i will talk to you again soon and I will let you know how this plays out through January!.
Thank you and take care

Hey Soneca! It’s me again =) .. I would like to purchase my next 2 months readings and also a 1 hour reading. .You, the cards and Spirit were definitely correct for the the month of May and so far for June. Actually I found out that an aquaintance has a health issue and the tarot card for June and you had said someone I know will have health issues and the reading was the first thing that came to mind when I was told of his illness….Can’t wait to hear what July and August brings. Thank you for all you do!

I just wanted to let you know the tarot card reading i had with you was absolutely accurate and crazy. I was astonished to how accurate it was. When I have a doubt or any question that is bothering me , i will definitely come to you for guidance and spread words about your awese accurate reading.

Soneca, I just wanted to let you know how incredibly helpful your reading has been so far. I’ve started to embark on a spiritual journey. The personal reading in conjunction with the general are just astounding. I hope the rest comes to fruition, since there are some really bright spots in the reading you gave in August and October. Also, I would be interested I. Taking the tarot course. I’m hoping that with your guidance I can form an even closer bond with my guides and angels and allow spirit to help me through this life. Love and light and more love

Hiiiiii ok where do I start? Lol… as far as …, very on point lol… recently last week I sent him … hence I’m … like you said … I laughed when you said … lol.. he’s an original ………… sooo for the 2 months ahead you mentioned forgiving and almost saying sorry in October and I know exactly who that pertains … We had a bad fallout …and I was warned by the guides to try to tame the … in the month of June and I realized afterwards that maybe I should’ve yikes lol…. … I’m excited for the romance part in …, yay! lol..and you’re right..I’ve always … but I know you’re not judgmental. I always appreciate when a person is authentic and keeps it real with me, which you do ……….. …….but my point is you’re right, I have my spiritual moments for sure …..I try my best to stay positive for that reason… But I thank you so much for everything, as always..Thank you for being placed in my life to give guidance, I’m appreciative….And sorry for the novel!

Hi Soneca. I wanted to let you know that I am referring my friend to you and he wants a reading. I recorded my reading and let him listen and he was amazed. Also my cousin wants a reading and I’ll be getting for as a gift soon. Thank you again.

Thank you. Your reading makes so much sense to me thank you so much.

Dearest Soneca, Thank you for your reading and giving me all the important messages from Spirit and the ArchAngels. Your word for me to Archangel Uriel sure had an amazing effect.. You and me stopped talking at 2:00

at 2:59 I received an email from my broker that what I had chosen had just been approved and booked for me….wooooooow Soneca… Uriel sure listens to you !Thanks a million

to both of you – that clarifies my direction for the summer months. What an incredible magic.

Should you ever come to California and desire to visit the place, know that you are my guest!
Please Soneca when you have a chance to talk with the spirits and angels again – tell her guardian Angel for me, that I love her a lot- I am sure she can use a bid of love when she has a bad day! Thank you again dear Soneca and all the blessings to you!
Hi Soneca, Thank you so, so much for the reading. Your advice is very timely, because my …. parents would like to get started on the whole thing and they are pushing for me to talk to my …. and set a “quickie ….”. I will definitely hold off for a bit and see how other things pan out. Thanks once again for your guidance. My words are inadequate to express my gratitude. I will keep you updated as things happen
warm regards and blessings,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on our reading. The man we spoke of IS a fire sign! So I am feeling great and positive and working on receiving the blessings of the universe! Thank you so much for your insight

Always accurate and on target!!!

Thank you for a great call yesterday, Soneca! I went back and read my notes, and of course thought of more questions. So I will definitely be rebooking soon! My friend and I had a good chat about you too!

Thank you so much for the reading, you have helped me make some decisions. Have a great holiday weekend

I’m requesting a one hour reading over the phone. I am a repeat client. May youre Essence be infused with Love and Light today and always. Thank you again for the daily positive thoughts !!!

Hello, my friend referred me to you for a Tarot reading. She said you were the best reading ever. Thanks

I love your reading. My birthday is on the 19th this month … Shared your video on facebook Completely off subject but I am really looking forward to this Nov. I don’t know why, but I just feel like something really great is going to happen in November.

I just listened to the video and wow, wow, wow…I’m a medical biller and in the past I’ve worked for this surgeon, so this has always been a part of my career lol…Thank you so much for everything. I’ll do my best to overcome all the energies coming my way. I appreciate you and Spirit, thank you. I’ll keep in touch

I had two readings with soneca and she it amazing. After many yrs of searching for a honest, accurate reader I finally found soneca. She gives so much information and is so on point with her readings. She described my situation to a tee both times. I gave no information to her and she said things that no one know but me. She truly is gifted. Thank you again soneca. I will be back again and let you know how things go but I know everything you said will come to pass. I’m so glad I found you

Hi Soneca.. thank you very much and for your excellent help throughout as it made a tremendous difference in how I dealt with many situations. We will be in touch. All the best

I so appreciate your accurate help in these matters and I will continue to consult with you going forward

I recently contacted you for a 9 question reading and I am amazed at your ability’s. I would like to now purchase a Personalized Monthly Forecasts by the Tarot and the Archangels and Angels for 12 months

Thank you! I will keep you posted. I just sent your info to a friend of mine also

Hello Soneca. I hope you and your family are all well. Thank you so much for your You Tube presence which I personally find one of the most helpful of all the readers and believe me I do check them all out. I totally understand it is a general reading which, in itself, does leave me a little frustrated as I need a more in depth assessment if you like based on my date of birth. I respect your sincerity when giving your presentations on You Tube. Your voice appears to me quite clean hearted which leaves me eager, if you like, to hear from you above all others I listen to from time to time. Rather than me tell you a bunch of stuff how about you tell me as your reading I just viewed on You Tube seemed uncannily to touch on some key issues plaguing me currently particularly love related. Take care and best regards. Hope to hear from your good self in due course.

Hi Soneca, Hope you are doing well. My name is …., DOB….Your readings have always amazed me. Looking forward to hearing from you.Thanks
Soneca, Wanted to Thank you again for my reading. I just relistened to it again today. You are accurate in the readying. I did pass my exam the first time. So studied hard. I will be sure to contact you again. Thank you for helping me in this journey. I thank the Angels for individuals like yourself who are here helping us. Many blessing I send to you.

I can’t say enough positive about you. You are the absolute best and I love talking to you. Your readings and insight absolutely encourages me especially as a what we discussed manifest into reality. 🙂

I was looking at you site at the different services you offer. Wow. Awesome stuff.. The results have been extraordinary so far with what we’ve done. Your video said something about your other services that’s why I went to look.

Thank you again Soneca for such a positive CONSISTENT reading. I cannot wait for the story to unfold. Today’s information was well worth the reading ! Thanks again!

I will. I’ve been meaning and thinking about how to put into words, how accurate and revelatory, the first reading was for me. It still feels very emotional for me.

Honestly, you’re just a rock star tarot reader. Your intensity, speed, intuition and accuracy are uncanny and so unique.

This is the best company and the most money I’ve made with any company EVER…..and YES, I’m in a real estate position just like you SAID!!!…. I took your advice and left the ‘onus’ on this man… it’s been a bit over 6 weeks now since I told him how I felt, as you suggested, no response from him at all, of course you told me he’d be may be hard to get a hold of.

Oh wow! I had no idea. Thank you. I have a few more friends I will be sending your way. I am so wowed by your gift as it is very sincere. Your spirits are kind and helpful, unlike what I have witnessed with others.
Hi Soneca, Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! In our previous reading, you mentioned a job would come to me in April, and you were right! I want to ask you more questions now. Please email me payment instructions.

Thank you dearly….MUCH LOVE …and Blessings to you

Found you on youtube and immedialtly felt ressonance…as i am as well gifted….

im feeling positive n so much better I can even laugh now im not a weak person at all i knew if i put my mind to getting past her i could move on.thank god n I do believe u are a really good card reader. I needed the push to wake up n u helped me dear ty. I love when your right n u have been.. 😉

I will gladly pay more, your rates are outstanding

Shared! Love you Soneca! Love your readings! My ex’s rising sign is Libra and he had the qualies of the Capricorn last night n then succumbed to the devil today by going back to drugs. I’ve tried so hard to help him. On the other hand I’m a cancer and I got a wonderful blessing today! A new home! I’m elated

Thank YOU!!!

Hi Sonika! Thanks for confirming that for me! You pronounced everything correctly btw.I love that you acknowledged my Libra-scorpio-ness too! Next steps definitely are …My boyfriend and I…Anyway, spot on Sonika! Thank you for the insight.

Thanks so much Soneca. I wanted to tell you I also found A birthday present for her that seems perfect. You and i talked about that in the last reading that it would be glass and rectangular… I found a Etched glass rectangular shaped decorative piece that’s perfect.

Thank you for you reading! One of my Friends too will be contacting you or maybe she already did because I gave her your info yesterday. And told her that lots of staff happened since you read for me, and it was very accurate .

When you read for me the massages were that I would move out to new better place which will bring me happiness and I did moved out to apartment by the river, and you mentioned that I will be very happy.

It’s been very stressful. I find your readings on YouTube very accurate. I would like an hour long mediumship Angel card reading through Skype. Thank you.

Hey Soneca

It’s me AGAIN!!! So was wondering if you would be so kind and give me another private reading. I wanted to get some time with you for a couple of reasons. Some things that you told me happened – which is reinforcement in my belief. This is all new to me and I wasn’t sure about it but many of the things we talked about have either been true or happened.

Thanks Soneca!

I wanted to let you know that I got a new job as a medical analyst as you said. You said I was going to get into medical career in April 2015 and it happend. I just wanted to let you know because I’m so shocked. It’s a great opportunity. I will be getting a reading soon. Thank you so much.

You are amazing! 100% accurate!

You have no idea how much you have helped me and calmed my heart. I gave your name to a dear friend of mine who is in very deep need of help. I hope she contacts you. Your connection with sprit is so different from my perception of a higher power, but I think it is just something too great for our brains to wrap around.

Omg this was so fast! Thank you sooooo much! I really needed to hear this. Lots of good points made here and helpful positive Messages. You’re the best:)

Hello Soneca, I bought your service several months ago, and my present situation changed to what exactly you said! Thank you so much. So, I decided to buy 1 more hour.

Hi Soneca

Thank you for your kindness and above all patience! You always reassure me. I do record our sessions and they have given much comfort and peace and I’ve been to a few readers you have been the most accurate and in each session have surprised me in knowing private information. I listen to our sessions over and over and am pleased that they keep building on to each other and yet the message has always been the same. You’ve been straight with me no matter how what and i appreciate that more then anything. I think you and I will be talking for years to come!

before I begin, I would just like to write some thoughts, my goodness, yu are like a therapist! thanks so much, you are amazing! All of your info is helping me.

Thanks for sharing the reading

Hi Soneca, real quick, he contacted me thru email last night just to send holiday greetings and say hope all is well. So strange out of the blue like that. I was beyond shocked and in amazement. Your reading was on point. Very impressive. You are an amazingly gifted talent.

Soneca is an intelligent and insightful intuitive reader. Very spot on with her general readings, which influenced me on choosing her with my trust for a personal very affordable reading. She is efficient, rigorous and professional. I love the way she delivers the information and her voice just sounds like an angel’s: melodious, positive & inspiring … She is sweet, yet rigorous, accurate and insightful. I surely would recommend her to anyone thinking about it; definitely your money’s worth…. Enjoy!

Thank you love this reading for me. This is so me. Thank you for reading the penical card. Need to here this. I am wanting to go home to my family don’t have any where I live. I have been stuck. And the last 2 weeks I have been coming out.Thank so much. You are the help I needed.

Hello Soneca. I want to thank you for your reading. It felt very accurate, I was amazed. I’m still amazed by it, and I am still processing the information.
You mentioned in the reading that I feel very different from the other people she’s been with. She did tell me this.
You were also very accurate about who she is, her person.
You mentioned that she has water characteristics. She is a Pisces, so this makes a lot of sense.
I have been skeptycal about past lives/soul connections, but more of it is beginning to make sense to me, especially after your reading. I’m very attached to her, and I couldn’t understand why, but at least there’s a reason for that now.
Lastly, you said that where Venus and Mars are in our charts could be why this attraction is still there. We both have scorpio in Venus (I barely found this out), and her Taurus and my Aries in Mars.
I just wanted to share with you how amazingly accurate the reading was. I’m very amazed by it! Thank you very much for your energy and your time, it means a lot. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day, Soneca.

hi sonika thank you for your spot on predictions I will be setting up another reading with you soon.. this message is exactly what you predicted for me on our prior reading.

I’ve followed you since day 1 and you’re truly gifted and feel blessed to have found you.

Whether you believe it or not you helped me and I truly appreciate it I didn’t know how to let go until I talk to you and I thank you and I can’t wait to have more readings down the road that are positive

you are amazing, again…you have a gift!

Thank you Soneca. I think you are quite spot on with what I sense as well. I will approach you soon to ask about my career choices.

On the bright side,I received a job offer from the people I went to the interview with just like you said!!! July 2nd is when I start. I am so happy to have a job now. It is going to change my life. I have been waiting for this next chapter for a very long time. The reason I have revisited the notes is you gave me some good insight and advice about doing for myself now. I am not perfect and I am really trying to see everybody’s side in all of this. Thank-you for your reading that you did with me!! I am really looking forward to talking with you again. My daughter is going out of town in 2 weeks so maybe we could have one then.

And thank you for your time, your accuracy in connecting with what’s going on in complete stranger’s lives (even if general) & the energy spent on sharing it all with us every month/week.

Hi:) I’m wanting to pay for 1 hour personal reading please. Thanks so much I’m a big fan on youtube!:)

Soneca is the best reader out there! Not just in interpreting the cards but in her ability to intuit the messages out to her readers! Ive had two readings done and each has been on point and fully enlightening! I would never recommend any other spiritual advisor. She’s got the gift

your readings are truly something of value to me more so then hanging on to something that would bring bad energy to my relationship with him. Your guidance with spirit is a treasure. I will continue readings with you know matter what. Thanks and many hugs!

Can I just say that you’re so awesome? Lol Seriously though you are. You’re right, he is sad and distant!! He just told me of his separation. You hit it on the nail in the reading. As always, thank you for your insight and the monthly video. Very interesting indeed, I always take it to heart. Wishing you an awesome summer and I’ll keep in touch

You are certainly right in saying I need to have patience but I do see him coming around and giving me more attention even though sometimes his word say otherwise. I thank you for always graciously giving me guidance but also I thank you for your friendship and the support you’ve shown me. You have help me get through some of the most challenging times I’ve ever had and it means a lot to me.

true, thank you. your right. thanks for letting me vent…your the best!

Soneca, Thanks so much for reading for my sister. She really enjoyed it.

Hi. I find your daily tarot cards, which are on your website, extremely accurate and helpful. Thank you for doing them.

Your last sentence is so true! Certainly what I’ve been experiencing. Thanks a lot for the advice. Will contact you again….

Hi!! Oh, wow!! I was so excited to receive your reading! I really appreciate your honesty & your insights. I’m already thinking, “Oh, man what’s the next questions I want to ask her?!” Thank you so much!!

Thank you Soneca for my reading you really helped me ..xoxo

For anyone that is looking for a genuinely gifted psychic, Soneca is the real thing. She has a true gift. Thank you, Soneca.

I love and appreciate all of your hard and tireless work.

Thank you so much for your incredible reading.

Thank You Love and light

Hello Soneca, Hope all is well with you! I would like to pay through PayPal. Thank you always! Your guidance is slways a comfort!!! You were right again! I did hear something I did not like concerning my health.

well, you are truly amazing. I will recommend you to anyone. thank you so much for everything.

hi my name is …hi my name is … I love your readings and I will try to get a reading from you as soon as possible cuz you are cheaper than anyone else that I know so today I mean my birthday is coming up and I most likely probably get this reading on my birthday January 2…

Dear Soneca, First a huge thank you for the most positive reading I have had in a long time. All of your readings are positive but finally I heard progression. I have began to trust you more and more – especially with the random messages that come through without any of my questions even being asked.


And thanks again for the Honest heartfelt reading.

I came back to watch this video again and was hugely helpful to me. I love your readings.
Thank you, Soneca. This definitely resonates with me. I will be in touch in the future. I appreciate your guidance. Much love and warmth

You’re always 90-100% on point in each monthly & weekly reading! Your work is much appreciated!

Dear Soneca,

Thank you so much for today. Your worlds of encouragement at the end to keep the faith and remain confident meant more to me than you will ever know. The fact that you tell it to me straight, makes me keep coming back to you – I just want the truth and I think as life changes you and I will be together for a very long time.

I know it may seem redundant to you but the consistency just adds to your credibility since the message has never been changed, the time line has been the same sbf your style never changes. You are a consummate professional!

I was so happy to hear that – movement/change its exciting!

I would like to explore those two things further and maybe in 2 weeks something more will happen. I will email you next week to fix a time. I want to be back with her more than anything – as usual you’ve made my day.

Until the next time!

Another beautiful, dimensional reading with insight for all signs! Thank you! I hope you can continue to share your gifts knowing that you have attention and appreciation! I want you to know your time and efforts are like rain on parched earth! Best to you always!!!

Hi Soneca…….its me again, I had 9 questions I wanted to ask spirit again. Could you please send me a paypal request please. btw so far the readings ive gotten from you, some of the energies have manifested, in the health matters, u said iw ould have control over my health by september and ive lost 37 pounds, I feel on top of the world…. so im beyond words with how accurate this is.

This is the second time I listen to your reading this week and I am finding it helping me makes some decisions about certains things I need to do. By listening to your reading a second time it has made things even clearer to me what I need to do. You are so spot on for me, thank you for being YOU! And your gift to do readings so accurate.

Hi Seneca, Thank you so much for the reading on Saturday! I have been thinking and feeling so much more positive and encouraged after your reading in regards to all areas of my life that we have discussed. Gave me the gift of perspective and focus. Looking forward to have another reading soon! Smiles

After processing everything I can remember from our conversation, I have some more questions. And also want to expand on advice for moving forward so that I have the best chance for the outcome I desire! I definitely should have booked an hour with you!! Think I might become a regular client and start getting your monthly forecasts! I’ll be in touch in the next week! Thanks for everything!

Hi Soneca: Woop woop to you! How are you? Wow you did sound refreshed on your wkly vid …good for you! Did you make it to the beach for a few days or more with family-friends? But I guess now it’s back to work for you(ho-hum). Keep up the great work. Soneca I couldn’t remember which vid of yours it was (a monthly or weekly) – in July maybe – but you mentioned to expect a boost in Aug, Sept and October. Even though Aug isn’t finished yet I’m quite pleased with the learning and experiences as it’s given me a sigh of emotional relief in the life building process. Amazingly enough, Sept/Oct were never on my early-year radar as months to pay attn to, but it’s shaping up to be quite interesting in terms of my project’s direction and the people I’m surrounded by at present.

All the best to you and stay cool. Peace and love

Hi Soneca, I have recently subscripted to your You Tube channel and I very much have appreciation for your ability and messages you so clearly and accurately give. WHAT A GIFT you have. I would like to purchase a personal reading.

She is amazingly accurate!

Hi – my friend says amazing things about you. Do you have any openings today, tomorrow or Mon?

That sounds awesome!

Thanks again for everything – I’ll be sure to check in with you in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the advice I think it’s very wise (:

Have a nice weekend!

I got a job!! I start Monday. You were right!!

Hi Soneca, Such a blessed positive reading. Its full of good news. All i got to do is live life passionately to the fullest even with all the….So your prediction on not being able to …within the next 6months sounds pretty accurate to me….You were so right when you mentioned….

Hi Soneca, Your reading was amazingly accurate. I also think this relationship could be karmic somehow. I would like to ask one more question. I should’ve bought several questions beforehand:) Thank you.

you are amazing. The accuracy of the energies is so profound

again spot on, i am joining my new job on 21st !!! and will be multi mode commuting so transportaion..gr8..awaiting ur personal reading

First I want to thank you for you reading it was very in site full and you have and amazing gift. And you was so very honest I like that. Just one more question soneca.

Thank you, that was fast

Very detailed reading…..every card had a meaning in my life and what is currently going on in my life – as a general reading this was one of the best.

Hi, I have discovered you on YouTube today through my Scorpio monthly reading. I think you are very good at what you do. I am planning to get a personal tarot reading from you in the future.

Soneca, It worked!!! Thank You so much for getting this to me and for such an amazing reading. I just finished watching it and I truly am amazed. What a wonderful gift you have!! Each time you spoke of him I got goosebumps. It’s funny that design was mentioned as well. And It’s good to hear that in words that I resonate with. Thank You for mentioning – I have heard of it but I forgot about it and I feel strongly that i need a community. Thank You for such a wonderful opportunity to actually have my concerns heard and responded to, That felt so good and it doesn’t happen when your invisible. I’m definitely going to keep my head up and keep going

THANK YOU, In Love and Bright Light

Hey Soneca – You’ve always been truthful/straight with me good or bad, that’s why I’ve stuck with you. Above all I just want validation and truth and you have provided both….these things that happened are validations of something you said would happen. Do you have any openings next week to discuss? Thanks Soneca!!!!

Yes,perfect, just to let you know I have been listening to your youtube videos. you are just amazing,I had my colleges to listen to you for July tarot reading ,they all were amazed.

I think I know exactly what they mean by life turning “a notch up” for Aug, Sept and Oct…. I’ll be ready!

tyvm.right on spot starting from now…………..stuck with my ex……wait and see

Wowwwwwwwww.!!! what a fantastic reading’ spot on .


Your readings are right on the mark. You are exceptional in what you do. You have a gift.

I ran across your weekly horoscope on U-tube which lead me to your website. I am very interested in doing a live 1 hour Tarot reading.

I just received another fantastic reading from Golden Sun tarot. I am so lucky to have come across such an amazing reader. Shes always so accurate as she taps into energies that are circling around me in my life s. You are truely gifted Soneca. God bless.

Hello Soneca, I would like to thank you for this reading. Some of the things you mentioned in the reading have already come to pass.

So true, as usual, you always speak to me when I watch! Thank you!

Wow, fantastic. Spot on. Thank you.

Thank you, young lady for a most interesting and sincere reading for you sound like an Angel. Bless you.

Soneca, Thanks again for all the help you’ve given me these past few months. You’re a life saver.

You have helped me so much. how is it that you are so accurate? so connected? what a gift you have!

Hi bright light! I’m a Leo…wanted u to know i think u r the best, most imformation-packed tarot reader on youtube. Your dedication is limitless! Fine light work u do! Thank u so much. Blessings bright and bold!

Please like, subscribe or e-mail. She is accurate!

I was at a cross-road when I was looking for a career change, and I was very lost. I turn to Soneca for guidance as I always do. She provided me with very detailed information about each question I asked and company I interviewed with. All the information she provided actually matched accurately with my gut feeling, from the company environment to the culture she described about each company, matched exactly how I felt about the company. She told me to focus on few key points when I make my decision as well as during my interview process, and I did what she told me to do. I got an offer letter from the company that suits me the best!

Madam you are absolutely amazing n accurate ..thanks a lot

ty!! this is my third reading with you. you’re amazingly accurate!!

Hi Soneca, You gave me a very accurate reading in August 2015 that gave me insight and guidance through private video reading on you tube. Now I have a question and I want to purchase your Tarot or Angel email reading in written form. One specific question for $28.

Would love a reading again. Thanks for your past reading—-it played out exactly as you mentioned and I was able to get more information and closure from him about two weeks ago that confirmed exactly what was in the reading!


Hi Soneca , me here again just letting you know your reading is playing out for me Feb wasn’t great as you said March has been more positive definitely more challenges a lot happier looking ahead with positivity …thank u Hope you are well.

thanks for the reply Soneca! …you are right, need to ask for guidance here and find peace love & light 2u2!! PS: Something you predicted in my perso reading just happened yesterday!!

thank you soo much fior this great reading

I have found you on YouTube channel and have to say I am very impressed so I thought I will get a reading done on my personal life.

You helped me at my darkest point in life and I was so lost. But you helped me to make peace with him and guided me on this career change journey. It is very scary to leave my current comfort environment. But after you reading, you told me the environment is just not for me. I feel the same but I just did not want to face it or change it. Thank you and I truly believe you are put by God here to help and guide me. You helped and saved my soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hi Soneca. I just recently purchased a 6 month forcast from you and a found positively insightful. Thank you so much. Now I’d like to know what’s in store for me for the othet half of the year for me. Thank you!!:)

Wow, you’re very talented and what a master-communicator, you didn’t stumble once, great diction, I know it’s nerdy, but I like that, very much. Please stay motivated. I can tell you are gifted. Thank you, I will like your FB and check out your website. Love ~ ❤ so another set of eclipses are in the works. the march 20th eclipse and now april 4th. I was wondering if you had time to do another reading. your last reading for me was pretty accurate about eclipses.

Hi Soneca, Thank you so much for this informative personal reading. I will definitely more forward with my plans. Also I had at least 3 more questions to ask of you.

Hi Soneca, Wow! The reading was amazing. You have such a gift. Thank you very much for sharing your gift from Spirit. I will be in touch again. Much love.
Hi Soneca you are most very welcome. Yes I had been noticing that you’re trying to fill us in on a little more to help us cope with situations more. I definitely appreciate it as many others do as well. Keep up the great work:))
Hi Soneca: Just a quick note to not disturb your flow. Your vids were excellent this month as it had helped me to cope some with upcoming dramas in the best way possible. I feel much better now… and life goes on. Wishing I could give you more words of encouragement …as you and Spirit already do so much of an admirable job in giving messages for people to reflect upon and grow from.
Keep up the great work:)

Wonderful Soneca always looking forward to more insight & philosophical thought from you and Spirit, telling it like it is. Many blessings and peace:))

thank you for taking the time keep up the great job you are gifted!

Dear Sonika, Great reading! Thank-you! Very accurate! What’s involved in Energy cleaning? Have a great weeken Sonika!

Soneca, I just wanted to thank you again for doing the reading today on super short notice.

Superrrrrrrrr reading !!!! have great day. thank you

Dear Soneca,
Just saying THANK YOU, you always manage to calm my insecurities down, so appreciate all your readings, but especially the personal one, where you “translate” from Spirit!!! – Yes I have an incredible strong “gut feeling” about things and feel that I am fed the right ideas… but then my ego doubts it…. I know spirits do an incredible job guiding me along…. so yeah I do get these energies driving me nuts, but can’t understand all the messages I get …… poor spiritual helpers… sure must be frustrated when I don’t get it… I am glad they have you who can ‘translate and channel” I like the OK from spirit a lot – thank you. Dearest Soneca – again a milion thank yous for all the great information. Please accept a big Hug and stay well. Will keep you posted and talk to you soon again

You are special to me! You have been comoassionatr likr a good friend.If you dont mind me asking why sign are you? I saw something I really liked at TJ MAXX yesterday and it made me think of you.

Hello dear soneca! I just wanted to say I took your advise and finally took an online course! I feel overwhelmed learning something so new but I feel it’s a step in right direction! I would like to ask you 3 more questions. Please email me payment link. Thank you so much Soneca and continue your wonderful spiritual work! Have an excellent day!

Hey ! I came across your YouTube channel (goldensuntarot) and I really liked your videos! It is clear that you are passionate about what you do and that’s why it caught my attention.

Soneca, I really enjoyed the recent reading you provided me. It was great and I very much appreciate it. I would like to have an additional reading, if possible. I would like to do a 12 month forecast. If you have time in your schedule, I am happy to send payment. Thanks!

This reading was 100percently for me omg it has been so accurate so far, thank you for the reading !!

Like the May reading. This is very spirit focussed and highly accurate to my imminent situation for June 2015…..HIGHLY accurate. I will be travelling permanently, I will be telephoning home from abroad, I will be making a fresh new start in life (at the tender age of 60) and excited about this new venture that will totally fulfill me (I know what it is!) Thank you again for a smashing reading. Please give this very spirit filled and modest lady a chance to do you a personal reading.

I have been listening to your weekly readings and found them quite accurate and I would like a personal tarot reading.

I do think you are a fantastic and exceptionally gifted tarot reader. Thankyou,kindly.

Hello, I’m interested in a reading by you. I enjoy your youtube readings and more than once you’ve been fairly accurate which has lead me to contact you for your services. I would like it to be live

Thank you so much! That was a fast response lol

Great reading for April, very accurate so far! I’m waiting to hear on a job offer this second week of April. Happy about the information you provided.

I found you through your YouTube channel and was really impressed with your reading. I am a Sagittarius and really enjoyed your June reading, finding it very accurate so far! I’d love to book a one hour live session with you.

That.was.amazing. Thank you so much!

you are soooo good, God bless you

I really appreciate the time you took and you were very patient that was awesome

tyvm for being there for all of us!grateful and appreciate ur had work.:)

Very powerfull reading, very nice thanks

Soneca: I appreciate your generosity and will make it up to you!

Thanks Wow Loved my reading, it was great I will take my advise.
Very good reading.
…. have a great happy Oct.2016.
Thank you very much.

Hi Soneca I just wanted to thank you for your words and perspective yesterday, I really appreciate it and am lucky to have found you. Lots of love to you.

Dearest Sonica. thanks a million for your prompt response
Hi Thanks for getting back to me and yes you are so right I felt instant relief when I broke things off with her and I actually met someone else very quick. I will try and get a reading with you hopefully this month.

Scary accurate. I can already see where things are going. I was hoping we would end up together. Time to let go. And yes…She’s a cancer. And I kept hoping we would be together even though I knew it was stupid. I hope things get better….and soon. I’m tired of all this heartache.

Thank you so much love love love your videos you have change my life in a huge positive way

Many Blessings to you for offering us all your sweet and kind Gift, especially 9 hours for each month, as I know take so much time to prepare, record and edit your video’s, plus is a wonderfully thoughtful end result why you choose to assist with adding more positive Light for us all, as seen helping also. Thankful and extremely grateful I came across Golden Sun Tarot several months, as all coincidences aren’t, rather within the Divine timing meant to be…and to educate with exceptional encouragement , as well. Wow…You also have been spot right on each month and am all stated within your reading for november, including negative manipulative treatments from my beloved others, Family and such… even my selfish….ehhh…

Thank you, Soneca for these messages. I will listen to this again. I find them always very accurate. I am going to do my best to focus on building my new business. That may help me through these darker emotions. As always, I appreciate the messages you share from Universe and Spirit. I’m sure I will be contacting you again for another reading in the near future. Many blessings.


I think I need to follow exactly as your messages have been. they have been exact.

Hi Soneca: How are you and hope all is well? It’s truly amazing how many of your monthly/wkly general readings resonate with me and the events in my life(like many other people). Soneca I’m thanking you and spirit from the bottom of my heart and your valuable time.

I love your readings. Lots of love and light and blessings to you

Dear Soneca, Thank you very much for your reading…. It will take some time to learn these, so I think it is reasonable when you say late 2016 or early 2017. Overall, it is pretty accurate. And thank you again!!

Hello Soneca, Thank you very much for your reading. I will keep my heart open. I appreciate you:)

Hi Soneca, I hope you are well. We both love your readings and were just seeking clarity but for different reasons. Thank you for you time and for the wonderful readings you share on YouTube.

Thank you so much. Just don’t feel very… although I know spirit is definitely around me Don’t know why I’m feeling like like this but I know you will tell me. Looking forward

Hi Sonika, I was just checking to see when I would receive my 4 month reading…. Also I listened to your channeling of Tupac. It was fascinating! Thank you for sharing.

~ Thanks Soneca, everything about the readings for the Earth and Water signs are TRUE; they are just what I have perceived! 🙂

Thank you for helping me through this difficult stage in my life. I feel stronger and better every day. The past few years have been a struggle with my loss and the separation but I am moving into a happier chapter of my life. Sometimes i just wish I could flip through some of the pages faster to the good parts. You really do help, so thank you.

Hi Soneca, I just wanted to write to let you know how things are going. You said that November would be a trying month, but I could get through it. There were some issues, but as the month of November progressed, the issues were resolved. You saw new beginnings for the month of November.

hi,,,,you are amazing!!! of course I have more questions . You are helping me so much!! I am feeling so much better. I am going to ask 5 more questions. Please email me the payment info again. ‘thanks so much for for kindness and beautiful spiritt.’yes, I believe by that time I will break out of all this.

I’ve been pressing the like button but it keeps indicating that options isn’t allowed. I LOVE your videos, all of your reading are warm n loving. Excited to see what’s next for me. Thank you for your time and love. Have a blessed weekend.

Love & Light

You really are amazing. You are gifted…

This was so right on its spooky

I really enjoyed your reading I really connected with it I’ve had readings in the past but never as spot on as yours I look forward to a personal reading with you thank you for your efforts

I appreciate your kindness and generous spirit. I hope you know that people like you inspire others to be like you and be kind like you. At least that is the effect your kindness is having on me.

Thank you so so much for your support and guidance
Love and light

yr readings are so accurate they encompass everything ..

Hi Soneca: Thanks for the consideration and pretty wonderful words of advice to live by in remaining balanced as a big key. I was able to review your vids over and over like I usually do, and each time I’m able to make better distinctions on the possibilities of things. Great vids – The best on Youtube in spirituality and Tarot without a doubt! Thanks once again Soneca.

Dear Soneca, Hope you are doing well. I felt so happy that you have started your services as well. thats a great news to hear… and definitely i will require your help and guidance in every step on my life…

lots of love and thank you so much for informing me…

Happy Sleep to you and good night my dear….

loved this reading….thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

I have been a faithful viewer of your videos for the past few months. I have a couple of career questions. I would like to purchase tarot reading.

Hi soneka, I want to thank you for your guidance and support through weekly and monthly tarot readings on you tube, I follow them and wait for the next reading eagerly. Having said that, I would love to have a session conducted to get answers to my questions via a personal tarot reading.

thank you so much Soneca ❤ You’re amazing, beautiful reading ~ I enjoyed Soneca’s readings so much that when I saw that she offered classes I had to sign up right away! I have always wanted to learn tarot from an authentic reader and I thought why not learn from one of the best. She gave me a lot of support and let me move through the course at my own pace. Soneca allowed me to share my own insights first. Her course is not one where she tells you what the cards mean. She allows you to reflect and share your own inner wisdom first and then you both discuss what has arisen. She allowed me to grow independently and form my own individual process as a tarot reader. I highly recommend her to anyone out there wanting to learn the tarot! Hi Soneca, Your general reading for Libra September 2015 was so on point that I’d love to purchase a 6 month ahead reading for me! Thank you ps…I look forward to a reading with you again. you are amazing!

Hi Soneca, Thank you so much for responding to my email. I appreciate your insightful comments. You are very professional- in today’s time this is refreshing. My day improved immediately. As I’ve said before you are the “real deal” and your talents are appreciated.

I don’t know if you remember me but we had a reading in December. I wanted to let you know that she and I broke up. We talked about her in our reading and you said that she was so in and out and it would never be stable. I finally got tired of it and I caught her doing dishonest things. You were right about her. I just wanted to update you and let you know. I also want to get another reading soon.

Hi soneca! I just want to say thank you very much for the reading this morning. It was everything I knew it would be. But I was annoyed at the fact I wasn’t prepared with questions. I do have more questions now that I had time to think. Would it be possible to set up another session or do I have to wait for more time to pass? Lots of love

Hi Soneca, Thank you for sending my over before promised turn around! I will listen to it once I get home.

This is so in-depth…thank you much!

Hi Soneca: ….how are you doing? Hope all is well as I’m sure life’s busy for you. However thx for your hard work and for the October 2015 vids. I was anticipating at some point this year, the ideology that you’ve mentioned for the ace-of-cups & the devil-in-reverse. So great job and will have to see how it all plays out later.

Thank you Soneca, I love getting readings from you!

Thank You so much for the reading!.. I really appreciate it a lot.. looking forward to another reading with you.

Thank you Soneca… you are special for me too… you give me (us) incredible guidelines, head-ups and information how to mentally prepare for the times ahead – thank you , best (Aqua-Scorpio asc, Gemini moon)

I have seen your monthly readings on youtube and i should admit i am really impressed! I want a personal reading

Hi and good evening, Like your readings very much. I would like once again a 2 months reading. Thank you,

Thank you so much Soneca! This really helped.. I’m sure I will have another reading with you down the road as well!

Lets roll, I hope to find a wonderful September!

Thank you so much Soneca! This reading has been so helpful for me and nearly everything you mentioned resonated with me. Thank you!! The past life readings were so interesting….I just realized this after the reading you gave me and I froze. Thank you so much for helping me realize this! I will definitely be back for another reading from you when I need some guidance and will definitely tell everyone I can about your readings. Thank you!

My previous reading was extremely valuable and made a huge difference to my piece of mind. Thank you. Something incredible happened after the reading. When would you be available for another reading? You are awesome.

Dear Sonika I cannot thank you enough! As I have not always had a positive answer I am so grateful for this wonderful news!!! As your gift is so accurate I am feeling very peaceful about these issues now and can go forward with a positive mindset My best to you always

Yes, it does thank you soneca for your help I think you have a great gift and I will be getting another reading in the near future!

You are amazing! I love your readings! For sure I will ask for a personal reading! 🙂

I almost fell out of my chair when you answered the questions about her. She is currently there and posting photos all the time and yes she has been all over Spain! You are so amazing.
I will write again next week. Thanks!

Excellent reading! I began to go in the direction of studying spiritual principles before I got around to your readings. With the information you have provided, I know I am on target! The monthly reading for my personal horoscope was a lot more meaningful, too, because this reading clears up some of the blind spots. This reading helps me understand how I will have to deal with feelings of loss, bad timing and regrets I must let go of and push myself through. I already knew that I was doing what I should be to expand my life condition for once and for all. Your readings have aligned with my actions, hopes and feelings of excitement that I need to just keeping overcoming my challenges. Thanks so much Sonika!

Thanks so much! U R Awesome, Sonika! great guidance!

you’re very quick to respond. I appreciate that. Thanks Soneca.

Hope all is well. Early this morning, I believe I had experienced a sense of the ‘ace-of-cups’ effect that you had eluded to in your reading. Finaaaalllyyy !!! And yes it was a sigh of relief and a hopeful message. And your right Soneca it’s a process full of heavy energies & very frustrating at the same time. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. Anyway Soneca thanks for your wonderful info once again and please send a warm thanks to your spirit-guides as well, allowing you to be a medium of champion, for them, to communicate their helpful messages. Soneca have a great day & speak soon:))

SO RIGHT. I will take it head on as it comes. So much love to you!

I want you to know how much you have helped me. I feel like I am being freed up. I am grateful you are helping me on my path to healing.

awesome very, very interesting and so on point!!!

Thank you Soneca , your always so accurate !
Have a lovely week xx

Wow Soneca! I’m in awe of what you expressed to me. The issue with my spouse is exactly what is going on and what I experience on a daily basis. That was my confusion… and question number two, Yes, this is him to the “T”. Also question number 3 is exactly what im experiencing and I lose faith to push forward. With all these words you gave me I feel so much better to push and pull through. Thank You for taking the time out for me and my concerns. You really are good at what you do.

Hi Soneca, I am being contacted by my guides and since yesterday (I keep hearing on my head) they are telling me to book a reading with you. They are telling me to use the Angels reading. Is there a possibility to get a reading 1 hour with you, Today, Tomorrow or Wednesday….I just finished to write to you and feeling a relief. It is amazing this energy!!!!! Thank you for all you can do for me,

Thank you for everything, Soneca.

I’d like to give you a little update on the readings you’ve done for me. In the most recent one, you mentioned that she will offer me something nice. And guess what, she brought me a gift from her trip. I think this matches so nicely to the ace of cups from our recent reading 🙂

Thank you dear Golden Sun lady..You have helped me to get ready and be aware of happenings in the month of May to come!

Beautiful week ahead, thank you for this wonderful reading! Love and light ❤ Great reading thanks! I sent an email with a little more info on it. I appreciate the fast service and will use the information in my reading to improve the possible outcome of things for January and February. I will let you know any further developments that pertain to the reading in January. Please feel free to use my comments as testimonial. Have a great rest of the year and have a happy new year! I highly recommend a reading by GoldenSunTarot !

Beautiful reading! Double whammy for fire signs for getting a wand! My sun is in Sag but my ascendant is Libra, I also take into accounts the message you have for air signs and I love the Fool card in all aspects. Love and light!

Hi Soneca, I had an amazing session today, thank you so much and for yesterday as well.

i love “giggly” you

Hi Soneca, I need to make some decisions soon that would benefit from gaining clarity through the reading. I could pay more or book another reading with you!

Gratitude for your time and motivation

We had an angel reading in early September 2015 and I would love to book another reading.

Thank you for this reading. I have been seeing multiple numbers and have been asking for clarity but some of it is confusing lol So I think I need quiet time and now kids are in school I have time to be quiet by myself. I am a Scorpio Thanks Again and Goofy Soneca is great Y’all

Thanks so much for the reading Soneca. I was smiling most of the way through because I know I have been isolating myself for a long time now. I will change that.

Thank you very much for your reading.

I know it has only been a month since our last session – but much of your predictions have come true – frankly I’m amazed- I don’t believe in much of anything and still am skeptical at times but you’ve made me more of a believer than I would have ever thought.

You’re the best! Keep up the good work girl!

Thank you again for your time and the shuffling of your day you did to fit me in. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

Thank you Soneca 😉 xoxo

Hi Soneca: Wonderful card(page of wands). You made an excellent catch, to one of your phrases …as you wonderfully added Sunday onto the weekdays of Monday & Tuesday, as important key days. Excellent job Soneca!

I loved this reading Soneca Thank you for all the time on us this month. I have an Aries rising and still waiting on that video. Hope you are having a splendid August so far

Thank you, was waiting on this!!! Have a blessed week ahead

Thank you, this was very accurate

Just at the very beginning you already got me hooked! I am actually in contact with one of my closest friends who’s now an ocean away. The weather was also shocking because earlier this week, we’ve had a lot of rain and its risen up to 8 inches because of Hurricane Erika and this is in Florida

It’s nice to finally see you, your readings are always accurate.

deeply appreciate the time and energy you spend with your videos. they have gotten me through the past few months, and i really connect with what you have been posting. XO

Hi Soneca, I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help you really helped me I actually feel better .I wish you the best and I will keep in touch. xoxo

The reading you did for the other young lady was incredible.

Hello, I have been watching your channel on youtube for almost a year and have been a big fan of your work. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching in this new year, and at this point in my life I feel like I am in need of some spiritual guidance. Thank You

I received my reading that was 5 questions I emailed to Soneca, which in return she answered accurately, straight forward (no sugar coating), very professionally, at a low price, and in a timely manner in a personal YouTube video!!! I loved it! She answered all my questions even with a time line! She is amazing I highly recommend her to anyone!! With in the first 5 minutes I knew she was great at this and totally right on!!! Thank you so much Soneca I feel like I can relax & stop worrying so much! I will definitely return in the near future!

Thanks to you for dealing with me. you have been absolutely wonderful and I’m very grateful to you for all you’ve done to help and guide me. I look forward to talking to you.

thank you for your time I am a Taurus sun and moon and Gemini ascendant, the Taurus one was very much what I went threw this mionth

Gotta love being a rock star, loll… thank you Soneca, another interesting reading

you’re amazing, you’re really connected to the truth oh wow

You’re the best. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

you have been very accurate about April you are very talent. Thanks again

Thank you Soneca !!!

You’re always appreciated –

Hope you have a great week!

thanks I appreciate that you upload all 12 messages at the same time, and great and on point messages every month. Thanks!

This reading will let me understand the situation more, understand him more, and this will make me ready for what lies ahead! Thank you so much for your reading…

Sounds gud to me for the month of June 2015 Ty so much for the reading GBU always

thanks so much Soneca for rooting for saggies! I need all the help I can get! I need to probably talk to you and have a reading soon about specifics…thanks!

Hi Soneca, Hope you are well. I’m not sure if you remember me, but I had a reading with you last year around this time. And I would like to have one more reading with you and the course (1&2).

felt like Christmas when saw this! Thanks for July!

Hi soneca, Thanks so much for your reading it was very good.

you rock! thank you for your insights and a video a month ahead 😉

Oh wow, thank you for the update Soneca! Really appreciate your time and energy to read for me. Soon I will be making more bookings as follow ups. A big thank you again Soneca

Hi Soneca! I had you do a 2 month reading for me for September-October. I was amazed! I am thinking of leaving my city and wondered if you could do a 3 month reading for me?

this reading is REALLY resonating with what’s going on with me currently. It is just so dead on with what is going on right now, I had to ask.

You! Amaze ME with every reading!!! I’m a Taurus, but my Rising Sign is Gemini, sometimes your reading for Gemini is spot on accurate for me… Keep up w/ all the amazing readings!!! God Bless:)

Thank you so much! Seems very accurate, I will let you know more as the month unfolds.

Hello, Soneca, Thank you for the reading. I will defnately ask for a general reading in the near future. I really enjoy your readings on you tube. You must have a nice week further!

Hi Soneca, first of all, thank you for the reading. thank you again for the reading, your honesty, everything.

Thank you Soneca. I was so indecisive that I could not take a step forward. I also understand that the time period is perfect for me. I appreciate your advice

Your readings are so accurate… thank you!! The karma wheeel in reverse… so true for me. Also.. a new person appeared in my life.. a scorpio woman.

So far so right !

All I can say is Wow!!

I would like a tarot reading. I do enjoy listening to your readings on youtube. Something always seems to resonate with me.

Dear Soneca thanks for another great reading. Your accuracy is incredible. I am your ardent fan. Your reading gives me patience, excitement and guidance to deal with my emotions. You scan your audience’s mind so well. Your splendid reading makes me wonder as if you know me since childhood. I love you very much. Thanks again for your guidance.

i really like your reading for April.. im having difficulties in decision making now.. Im praying that the Almighty will help me .

hello soneca, thanks for a wonderful and concise reading. many of the things you said resonated with me up to 90%. i’ll definitely keep you up to date on how things go.

Your amazing the reading was right on! I will definitely request more reading’s. I am extremely pleased! I greatly appreciate your reading and you did a great job pronouncing my name you were correct! Very impressive

I’m happy for you as I think you are the best!

Hello soneca, There were so many things that you said in your reading that hit the nail on the head and so many loose threads that can weave my future in so many ways that it would take me hours just to mention all of them. The most important thing of all however, is that after your reading I have been given the peace that I was looking for and able to relax knowing that the universe is taking care of things for me and that I can rest knowing that things will work out for me. This is a big relief to know. I have re-doubled my efforts in supporting my daughter because of your reading, so thank you.

Thank you for a very Energized reading, a lot going on and trying to remain positive and asking for help from the Angels. Take care and many blessings, young and happy lady…

Thank you so much for the kind way you delivered my reading. Some of it was disappointing to me, and it helped that you were so thoughtful in the way you spoke. You’re a sweetheart.

thank you very much ! it’s true !!

Wow, Soneca! Thanks for this and all your readings. Amazing.

I was very impressed with your YouTube video for the month of August it was very positive and I can definitely need a ray of sunshine in my life with positive news.

Your great horoscope on right on point im leo

I didn’t but I’m going to be getting one from you, you’re very gifted

Thanks so much for caring enough to take time out of your day to write me such a wonderful email. I know your right. I definitely will read with you very soon. I realize it is a very difficult week in general with the full super moon quickly approaching. Your are very special to me. I need ya. ! Thank you so much. As always you help me tremendously! Hugs!

Hey Soneca, Thank you for your help.Will follow the advises as suggested. Thanks

In-depth and very accurate. Soneca isn’t afraid to give details and timelines. She doesn’t just do “general” readings, even if you ask general questions. She’s very detailed and specific. She’s also not afraid to give negative interpretations if that’s how the cards come up. She doesn’t sugar coat it and she will sometimes pull extra cards for clarification, which is always appreciated. I’ve had two in-depth readings with her and I was very satisfied both times. I felt it was well worth the money, and she doesn’t charge much, relatively speaking, anyway.

Dear Soneca, First, thank you for your wonderful free readings! Most of the time you seem to be talking just to me!

So far this beginning week, I have had harsh words for others. Not in a way to bring them down, but to call them out on their behavior/actions and wrong doings. I feel the need to finally speak up without holding back what I feel. It amazes me how accurate your readings are. Who knows, that Trump may have a lot of Leo in his birth chart lol. Thank you lots Soneca. It’s great to know what to expect ahead. Very much appreciated.

I’ve never in my life seen a woman who is so positive in the face of adversity, your demonstration of strength gives strength to us all. Happy Birthday super women! With you we are stronger. Thank you for all you do for people! Have a blessed Birthday !

Thank you so much Sonika for the wonderful reading today … As always, you have given me great insight and wonderful messages from my loved ones. I am so happy my parents and … came through today. Bless you.

Hi Soneca, Thanks a lot! It’s very helpful.

Soneca, I hope that this email finds you well. I wanted to let you know that I like how you have changed your format on you tube. It was nice to see what you actually look like.

I very much support your work, so please allow me to make 2 recommendations.
1. I think you should improve your lighting. If you could mimic natural light, I think that it would add a lot.
2. Maybe a tapestry on the wall behind you would be a nice and inexpensive way to enhance the viewing experience.
Please dont take offense in anyway. I love your channel! I would also like to schedule a tarot reading for 5 specific questions to be placed on you tube.

You are such a gift!

Hi Soneca, I just wanted to thank you so much for the readings.You truly have a wonderful gift and are a wonderful person. I am so glad I found you. So many people do not believe in readings, as a matter of fact I’m not sure they believe in any thing at all. It’s kind of sad. I have many more questions for you and will email you with them soon, Once again, thank you so very much. I wish you positivity and many positive thoughts as well !

Thank you Soneca!!!! To anyone out there that really wants an accurate reading but you aren’t quite sure about who to go to. STOP!!!! All of us that are searching for accurate answers about whatever you’re looking for, are led to certain people, places ect… If you are here, it’s for a reason. Soneca really said some amazing things that I needed confirmation on a few months ago when I was really searching for the right direction to go. I went on youtube to find someone that could help me figure out some of my issues. Her energy and accuracy stopped me cold. I booked a session with her and she got back to me in about 2wks on youtube. worth the wait!!! Btw, if that is too long of a wait for you, think again. imagine thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands upon thousands and thousands : ) (soneca will get why I said this) that are trying to get a reading from her and she is the only one that can make it happen. For all of you that don’t have that much money to spend, skimp on the meals for a week and get some answers that will help you sleep at night. Thanks again Soneca!

You are so much more than just a tarot reader. Your extensions beyond the readings are so helpful to the “lay people” to understand systems. Thank you Soneca

Soneca, Thank you for the reading. It was very inspiring for me. I needed some good news. I will let you know how it plays out. It’s nice to know I have these angels around me. I will like your FB page and tell others about you. Many blessings Best wishes

Thank you. Always very thorough.

Thank you very much for that’s reading. Every thing you have said is so true it’s scary.. Thanks again 🙂

Hi Sonika

I had a reading before with you and things happened as you predicted. I was wondering if you had any vacant slots for today?

Our last reading was so awesome.

thank you so much for everything. I think you are wonderful and you are helping me to heal. To not blame myself. i am very grateful to you. I will be in touch in the future for sure and of course will recommend you to anyone.

Hi Soneca, I found you through your YouTube channel and was really impressed with your reading. I am a Sagittarius and really enjoyed your June reading, finding it very accurate so far! I’d love to book a one hour live session with you.

Thank you Soneca!!!

I started following your youtube channel at the beginning of the year and almost intuitively I view your monthly videos for Geminis. I really enjoy your readings as you radiate a very positive energy and an accurate reading even though it is claimed to be general. Thank you for all the time you take out to make these videos. God bless.

I think you are so amazing.

Wow! Early reading Soneca! Thank you

Thanks another great reading

Thank you so much for your time and patience. I am sure every life you touch is very grateful.

Hi Soneca, nice to reach out to you. I would very much like to have a full reading from you. I am in much need of guidance, truly, hence my interest in trying to cut short on the timings for us to to get in touch. I love your voice BTW. Any chance of getting in touch ASAP? Please enlighten me Soneca, cant wait to hear from you. Thanks so much.

Thanks again for a great reading

Thank you very much, Soneca! I told my friends about you and they want to get their readings too

Hi Soneca. I’m so glad we’re talking today.

I will share your channel on Facebook because I am truly grateful I came across your readings that are amazing!

That describes my situation very accurately right now. I love this tarot app. I never start my day until I read it so I can be prepared. Ty

Thank you so much Soneca! I got exactly the answers I needed. Thank you very much Soneca!

Hi Sonica, I was impressed with your readings on youtube. I was hoping for a 1 hour personal reading if possible.

Wow you are so accurate with one card reading I kind of know this is a waiting game for me and everything will fall in to place when the time is right God bless.

Hi! Luv your style! Found you thru you tube!

Love your readings Golden Sun Tarot! Your energy is deep!

Hi Sonika, Thank you very much for the reading! You’re very gifted and I really appreciate all you put into it. Thank you!

everything you said applies to me!!!!!!!!! choice is a tough one since living in greece in this crisis has been devastating plus doingsoooo much for my sons has exhasuted me and so sorry they take me for granted so God Bless You for ur support.

Thank you for the reading all you said is true.Im planning to have a baby and i really need a time to focus in my health my partner will going home this coming Oct.hopefully this time i will get pregnant…and Im planning to start a business so excited this coming month.The past few years is not good as this year…Your reading is more clear than the other…

Very good insight. Even tho its a general reading, parts of it are very relevant for me and my situation at the moment. Highly recommend

So happy that you love us saggies

Is it true and its already happening to me in July!!! Mixed emotions…thank you for your reading..

Great reading thank you so much for your time !

thank you for this free personal reading, it has helped a lot, i also appricate you spending all your time and energy for all these readings (: not only for virgo’s but the other zodiac signs. Hope you have a good day!

Thanks you very very much i got. now i will follow your advise. i must say you got so so many of my qurstions cover and to the point. i will keep u update

Wow great positive insightful reading blessings to you for April to many thanks.

Hi Soneca, One of my friends actually referred you to me and I’ve been thinking about these questions for some time.

I thought over some things which I wanted to ask.

Thank you. Wish I could give more than a thank you but that is all I can give for the time being. As things progress for me I will definitely support because your readings are great. Very insightful. Thank you again!

Thank you Soneca, for your insightful reading as always. You are so clear to understand and get the messages across so well. Speak soon

Hi Soneca, Thank you for your insights and your advice about my job search. Will do! In relation to your message in the last question, I agree it is a masculine energy although it seems more relevant about an acquaintance. I will listen to the session again tonight. For now, feel a big hug from me to you, in exchange for the comforting messages you’ve conveyed to me in this reading. I will keep you posted. Thanks coach

Thank you so much. You have a true gift. As soon as I hung up, I contacted him. It felt good to be open with him. Thanks again.

A lot of the things you said in your reading are right the German I is a female person in my life that will be a sister of mine that I stay away from and she’s been trying to get in contact with me. she has a negative unsympathetic cold spirit domineering and controlling with me that’s why I don’t get along with her. and I’ve been staying away from her. now the king of Rods that you were discussing that’s actually true because I’ve been thinking about my career and seeing what’s out there in changing and thinking about having more will prosperous financially career for myself so I’ve been pondering on that. and thinking like I’m ready to go and jump in it. thank you for your reading

Hi Soneca, Thank you so much for the readings. Your readings gave me a clear insight, understanding and awareness. Very much appreciated.

thank you so much for the additional reading. it sounds very exciting. capricorn is also a late bloomer in life, i’ve heard and i think things are finally releasing for me and all my heavy planetary influences are starting to ease. it’s very strange that this happened directly after my reading with you. anyway thank you for such a wonderful reading. love and light

Thank you, enjoyed your reading on YouTube today.

as always just love your videos .. so genuine .. just want to say thankyou for all your time and energy you put into your videos .. so so appreciated .. thankyou

The Aries had come in romantically as you predicted , and I am waiting to see what happens. As you advised. I’ll let things develop for another few weeks then probably have another private reading with you to see what if anything had changed, and if you think that’s a good idea and would give me more insight.

This is by far the best reading in my entire life, thank you so much for sharing this information with us. Much Love. !

Hi Soneca! I just wanted to say thank you for all the time that you put into your posts and video’s. You are very thorough and personable in your approach. I’m a Saggie, and a keeper of perpetual hope, but my heart has been wounded greatly. People and circumstances that I thought were true have been stripped away, and simultaneously have been replaced by the goodness of God. Every day I pray for blessings on my personal life to happen soon. Your readings always help me to “navigate” the day, week, month and I look forward to listening to you for a long time to come

I have been following you on you tube for a long time,I think you’re gift is so awesome and always spot on with me. Thank you for your precious time
Hi Sonika, Thank you for the image, and the reading. I have been ‘trying to put it into practice’ already, lol. It has helped me,

very accurate ~ thats exactly what my bf is going through. . .thanks for the insight

Thank you so much Soneca I’m looking forward to your always amazing and enlightening reading

Dear Soneca,
I want to thank you very much for the reading, You helped me to release the
Stress a little bit and hope for better.
Thank you once again.

Thank you for accommodating us. BTW, I love your videos and watch them all the time.

I appreciate the messages, Sonika, and your kindly intentions which always come through. It seems some possibilities have expanded from the predictions of last year-and that is a good thing! The heaviness of certain energies has been around me for a long time. It was good to hear it revealed. I can’t pretend it’s not there. Little by little, step by step, I know I can release them. I also liked what you said about my….Till we meet again, thank you.

You are early!!! Thank you for doing it ahead

Thank you, Sonika, SO much for these messages!!!!! Very interesting, and have given me things to think about. I will definitely be in touch. Hope 2018 is off to a good start for you….

love the reading

Also, I wanted to let you know that your weekly for the elements was on point.

I don’t feel obligated at all. I just really think you are a special person and have been so good to me. I just saw something I thought you might like and it would make me feel good to make you smile and know that you are valuable and appreciated. I am so glad our paths have crossed!

thank you for a great reading.

The month of May 2015 has got 3 days left to over n even though that this is only a general reading but what you have seen from the reading happened everything to me! AMAZING!!! Many2 thanks to you Soneca…may GBU always Love n Light

I think your amazing!

Thanks for the quick turn around!

Hi Soneca: Great job on the weekly readings once again!

Thank you Soneca! Your reading blew my mind! It was amazing and I will definitely have one again….I can now move into the future with a clearer vision!!

Hello Soneca, I just enjoyed watching your Tarot reading for March 2015 for Gemini. Many of the messages you revealed resonated with me but as it is only a general reading I thought I would schedule a personal reading with you. I truly appreciate the warm and open nature of your readings as I feel that you go into detail and take your time to express all of the information. It is a great blessing to have a heart large enough to open it to helping others and I would love to have the opportunity to schedule a reading with you.

Great message for Air signs. Thanks!

I would like to book 1 hour with you. I hâve been following your monthly tarots on Youtube and its incredible. Thank you

Honest ,straightforward and insightful is the reading I recently had with Soneca. Really looking forward to more readings with her.

Hello Soneca, Thank you very much for my reading, I listened very carefully to what you are telling me, and I want to tell you when you mention how I am feeling in the reading you are completely accurate. The reading was just amazing and I very glad I did it, it helped me very much.
Thank you again,

Good Day Soneca,i’m an air sign going through the energies as the cards exactly show,moreover as you are explaining the Tower will touch of some air signs,i think i’m experiencing it.I thank you for the reading and admit you have never mistaken in my situations so far although it is a general reading.Respect.

Thank you Soneca so much for your reading! It’s pretty accurate specially my relationship to him.

thank you. water, earth and air

just wanted to say thank you for your in-depth free readings. They are very helpful 🙂

thank you air and water signs does resonate with me. god bless

Hello Soneca, I feel it is time for another reading. I would like to do the 1 hour please. Hope you are doing great. thanks.

The last card of the month The Magician really speaks to me and my birthday is May 1st. I also have Uranus conjunct my ascendant in my natal chart. Thank you for the reading. 🙂

Yes, August 11 is the new moon, bringing us all that great initiation energy. Thank you Soneca

Thank you !

Incredible reading! I am a water sign and my soulmate is an earth sign. It makes all sense to me! Thank you so much, Soneca! <3<3<3 Your welcome I enjoy your readings, thank you for taking your time on all this hard work for all of us Awesome reading I hope I get my job I’m cancer with Gemini rising Leo moon so I hope this happens Ty Hello, Soneca! I will like to purchase a 5 question Youtube private video reading. ps. I’ve purchased a reading from you before back in fall 2014 Hello Saanca I wanted to say first thank you! Thank you! & I am a big fan of Ur’s and July posting has helped to find out more information with my travels you are very most accurate!! I thank you for posting this is all new to me my friend Hi Soneca, I saw your YouTube video August 2015 predictions for Sagittarius, and what you said really resonated with me. I would like a 1 hour reading; please contact me on how to proceed. Thanks! Hello Soneca! I am interested in the 1 hour reading with you. Ive been watching your weekly and monthly videos for awhile now and you are truly gifted. I always look forward to seeing the month ahead. thank you for putting the free videos out there for us. Thanks for sending over the reading so quickly!

Thank you so much for my reading. You are so right about me having to sit down an organize and so right about the that bill that’s the one I’ve been thinking about (so interesting). Everything else you said couldn’t be more right a friend just told me about dating and putting myself out there
Thank you this gives me hope.

Heart-felt thank you dear lady for the reading a few weeks back. Still meditating on our reading. How do I post a ‘testimonial’ on your site or on tube? Peace, Light & Love to you and yours…

Thank you Soneca , hope it’s a good week for you ! May god bless you to do readings many years ahead

thank you i have shared your link

Hi Soneca, Thank you for that amazing session. It was extremely insightful. I will buy another session and let you know what’s the best day and time to schedule it.

Thank you something to look forward to 😉

I had a reading with Soneca this past weekend…it was fantastic…and for the price…it was bargain! Can’t wait to check in w/ her again later this year…. 🙂

I maam, I came across your reading on youtube and believe me its so accurate and perfect.hats off

Forgot to say thank you….

Thank you, Soneca. That is so on spot. I just got introduced a couple of days ago to a firm by my previous supervisor from another firm. I am recontact my manager as you suggested. Thank you for your reading and good luck to your work. I will probably book another reading in couple of months.

Nice readings blessings to you

Stay grounded… got it

Very accurate and nice reading. I love it. How I wish to have a private reading with you. I’m a diehard subscriber of your wonderful channel. Best regards

Hi there, I’ve been viewing your videos on your you tube channel, thank you for all that you do, the many hours you put in for us for free. May you continue to be blessed. I would like to ask for a 1 hour reading.

Hi Soneca, Thank you very much for your reading

Indeed I’ve got an edge situation where I need to choose which way to go.

Indeed I’ve got the feeling that things got slow down. To be honest I would never think I’d be asking for this kind of services. I like your video, you are dedicated and happy with what you are doing 🙂 and it’s great!

Have a nice day

Thanks to your reading I decided to get outta my funk and text my loved ones and I’m feeling somewhat better. Thanks a lot!

I love to watch the videos. I write the info down and refer to it often. Youve been a great guidance and inspiration Soneca. Truly a gift. I do hope you prosper. Your readings and video’s are very well organized.

oh thats super fast! I will be looking forward to it. Ive told some friends about you. Im very impressed with your work.

Firstly and to show my appreciation, thank you for this reading. You clearly have a talent for interpreting the cards rather accurately and intuitively. I’d very much like to support you and would recommend you to others. Lots of love and light to you!

Thank you so much!

Thank you Soneca. An excellent reading that fully resonates with me! I will be back in the months ahead with more questions! Thanks and best wishes

Thank you so much! I’m actually sitting here crying because my daughter is everything to me even though we have difficult times. I just want her to aspire to her best potential.Thank you for everything, I’m so appreciative

I watch and share your channel all the time and I think you are very knowledgeable and so nice too. Have a wonderful day

Hi Soneca, Thank you so much for your readings, I love and enjoy you and you really help me beyond words in everything I face. I would a 9 specific questions reading this time which ever reading you feel us best for me, tarot or angel, your choice. On a recorded YouTube video please. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you,

Dear Soneca, I had such a wonderful reading with you, thank-you again! I would like to know if you do life regression… If I’m an old soul etc…! Anything you can suggest? If you have such readings I would love to purchase that service from you Soneca! Thanks a million again

You are awesome, wow no words,

Hi Soneca, Thanks so much, I have just received your reading and the whole thing makes so much sense to me. I have a case that I’m struggling with at the moment….Anyway your reading is spot on. Thank you so much for your help.

Very insightful. hit the nail on the head on many levels. Very validating. thank you. would like to check into a personal reading.

You are a great reader and a wonderful person! I can’t thank you and your spirit guide enough for bringing the truth and clarifications to me. Please take care and I will certainly check back with you when I have more questions! Lots of love
Nice reading and messages !
Thanks for your readings! I enjoy them and they usually resonate with me in some way! Keep up the good work!

Oh my dear…i saw the video just now…and its so so accurate and i can sense what and why i am going through. your messages will definitely help me a lot to rethink my decisions. i really love u for this wonderful reading. i thank you so much for this. for one of my questions, u said one person is using me for money and i just did that today morning. i should have seen this video last night itself.i just missed it 🙁 but really really thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you a lot

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your reading. Everything that you said resonated with me. You picked up that there was a lot of disorganization there where i work. I was also amazed that you picked up on the color blue as it is my favorite color. Anyway, thanks again!
I really enjoy your readings. Thank you for all your hard work!
Hello Soneka, it is me again. I know it’s been only a few days since your last reading for me, but I enjoyed it very much and I’m slightly at a crossroads. I would love another 5 specific angel reading questions recording.
Thank u so much… U Were in point…
This was rrrrrright on the money wow. Incredible. Love your detailed descriptions on each card, def subscribing. Sadge sun, pisces moon, scorpio rising and scorpio venus. 🙂

Thanks a million – great info, great animation

Loved the Tarot October 2015 reading for Gemini’s!

Thank you so much Soneca the reading came through. It was very interesting. 🙂

Fabulous reading, felt each element expressed for an over all great week. Thanks so very much Soneca!

I watched your youtube videos for the Libra July and August 2015 horoscope/tarot and I was blown away by how detailed your reading was.

I am always amazed on your accuracy. I was never attracted to Tarot Reading. But you forced me to believe on Tarot Reading. You are the best Tarot Reader i have ever met. I am Sagittarius with Libra ascendent. Love you, feeling wonderful.

thnak you so much for your time and energy for me… Will be talking with my friend Uriel a little more often from now on, promised 🙂

thanks Soneca! you are the best

I definitely will. Probably sooner than later. I already passed on your email address. You should be hearing from my friend. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Hey Soneca! So for the last couple of weeks your weekly messages have resonated with me big time. Hope all is going great with you and cant wait to hear from you!

Hi Soneca! Thank you so much for the reading! The messages really helped me. Thank you.

You are spot on. Thanks great reading.

The best reading I’ve listened to all month it was on point Thanks so much!!

Dear Soneca,

Thank You for your msg.

As for your answer on me turning away, change of meaning on meeting him- it is correct.

Thank you sooo much for your reading !

Hi Soneca thx for the weekly vid of May 4th & all the other vids past & present; Yes you did indeed give a lot of great info which is helpful to us and we’re all very appreciative. Please send Spirit my best regards again.
Sending you big hugs for a job well done and hopefully you will have some vitamin-C & tea or something to protect your throat from so much demand. My goodness I don’t know how you do it:)
All the best Soneca

This was so intensely accurate for me personally, especially when you pulled the wheel of fortune. Just an amazing reading. I love your readings.

Hi Soneca- Thank you so much for your reading. Your message is the same as my gut feeling about my future. Thank you again.

Thank you so much, I appreciate all your help

Wonderful reading! Thank you Soncera!

Thank you Soneca. You are such a blessing! Hope you have a wonderful day and are greatly blessed for the services you provide.

Nicely done! Thank you

Thank you so much!

Thank so much for your reading. Like always very helpful. Im glad I haven’t and didn’t make the mistake of moving in with him.

thank you, very accurate reading at least for me!

You sound HAPPY…that is so awesome!..Be happy…Thank you for your reading here…I always appreciate them so very much, Love and Light to you

Thank you… gad you are happy…

Soneca, Yes, thank you sooooo much. I really appreciate it!!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to provide these tarotscopes. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I appreciate it

Dead on~! thank you!

thank you! I light a candle prior to listening …You are blessed.

I have been watching your you tube videos for a while now and think they are brilliant..always spot on and in depth.

I would love a reading asap! I will pay extra for the short notice. Your June Aquarius reading was very spot on and I have specific questions

You hit a lot on my month.. I’m having a lot of mixed emotions, haven’t had my female cycle for 3months just in pain.. scared to get checked.. I’m very moody, short temperance, very tired, and basically I feel this reading was for me. Feeling emotional

Excellent! Thank you so much!<3<3<3 A few days ago you said to me without me asking that my current workplace is not where I’ll be appreciated. No more than a day later than my reading with you I got a review I’m not happy with!! You’re accurate!! I like that you don’t mince words and that you’re straight up. If you don’t see something happening for me you’ll tell me as you did and then start to re-evaluate what I’m looking at. Thank you so much Soneca! I loved the reading. It was very insightful and full of great advice. Thank you very much for that reading soneca! Lots of interesting information that came through! Thank you! It is what I thought the answers would be. Blessings to you and thank you for sharing your gift! Thank you again for the great reading!

Thank you, Soneca, for the thorough and enlightening angel reading of today. I appreciate your service and the presence of Spirit. Love for all

Hi Sonika, thank you so much for your reading. My husband and I both listened to the video together and we both got emotional. Thank you for your love and guidance.

week of June 15 reading was 7 of cups for Fire signs which I listened to after sending this email. Quite interesting. Thank you. TTYS.

Thank You, Soneca. I used to apply readings starting on the 1st of every month, but once you mentioned the starting of new months on the 22nd of each month, it makes perfect sense ! and a few of these things you mentioned have already happened. Thank you for this wisdom, and for your readings ~ so right on !! Next, to Gemini .. my rising sign.


Soneca, Thank you for the reading today. It has given me the guidance I need to proceed. I appreciate you reading for me.

You really are a gem!

youre one of the best around!!! I watch your channel religiously lol. Thank you for your time!!

Thank you so much for incredible support of life! <3<3<3 Hi Soneca, I have referred a good friend of mine to you. she is at crossroads I hope you can help her as you have helped me. Thank you Soneca, this blows my mind. I am so grateful Your insight confirms what I know and gives me clarity on what is beyond my ability (or willingness) to see Thank you again!

Good Morning Soneca, Thank you so much for reading and I will take everything you have told me with stride and be mindful on each of them. Thanks so Much You are Amazing!

You are AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing your energy and talents. You were right on target!! Much luv and light!!

Thank You for this reading, sounds positive to end my year.

omg cant believe she was spot on wow scarey xx

I like the way you INTERPET

Thank you! The reading was right on every point of my situation in my life now ,literally!

Thank you.

Thank you for your reading. I found it very relevant, and will watch it a few more times.

Thx. Sweetheart very good reading l hope some is mine I’m a Virgo and don’t no where to go to find out about my natal or ascended or moon & Sun rising can you send to me please my friend Godbless!

This is seriously accurate. I broke up with my bf and I made a choice in my life that will change everything. This is jaw dropping.

Hi Soneca, Thank you for the reading received last week. It was very insightful.

Wow spot on with the devil sign, work with someone who is very negative and manipulative trying to get me fired by lying. I pray and ask for protection from my angels and God. It’s been very stressful. thank you, Angel Blessings and Protection

Thank you very much for the reading, I’m looking forward to something positive to finally make out my way. Many Blessings to you…

thanks you

YIKES! I am working to get a new job with another company and have to work on upper management to agree on start pay and pass all background checks… hoping it goes through by December… and then I did have plans to take a long drive out of state to have Thanksgiving with family but out of town family and I arent getting along currently.

Great video. Very helpful and Clear. I’ve really appreciated it!

Soneca is very gifted and caring. Love her positivity and light..

Hi Soneca how are you doing? Finally got a chance to subscribe. Keep up the good work.

Hi dear Soneca, Thank you so much….that is perfect, you are just wonderful ! Can’t wait to get this reading..I trust your readings will be great and just perfect !!

Love…take care…..and thank you so much in advance
PS: May I say….you have the same voice / tone of voice as beautiful Jennifer Lopez. A so happy, melodious & inspiring voice !!

again accurate for me today…Have a nice day Soneca

you are the best

thank you very much for My reading i really need it that

thank you

this resonates with me 100% especially when you mentioned emotions. I’m pregnant and dealing with a rollercoaster full of emotions and accepting my significant other for what and who he is during this time. don’t feel support

glad to find you for october. tyvm for coming back with this kind offer.

Sonika, What a great reading! Thank you for all of your insight. Your answer to that Karmic relationship question really got to me. I really felt… I am now feeling like I am on the other side of it. Gosh that was intense. Thank you again. Talk to you soon.

I love your channel its always so accurate and helpful

spot on thank you

I really enjoyed your reading and i would like a personal and to learn how do reading.

oh my goodness! Nov.15 is the anniversary my daughter Rhiannon died…when you were saying it about the nmessage I felt like it was a message from her trying to come hru…or about my other daughter who I have had chakllenges with…the “watch out”..

Dear Soneca, Thank you so much for your wonderful service. You are so awesome! I will continue to work on those suggestions you mentioned.

sticky eh,for husband leo?? what’s new sweetheart? seems drained from helping everyone. tyvm for advice

Hello Soneca thank you so much for this reading, and for me i guess i going to feel eath energys next week cause Jupiter is in Virgo a really nice energy for me, God bless you

fabulous reading thanks for all your hard work!

I am hoping also for an interview this coming week. Thank you!

Thank you so much. There is a struggle this week. Comforting to know it will have it’s conclusion.


Hi. Im a sag sun and moon sign with a pisces rising sign. I want you to know I appreciate the time you spend doing our forcast.
Thank you so very much

Thank you very much Soneca!

Am a Leo, rejecting a home offer. Also, will be decorating my sister’s house soon. Ummm.. Interesting

Hi Soneca, I really enjoyed your reading, thank you so much! I wish you a wonderful rest of your 2015!

Thank you Soneca i thankful for people like you. And nothing its been easy for me sense im a 6 years old and many people try to put me down meny times but bad or not im still here lol i will survive thank you bess wishes and blessings for you and your family

May reading was a delight to read!!! Sea goats know how to be patient!!! Thanks again

Hello Soneca, writing from Finland. I was watcing your youtube readings (general ones) for both Aries = Sun, and Cancer = Rising and Moon for June and July 2015. Veryimpressive ones !

New Subscriber here. Thank you and many blessings to you. Please if anyone can please send some very lucky energy my way. Thank you and your videos are great

I really thank you for your words!.

Thank you Soneca!
Your good! 🙂
I will definitely be back in the future more Qs.

Thank You 4 The Advice.

Your readings are super accurate and I love them. Thanks a lot.

Thank again love watching your videos

Wow im in SHOCK the readings are on point 100 percent especially the queens card omg on the nail.You Are the truth

Woahh..this is incredibly accurate!! Thank you

I would really like to have a personal reading over the phone if this can be done that would be wonderful I listen to your videos and you are awesome please let me know how we do this

You’re welcome. Thanks for fitting me in today… I really need some closure and peace of mind in this situation.

I love this good really it was so good thank you and I want to say keep up the good work

Thank you so much!!!!

Thank you for son

I regularly follow up yr video forecastvfor zodiac signs on youtube. They are amazingly connecting… friend, pls let me exoerience yr powerful energies..kindly guide me

How do I get a personal reading? I am very comfortable with your readings.

you have amazing videos

You. Are. Amazing!!! Really worth waiting for! Thank you so much for your reading! Gave me a lot of clarity!

thank you for your time and energy for these wonderful readings.

Thank you thank you!!!! I just watched it and I am so appreciative of the beautiful messages you’ve provided for me!

Thanks again for your insight and gift

You did a reading on me and him several months ago and it turns out you was right about that guy, it was an karmic bond

hi sonika just wanted to say that everything you said has already happened. wow you are amazing xx

I like your readings:) and thank’s for the advice, I will follow my intuition!!:)

Always inspiring and insightful! I think this is the first channel I’ve ever subscribed to! Very appreciative of you, Soneca! I’ve been spreading the word about your channel to all my roommates. Your helpful influence is spreading more than you know!

Good morning, Soneca. Thank you so much for your reading. I found it to be very accurate, and look forward to seeing what happens in the future!

Hello Soneca ! I would like a reading from you,I listened your videos and I like them but I need a personal reading for my own situation.

Hi Soneca, Thanks so such the quick turn around! And thanks for answering my questions! Maybe I will try the video readings next time. Thanks so much Soneca and lots of love to you!

Again, I want to reiterate how EXACT you are. I did a reading for a certain situation and it had the page of cups, 4 of cups and ace of swords. I figured out who the page of cups is in this reading from my reading. Exactly what you said is what happened in the reading I did for myself and of course what happened just yesterday in my life!

I am keen to obtain a tarot reading from you after watching a few youtube videos

Wow so much fun. thank you!

Gemini rising feels right this month

Thanks so much for the clarification Soneca! I really appreciate you and your spirit guide for the honest readings.

I also sent you a small thank you gift through paypal. I am very grateful to run into a great reader like you. I believe in karma and we you have been doing for us are beautiful and precious and they will definitely bring good karma to you 🙂 Thanks again for the readings and we will talk soon!

Im ok just running around so much to do.the wheel of fortune in my August reading was so true so much has changed

Thank you Sonika for the positive reading. You did pronounce my name right

I appreciate your help!

Hi Soneca, Good evening! I was reviewing our recent readings and have some general questions really wanted to check with you. For many of my readings you’ve pointed out that certain people will stay in my life for a long time while the others will only stay temporarily. You also guided me on energy of people being read. As a long time client I’m grateful for these messages as they are usually spot on and helpful. But I am extremely curious on whether these energy and messages were delivered to you mostly through cards or the guides?….I am really intrigued by your readings , it would be so since if you could shed some light on these questions

Hello again Sonika, I’ve listened to my 3-month reading … For now, I am happy and feel quite settled after hearing all the messages. Keep well and I return blessings to you.
Hi Sonika, I’ve only checked the answer to my question and want to thank you so much for delivering it so quickly. The car is indeed, a… Now I’m looking forward t checking the rest of my messages. Again, thank you for your help with this!
Thank you so much, Soneca,
for these wonderful messages!

Indeed it is very deep reading Soneca!!! Yup gonna try to do my best to stay grounded…Ty so so much. Wishing you a lot loves n lights

this was really accurate, I haven’t found a video this accurate on here. thank you for your videos!

Hello again Soneca, I wanted to thank you for the great readings, especially for my job move.
I feel so encouraged now. So I didn’t manage to thank you properly. Thank you!!

Thanks thats on the money

Thank you!

Thank you for your reading very much

Hi Soneca, I watched your newest video on Sunday regarding your important messages from Spirit. I am so glad I did because the messages felt like the Truth and as if they had come directly from Spirit through you. I shared the video with my friends and loved ones who are receptive and in tune with the energies of the Universe. I am looking forward to seeing what good tidings September brings to us as we tune into the energy of LOVE and the resurrection of LOVE energies on this earth plane. In LOVE and light

Thank you Soneca, good stuff

This is so accurate for me. In the first week of September, I realized an ex had been manipulating me for emotional support and cast me aside when he no longer needed me. But just today I received loving support from my female friends, which was a big help as I’m now feeling self-assured and ready to let go. I just watched your October reading for Aries, and I’m looking forward to the future. I will keep my heart open and my head high no matter what happens. Sorry for rambling on and thank you so much for sharing.

Thanks Soneca

I listen to you all the time..


Hi Soneca, That was a good reading, thank you.

I only started to become interested in fortune through cards say a couple of years ago, I use playing cards personally because i feel comfortable with them and my readings are always accurate and because I “fear” the tarot in a way. scared to delve into them haha ;/ but your readings are excellent and i enjoy them very much

Soneca: Once again you’ve put my mind at ease and made me sigh a big sound of relief!! Thank you ,

Will recommend you to my friends

true on transportation part about to join a job which facilitates pick up drop facility!!!!

Hi Soneca, Thank you so very much for my reading and thank you for getting back to me so swiftly. I will be sure to keep up the faith and to ask the angels for help! You do have a wonderful gift! I have watched quite a few of your videos and found them to be very insightful and helpful, and I am very grateful that I came across your readings. Kindest Regards,
Hi Soneca, You are very kind, thank you for replying and answering to my question. I will heed this advise. Thank you!

Thank ypu,so,much for,the reading. I will keep in touch

thank u for ur fast response. thank u much

Hello Soneca, I have been listening to your input about the upcoming months. They are very accurate and indeed the month of August will be tough. And yes, freedom will come next year in spring. I will definitely follow all the advice I received as well I am very grateful for your help. Thank you so much, you are amazing. You will hear from me again at the end of August. God Bless You!

Thank you Soneca you are special

Morning Sonika! Thank you for this reading. Some was just spot on it’s crazy. I… thank you so much and look forward to the next one!

Soneca, Wow, thanks for that message at the beginning of your weekly tarot reading for July 6th. That was exactly what I needed to hear. I’m really struggling with some things happening right now that I can’t control. I’ve been trying to focus on late July and August when some energies should hopefully turn in my favor and that was encouraging to hear you mention that time frame here as well. I’m trying my best to stay calm and keep moving forward. Hope you’re having a great 4th of July weekend!

My daughters are in a pained place so I needed to hear this… Thank you

Thank you sweetheart Namaste!

For me this is a personal reading. Fire sign comment sealed this thought for me. Also the humor behind ‘the marathon’ LOL your spirit is interesting.

Thank you!

Hi Soneca, I just want to say a BIG thank you for your reading. It confirms what I feel. I’m so floored, because a few days ago, I did wonder about him in a past life. Makes sense why he treats me this way now. That’s how I started to slow fall off the wagon again. That’s when I first contacted you. You’re so right about his pull.

Hello Soneka, God bless you. Because of this amazing gift you have, I am able to have clarity and manage my decisions better.

Can i just say your monthly reading for my sun and my rising is so on point because i’m attending a party and the cards you pulled for the 2nd full week were 3 of cups and King of cups and in both you talked about weddings, celebrations, reunions and that’s exactly whats in store for that weekend! lol Very impressive, just felt like sharing that with you. Thank you for your time!

Thank you so much! Have a marvelous day!

thank you so much for your wonderful readings!

I really enjoyed my conversation and reading from you I may have to call you back next month

thank you good reading………..

Wow! I already feel the steady flow of energy coming I can’t wait to see what it is like as November comes in! It’s the holidays coming up so I will try to stay grounded. Good warnings. Thank you!

I hope to have good news and lightheartedness this week. Waiting to hear about two job offers. Thanks Golden Sun.

good morning, afternoon, evening, (i don’t know exactly chere you are ) i find you by any chance on youtube, when i was checking my horoscope for August, and i checked almost all your videos, and i just fall in love, how you discrib, how specific you are (even if it’s a general reading), i think it’s the first time i find someone like you…

it’s for that i would take my chance, with a 1 hour reading with you.

I would like the personalized 6 month forecast for done via private You tube video. 3 cards per month.

Starting with October 2015. Thanks. Your video’s on You tube are very helpful!!

Hello Soneca, I just wanted to let you know that I received my reading. Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon. I truly appreciate the time and effort you took in sharing your gift with me to answer my questions. I want you to know that I will meditate and take the messages relayed to me into consideration. I humbly receive the message that was given to you for me. I will also continue to work towards manifesting my goals. As you generally stated, we have the positive power to succeed in whatever we choose. Again, I thank you, I appreciate you, and I wish you all the best now and in the future. I look forward to your general YouTube videos to come. Sincerely and with great gratitude.

Your reading is on point

Great reading! I hear the word job offer and only hope I get the one I want! Seeking to transfer my job back and I just applied , so it takes time… Fingers crossed! Thank you xoxoxo
All these readings lines up to my birth chart which is great! 🙂

Hi Soneca,Love your videos!! 🙂 Very accurate and fun to watch.

Would like a 1 hour reading (tarot please) with you.

What a great reading! Thank you for your time and thorough descriptions. The tower is actually a good thing. I’m really liking Saturn in Sag too. It’s just a chance for us to integrate what we’ve learned so far this year. Personally, I’ve let go of alot of emotional baggage, old ways of doing things. Forgiveness for myself and others makes way for new opportunities!! PS my first grandchild will be born this month, starting a new business too. It’s all good 🙂 Thank you Soneca!
Hi Soneca: How are you doing? Thx for the extra advice in your weekly vid for the 15th which was very helpful.
Loved the tarot reading for Taurus (Taurus, Gemini, Pisces here) for Feb. I noticed and appreciated the lovely relationship among you and your spiritual family. You are a very good teacher – it shows!

I am very happy for the reading because I am going to have surgery on August. Thank you very very much.

Thank you!

I definitely had an important meeting/discussion today Soneca and it confirmed what my intuition was telling me. I’ll tell you about it whenever we have another reading, it’s extremely significant

Thank you so much for the reading and for being so honest… i SO VERY much appreciate the honesty. Again THANK YOU for being honest. You are awesome!

Hi Soneca, I wanted to say thank you so much for your insights. Your insights are amazing! You were able to pinpoint my current state exactly and my past relationship in a way that gave me much more clarity. You were also right in that this morning I felt much more revived and started using the energy immediately! I started to see my focus shift and felt so much more enthused. Thank you, as through your wisdom and empathy you helped open the door just a little bit more for me.

Awesome, thank you so much! I am going on a vacation…post which I will connect with you for a Skype tarot reading.i just saw your …February reading on you tube and I just want to tell you that your readings are awesome and I wait eagerly for them…see you soon…take care

Sharing and joined Facebook page and subbed here, love your energy and channel, this is really amazing. Love, and light!

thank you beautiful spirit for your time and effort – blessings for all and extra special for the reader helping us all selflessly.

Blessings & Gratitude

Excellent reading…..Thank you!


Hi Sonika!!! I’m a big fan of your YouTube videos! I resonate many times! I have been watching for some time now.

My question is:

Thank you so much Soneca

Thank you so much! It makes perfect sense.

Your reading is

accurate and amazing. I think you really have special powers to be so accurate.

Thank you so much you’ve been so much help. Loved it.

Yes! You are on the money

Thanks Soneca, I really appreciate for your advise.

Hi! I was impressed with your reading last time so decided to get another.

This was crazy accurate for me. It’s kind of odd how accurate it was. Wow. This is actually the most accurate reading I’ve seen. Interesting.

thanks for my reading this morning. I really appreciate it.

Thanks so much Soneca! I hope you feel better now. This is a truly beautiful, spot on and bittersweet reading.

Ok thank you. But I won’t be able to be a part of the seance on May 26. I will consider the 15 min private mediumship for next time. My … is here visiting me and I would like to book a 1 hr session for … for next week. I will book it on the website by the end of this week. Thanks again.

Thank you , Soneca for your honest messages. I will be doing my best to follow the advice shared from Spirit. I will be in touch in the future for another reading. Many blessings,

Very in depth. Thanks for all the hard work.

I received it, thank you Soneca!! I also want you to know that you were a huge help to me in early 2015 giving guidance. The individual I spoke to you about so much was later revealed to be someone very important in my life.

Oh wow thank you Soneca i really appreciate the reading.

Thank thank thank you so much Sonika for the reading, I loved it you gave me so much hope and relief , may God bless you looking forward to it, I have a few more questions that I want to purchase soon. I will keep in touch. Ps: you pronounced all my names RIGHT!!

Dear Sonika Thank you for this reading. A lot of very serious messages came through so I am grateful that I was guided to contact you. Forewarned is forearmed. I appreciate you and the gift you share beyond measure. I have a few very challenging months ahead. I will surely be in touch. My best to you always

thank you for nice gift that is coming our way.boy do I need that..

Thank you Soneca for relaying those messages to me so quickly! Now I have more to ponder…with some peace as I move forward.

Thank you Soneca! Hope you have a good and blessed August !

Hope all is well with you! I’m so happy you’re doing personal monthly readings now, I’m excited and can’t wait for what my reading has to say.

Thank you ! I can’t wait September ! I hope something good !

Thank so much for the reading.

Have a lovely holiday weekend. I cannot thank you enough for your help

Thank you so much, it makes a lot of sense!

Hi Soneca, Thankyou very much for reading, really nice of you. And you have very lovely voice. Regards

You have my gift.Golden Sun Tarot.

thank you!! sending lots of love!!

Thank you for taking the time to read for me. Alot of what you said I can relate to and it will be helpful.

Soneca, Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely

Hi Soneca, I have a friend who really needs a reading. Are you available?


Hope all the best for you Sonica

Ugh. I just feel this is going to be a very difficult month overall. I’m feeling a lot of negative energy- “thickness”- already. At least I can be prepared for it. Thank you for your helpful messages and advice as always, Soneca.

Thank you. much luv x

Thank you for all your time spent to bring us these videos. Much appreciated.

Thank you for the great reading. Much appreaciated

Thanks so much for taking the time to write me back. You made me feel better. Have a great weekend.

Thank you Soneca, The Tower? Ahhhh I need something good – Have a pleasant week !

Ty very nice reading

Yes, I was able to access the video.

Thank you for this wonderful reading!

Thank you my dearest Soneca for everything. You are amazing; And thank you for taking time out of your already over-busy schedule to give your valuable feedback. I don’t know how you do it as many can only sit back and admire your ongoing energy and hard work. Yes that’s true …it’s all good even though it’s a slow process, I’m continuing to learn on a daily basis – internally and externally. Sorry Soneca if the info was a bit too much, as we have both learned about other possible dynamics at play in the world of finance. Yeah that would be great if this issue is furloughed some as their’s way too much instability going on globally right now for something so drastic to occur.

mmmm Yesss like a stalker Scorpio Moon so I can do that! hehehehe Thank you for this reading, awesome as always! Love and Light

Hi Soneca, Thank you for the reading. Appreciate all you effort … thanks again!

Hi Soneca, Thank you for the reading ! I will definitely have a reading with you soon . I really appreciate you!

I also wanted to thank you immensely for your free readings via youtube I found June’s to be so spot on and I eagerly look forward to any help you can provide. Thank you again

I love your readings they are spot on I would like a reading

Thank u Soneca for the reading…

Thanks GoldenSun your sooo good and keep up the love of tarot u Rock Godbless u. Frm Gemini

Got it. Thank you very much Soneca

That was quick lol..Thank you so much

Hi Soneca!! I know I’ve missed the deadline for teadings this month – however I would like to book you for a reading at your first opportunity.

Guess what – I figured out Skype so we can actually do one together.

Much of what yoy told me came TRUE!!! So I am beyond excited to connect with you.

You said there would be some kind of connection from him in the month and he called on the 9th late late late at night and when I said hello he hung up. I haven’t seen or heard from him since.

I’m not sure 100% if him and her broke up but my local psychic told me that there was no chance they were going to be yogethet. She said it would be a horrible month for him – YOU had already told me that!!!!!! She says he felt unloved and alone even though she was therem she said he felt being with her lacked depth and that he thought of me.

Anyway – if anyone cancels please let me know. I have lots of guidance/questions for you. I also don’t mind paying extra to get squeezed in.

Thanks Soneca you are amazing!!!

On spot Soneca… Water sign here… The mother figure is on spot!!

This was quite interesting soneca. I am experiencing a major shift in my life right now.

Thank you, Soneca. Your readings (both the monthly and weekly) are always helpful and relevant in my life. I really look forward to them each week and pull cards to clarify the messages in your videos as well.

Sonika, My husband and I are very pleased to read your powerful message….We hope you have a wonderful year with full of love, luck, and happiness. Thank you so very much.

Hello Sonika, Thank you very much for the reading! It was very helpful in confirming these thoughts in our heads….You were exactly right in that….Yes, you are right on the energy of the house…but like you said, perhaps its best to get it done sooner rather than later….I will definitely keep you posted. Many blessings to you,

Hi Soneca

I think you’re 100% right and I appreciate your advice. I admire your honesty as a reader. Thanks again for the advice and again your honesty – it’s what brings me back to you everytime. Have a good day – I’ll check in with you at the end of month.

Thank you so much for the reading and extra time. Very grateful. Smiles, love and light to you as well.

Spot on with that Pisces!… I can never figure him out though. You are good! Thank You.

Yes Soneca, I know exactly what that injustice is about (Cancer here), need to release something from the past 2 months and having a hard time succeeding… thank you for this reading 🙂

Very accurate for Earth signs! Thank you!

thank you, the feeling I got that other people aren’t “on my side” with some of the good things that (finally) happened. Sad but true, but yes, I need to not say too much about some small good things that recently happened. Thanks So much from saggie! I have to keep my nose to the grindstone, life is no where near where it should be! Thanks!

5 planets in gemini here…thank u so much for this awesome reading.

I am a Sun Gemini and this is uncanny coz I do have a Sun in Sagittarius person at my work place making me very uncomfortable as the weeks go by. I am not sure if she doesn’t trust me/is trying to hint at something but the bottom line is that she is indeed affecting me in a negatively in an insidious way. Talking about Saturn in Sag in our 7th house.Thank you for this insightful reading.

Thank you so much Sonika. I will take the advice you have given me through Spirit and work on …I’m very much looking forward to the the 3m reading to see what’s coming in my near future. Thank you again for your always accurate advice

Thank you so much for that message. You have no idea how much that means to me. I hope to connect with you again soon.

You’re so on point. Thank you so much! Hope all is well with you

Thank you so much Soneca. I am in tears.
I wish I could hug you. I appreciate your time and explanations. I feel validated, and I feel better. I was shouting (in my head) “I knew it!”with every validation.
I will keep in touch and let you know how things turn out with any changes you talked about. I sure I will buy another reading sometime down the road.
Thank you again.

Thanks for your reading so beautiful words and actions of the most important part l have let go past and new relationship leo heheheh, and this time round foundation yup moving house very sad have to move just been here 6mths and need strong positive thinking and relaxing meditation ss well.

WOW Sonika!!!! Your words are exactly Right and perfect! This describes him exactly and resonates exactly!!! …Thank you Sonika you are exactly correct.

Good reading!. the past still there?.waiting to close the circle of my life. l hope you are right so that way l can move on!.

I really enjoyed your reading…I’m planning on get a personal reading soon. Hopefully, you can help me with somethings I’m going through

Thank you very much. Many blessings.

Yes, a LOT of thinking and contemplating going on these past few days indeed! I really like the “goofy” Soneca in this reading

Loved this reading! Thank you

Yes im still doing chakras healing sense January and i believe is awesome the way i feel now, thank you Sonica God bless you

Thank you for the reading

I love your readings on YouTube.

Dear Soneca How are you? I could not write you earlier. I suffered so much in the last two months especially in April. I hope June will be a better month. Thanks for your guidance.

Thank you so much!

Thank you Soneca, Sagitarius here!! I hope and believe n good karma, God bless you.

So i always do a monthly read for myself because these are just general readings… I got the exact same four cards

Amazing reading! Thank you for your insight on the upcoming month ahead..truly appreciated 🙂

Hello, Sonika! Wow! That is such an amazing surprise! Thank You So Much! I will definitely be in touch to schedule this reading!

Lovely it resonates 100 percent for me and my family thank you very much golden sun tarot especially the advice cards where you inter linked air and earth and water and fire god bless

I like ur video reading

Hello Soneca, I am very excited to be getting a reading from you. I discovered you in June, your reading for June was so scary accurate. Thank you for dedicating your time for those monthly readings, I enjoy them.
Soneca, Thank you for the info, much appreciated as always. I wanted to let you know that your suggestion for me to join this site went in a very interesting direction. I will explain more in our next reading but this has resulted in me having a “revelation” of sorts about him… in a good way. I’m really excited about this new direction with him and I can’t wait to talk to you more about it soon!

Soneca really has a wonderful connection with spirit. Not only was she correct in the outcome of my situation but she gave me helpful insight as well. I would 100% recommend her!

Soneca, As always, thanks for the great reading today.

I love your video. I am seeking guidance.

I really admire your guidance ., and advise if It can help other people that would be rewarding for me

Thank You so much for the reading. I would also like to purchase a 6 month personal forecast.

Keep up the amazing work that you do … telling it like it is

Thanks!! This was very accurate!!! I have a Sagittarius coming into my life to help me and a Pisces that didn’t meet my expectations leaving out of my life. My living situation has changed and this is a new beginning for me to change. Great reading!!!!

thanks for reading . It has come out very accurate for me . I got a negative news and in regards to that I have to work n earn it really hard . Feeling drained. And really affecting my health but life has given no choice

. I have to keep going …..

Yes I will wait, pray and wish for it to come! Manifesting Positivity! Thank you so much Awesome Soneca! Wishing more love and abundance coming your way! 🙂

Hi Soneca: How are you doing and how have you been? Wishing you and your family well for 2015 and beyond. Congratulations on another thought-provoking weekly reading for everyone – very powerful and enlightening – which I just checked out earlier today. It’s very nice of you to do so much to help us all to create more clarity in our lives. But unfortunately a few people really have little appreciation, at times, for what it is that you do. However, I think most people are grateful – it seems – judging from certain feedback and comments on Utube. Soneca you definitely have great skills and your own unique style and humbleness. What a wonderful gift – many wonderful blessings. I will be connecting with you for several readings in the near future. I realize you’re very busy and I don’t want to take up too much of your time. Thanks for your time and consideration:)

Thanks for the reading for fire sign!. I am Sagitarius. So far my life it is up side down!.In everything. This give me a bit of hope.Because my energy is almost gone!. Anyway thanks!.

Thank you very much for your time 🙂 If I have any other requests, I would definitely come back 🙂

Yay thank you! Amazing reading!

Wow… If I may, that was a very profound reading. Anyways, I have really enjoyed this reading because the suffering has been tremendous and with this reading and the “doctrine of the many I’s” I am slowly starting to come around to a calmer, stable state. I hope…

And likewise, you are very special to this Sagg rising/moon. Thank you!!

Thank you for sharing your amazing gift!

Soneca, Thank you for the helpful and quick responses!

I think ur amazing ur reading speaks to me n feel my angels want me to get with u inparticular. I have big choices coming up n need help with direction im going through a spiritual awaking an its amazing but im have hard time understanding some of the signs. If u can get back asap. I know ur busy but i got huge decission i have to make in next day or two. If u can squeaz me in id be very greatful:) let me know best wishes

Hi Soneca, I listen toyour videos and really like them. You are accurate with many issues in my life path.

Thanks for the reading for fire sign!. I am Sagitarius. So far my life it is up side down!.In everything. This give me a bit of hope.Because my energy is almost gone!. Anyway thanks!.

Hey Soneca, i am impressed. I’ve just watched 3 readings for January 2015(my sign, my rising sign, my moon). All together , they mirror energies which are happening to me now. Thank you for sharing.

You was right on everything that you said


thank you so very much for sharing your gift with us!

Thank you Soneca. It’s always a pleasure to watch your readings. You’re the best! Keep up the good work girl!

I love this video and my birthday Is On Oct 29th I will be 48 years old and I feel rather good…..

i love your advise, wonderful thank you so much ,

I found your reading on youtube and was sooo impressed !

Thank you so much for the blessings ~ I literally started crying when you said “you could be angry at your intuition”. Hit the nail right on the head.

Thanks for your reading Soneca! It’s amazing and I felt a sense of empowerment while reading this. I will come back for another reading when I need some guidance again. Thanks for sending this advise& Happy New Year.

this is a very accurate reading… she is on point… thanks golden sun tarot

Thanks for all you do!

Thank you very much for all your service. Please note I’ve told my friends about, best of luck in everything you do.

Hi! I just love your readings. Every time you say something that has happend in my life. I am a Scorpio. I would love to purchase a 1 hour reading to get some clarity on 1 subject in my life.

Thank you. I’ll be in touch again soon I’m sure for another reading as I’m very interested in meaning mite about my own karma. Thanks again!

i’m always amazed by your readings,you very often touch right issues during explaining,for me it is accurate,thank you for sharing.

OMG, spot on!! 15:0018:14 ~ Liked, Subscribed, Sharing! Amazing!!

After recently watching a monthly youtube reading with Soneca at Golden Sun Tarot I decided to take a chance and book a reading. My instincts served me well – we connected right away and before I knew it, all the issues that had previously kept me awake at night were no longer a concern. My questions were answered. During the reading a potential future obstacle was identified. After thinking about it a couple of weeks I decided to book another reading. Again I was super impressed as this time I came away with options that made perfect sense. I can now implement changes I don’t think I would have contemplated without her second reading.
If you are looking for an expert tarot reader I highly recommend Soneca at Golden Sun Tarot without hesitation, she is the “real deal”. You will not be disappointed!
Hello Soneca, Thank you very much for your lovely messages, perfectly complying with my own instincts.

wow, that was very helpful and interesting. I can’t wait to see what unfolds! Thank you so much for doing my reading so fast, I’ll keep you updated on how things go. Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous spring 2016!

Hi I came across your page and find your videos very useful and was wondering if you could please if at all possible do a reading for me?

Thank you, so grateful for your offerings…. your readings are so great! XO

I need something positive in my life lol! I trust you and know it’s the truth you’ve been tough sometimes but supportive and positive, I need that.

Thank you Soneca

Hello Soneca, Thank you very much for the effort and love you put into your readings. I really appreciate what you do.

Thank you Soneca
This is great clarity for me
I appreciate your fast reply
Have a lovely day

Definitely glad for good news 🙂 Thanx Soneca!!

Last week patience and now this week karma…. yep, I can definitely relate! 🙂

Thank you

Absolutely true, i have court, travel and to make some tough decisions. Thank You!

Everything in your video that you said descibes me, Ive had a Spirtuial calling for some time now and crystal too & now tarot cards it was strange when you said that in your video i was SHOCKED!! But i have not yet had a spirt guide, but i do have visions in my dreams!! i have been practicing a little so im a beginner. Thank you

Thank you xo

Wow your readings are so accurate for me and I have had quite a few on u tube and I would put you in the top 10 readers as one of the best hope the year is great for you with lots of love peace and happiness bless you

Thanks for your quick answer. I loved your reading. Thanks again

thank you so much! I love your monthly readings, you are a true gift to us all.

You are SO right.

thank you for your consideration to those who are on a fixed income and your free readings. many blessings will come your way

Thank You Happy New Year! We are moving and your reading is most helpful.

I really like your name and your weekly and monthly Tarot readings are very helpful to me and insightful.

Thank you so much Sonika!!!! Your video completely resonated with his ways. He definitely is the … I definitely feel weight off my shoulders and now feel as if I have closure finally! I woke up this morning refreshed. I have been seeing a lot of butterflies lately and I know Is my spirits guides and angels that helped me through this..Once again thank you very much for your clarity!!! Blessings!!!

Thank you very much Soneca for your Guidance.

I have been wanting you to read for me for a while, wow this just confirms it. Talk about coincidences!

Thank you for saying so – yes I am still in control and can manifest positive changes in my circumstances. You always give valuable and practical advice. I’m very grateful to have found your channel!

Oh my Spirit…your reading for Taurus May 2015 was BANG ON! The most accurate tarot reading l have ever had and l wasn’t even ‘with you’. Thank you so much. The loving nature of your being is so blatant through your gentle voice. So much light, love and power to you Sun lady

Thank you! This gives me great insight into the next few months!

Very,very accurate. Thank you.

Excellent. Thank you.

Amazing – this has been one of the most accurate reading I have heard. It was how I am feeling.


will order second reading after i get first salary.

Early reading again Soneca! Wow! Thank you thank you!

Soneca, very lug ting reading and I think it has skit of baring on you Big reading that you did regarding the “Age of Aquarius” and the part about will we be willing to let go of the pass. It was very uplifting and resonated with me. I thank you for this enlightenment.

Thank you so much..all what you say its true!

Wow thank you so much i love your reading and im really starting something new a few more weeks and i’m so excited!!

Hi Soneca, Going through some really hard time and I need to hear something good you’re so accurate and I always listen to you readings . Hope you pray for me . Thank you again !

Hi, Soneca! Just wanted to thank you again for the reading, I look forward to it every week. You are very much appreciated because it helps me to be balanced and focused ahead of time on the most important aspects of my life.

Thank you, Soneca. Your readings are always very spot on for me!

thank you an excellent reading, if my reactions are telling me anything it actually lines up well with your previous ones. Thank you, again.

Thank you, Soneca! Thank you, Spirit! I am a Sagittarius and this totally resonated with me, and what I have been experiencing recently. xx

Soneca, Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. Most everything you told me was already being delivered to me via my intuition and various signals from the Universe but there were a few things you told me about him that blew me away…. I know this is going to be a long and winding road but it’s so good to know that we potentially have a future together because I feel so connected to him. Thanks again and I’m sure we’ll speak again in a few months! 🙂

Your reading makes so much sense to me! Thank you so much for your support!

You are one of the best i checket many web side you exellant

Hi, Thank you for sharing your insights and gifts. I am interested in purchasing a Tarot reading with you. Prefer a reading via telephone for 1 hour.

Thanks so much for such quick turn around Soneca, I truly appreciate it!!! I feel so much better and at ease after knowing that the coming trip won’t be cause of the card and that the final result will be positive. Million thanks for being so supportive and understanding, I will keep you posted and check back very soon!

No delays allowed Soneca! Haha Oh well… on the bright side, August is halfway over and September is in sight.

I have been tuned in to your weekly and monthly readings for several months now. I have to say that each week I am excited to see what in-sights I can achieve through your general readings. With my upcoming Birthday I thought I would give myself a treat while also thanking you for your services. I would like to have a 1 hour live reading.

Thanks to you so much …I have been watching your youtube videos….you are a kind .gentle.loving..humanitarian…I appreciate what you do…I always watch the virgo videos

I most certainly will keep in touch with you! I am actually a professional Tarot reader myself. I’m also a Reiki Master/Teacher. So it is refreshing to meet spiritual folk like you. I must say I love your style! So detailed and very informative! Peace and Tranquility to you my friend.

Oh wow, that was fast! Thank you so much, Soneca! I greatly appreciate you doing my reading so quickly… Thanks again

Thank you for your infinite patience, support and guidance throughout the process…….you provided strength, and with your calm confidence I was able to see things through to finding the solution. Thank you Sonika!!

Wow! Ace of cups! My Ace of cups! What I’ve been hoping for! Thank you always Soneca! You are awesome to the tenth Power! more abundance upon you! 🙂

Very accurate reading for me, my husband has been cheating on me, and I have been exhausted and very emotional. I have been trying to keep the faith, but he made his decision and he chose her. I’ve been wishing for freedom of burden and able to move on and become spiritual healing. So this is my learning lesson in life and growing period. Love Light and Angel Blessings

Soneca, Thank you for doing this so quickly! I have been so worried and relying on Archangel Gabriel to help me through this. Bless you!

Lovely reading! Thank you so much! Blessings!

Hi Soneca, I enjoy your YouTube videos and thought I should get a reading from you. I would like the 9 question reading.

taught someone a lesson, shown emotional generosity, sacrifice. That is so beautiful Soneca and so are you!

Hi Soneca: Once again great stuff from you …and always informative

I love Soneca! Best psychic!!

I just wanted to let you know your videos are much appreciated and I have already subscribed and shared your channel with others. You have a rare gift… I know the videos are a lot of work but please keep up with them! I will likely purchase another reading with you in a few months.

I know…… you’re right as always.

Soneca, Thank you so much and thanks for all the help you’ve given me these past few months. It means a lot to me. Great, I will follow up with you at a later time on the other session.

I appreciate these videos a lot. They really help me with preparing for the month. They are super accurate too.

Wow! You hit that one out of the ball-park. Very powerful! I was surprised that you didn’t lose your voice after all that excitement. Well said. Soneca as you eluded to: keeping calm, etc., will be pinnacle:) And you’re right Soneca: some of us air signs were anticipating/expecting certain events to occur for a while, looks like many of us are there or almost there.

Thank you so much for your answers! God Bless!

When we can expect the march horoscope the February one was Very accurate

Thank you very much. Love all your readings. May you have a Day full of Blessing. Love

Thank you!!! Spot on after the conversations I had today about work!

I appreciate the time u have taken

This is my 2nd reading from you and may I say you were so on point with the dates and pretty much everything you said would happen, it did.

Thank you for the very good reading. I related to what you had to say for the month. Happy New Year to you and yours. xx

Nice reading !!!!

thank you…. I have car troubles and up and down with a man I am seeing…so I just step back he is just into work he says ….learning to not be so emotional …I am Taurus he is a sag

Fantastic. Thanks so much.

Wow! When you mentioned the world from April it was so right how I went through. It was a BIG opportunity but with many anxiety and I’ve been waiting for the result so I’m so happy to see August could come with the fruition from April in my case. LOVE!

Thank you so much Soneca!!

Thank you very much, very accurate ! God Bless!

Thanks for the reading!

very nice reading!!!!….true to me…

Already seeing all of the energies of the cards playing out in my life and it’s only Tuesday! Wow! Thank you again , Soneca. Always appreciated. 🙂

Like your readings! Following for awhile now 🙂

thank you sonica, i feel much better now.

As you can tell Soneca, although I am very much in love with him and do want to be with him more than anything, I also want the truth. You’ve been exactly right so far in everything you’ve said.

Sometimes I want to let him go but something tells me to be patient that he is going to come back and then I found you and you have no reason to give me anything but the truth – you’ve given me hope and for the first time in almost a year – faith and excitement for the future. You told me to prepare what I am going to say when he calls – that is pretty confident.

tyvm for son capricorn;appreciate much;right on spot

Thank you for your readings. Its wonderful!

I find your reading very informative for scorpio.

Love you psychic abilities.

Thank you I will the reading was great. I agree with what you said. I have a plan and just needed clarification to what I had been feeling. I will be in touch. I will be in touch w/ the spirits to help guide me. Xoxo
Thank you for son
ty for husband
wondeful tyvm hope good comes out.grateful!right on spot………..
thank you. i like you
ignition is where you put the keys in the car……its ironic how you said ignition afterwards
Thank you Soneca!

Yes there is soneca, I (Aqua) am in love with a Cancer/Leo… and yes I had the same 6 of swords in reverse in the June reading… yes I am in love with him but he does not communicate, he also does not know that I love him… so let’s see what will happen. Thks for the update, best

Thank you so much Soneca! The insights you provided were very helpful.

tyvm pleasure to watch!!:)much appreciating ur hard work!son is capricorn and yes,selling property………husband hasn’t been supportiv and quick words hopefully turn out for the good in end.yes,pressure,stress and rishing… r on spot.:

Thank you for your kindness, patience and really getting me through the most difficult time in my life.

You’ve given me hope, faith and honesty – sometimes difficult to hear but so appreciated.

I look forward to a Skype reading in the new year as things start to unravel for me and hopefully this delay period starts to move a bit – I’ll need your guidance.

Sonica I enjoyed our reading trimidinstry and look forward to the next one thank you for your truthful guidance and direction it is greatly appreciated have a blessed 2015.

Thank you Soneca! I greatly appreciate the guidance. Relying totally on divine guidance to help me through the next couple of months.

Thank you Soneca! I greatly appreciate the guidance. Relying totally on divine guidance to help me through the next couple of months.

I have been looking at your videos on youtube for sometime now and they are quite accurate& intriguing.

I’m a Scorpio ascendant and this resonates a lot with me in terms of career.

I listen monthly to all your videos in youtube and iam really impressed.

she is the best people trust me worth every penny

only you said true ..thank you very much ..

I discovered your readings on YouTube, your very thorough and accurate. I just recently acquired a deck of Tarot cards and have been contemplating beginning to use them. I know to use them you must know what your doing. I’ve had other readings done over my life and yours are incredibly good, just at a universal level, I can’t imagine how good your personal readings are….It helped me to understand my current situation, it gave me a deeper understanding. I’m self employed going thru economic hardship but I’m happy that things are taking off for you. I’ll continue to watch how you read, you really have a gift. Merry Christmas and Happy New year, I’ll check YouTube in February when you return. Anyway glad I finally found someone that reads the right way:).

Hi, Thank you very much for your reading. I really appreciate it. I’m yearning to find a new job. Thank you and take care.

Hi I like the way you read and 2015 April was an accurate reading that I’ve ever had anybody read in my life. If go back I think you remember the things that you read on a general reading that I saw you on YouTube on for April very good I like that I may b

e getting readings from you thank you so much .

Thank you very very much :)) talk to you soon..

So exciting for us water signs, yayyyyy Thank you for your very insightful work Soneca….lots of love & light to you !!

Thank you Soneca. Really appreciate your kindness and patienc. I am going to protect myself and I know what I need to do.Please be well.

wow…you have been so helpful and I wish you good luck with clients!appreciate ur hard work

Hi Soneca ,

Yes this divorce is dragging me.

He is punishing me for some reason .

The court is very slow and I’m fighting all alone here !

As far as the tower card in the weekly tower – spot on !

Be well!!

I appreciate you Seneca!

Hi Soneca, Thank you for the amazing reading! I digest my notes from our reading regularly. You are so insightful and helped me prepare for a major breakup…am waiting for the events to unfold and will keep you posted. I’ll get another reading in a couple months after things have had a chance to play out a bit more. EmojiHappy Holidays to you!

Thank you for the insight and the reading. I have some more work to do.
Well done, you are bang on!! I also do readings so I know you are true! 🙂 Thank you.
Spot on thank you very much trying to move away from a Aquarius male whom I hate
Nice Reading! Thank you 🙂 I have a new job that exhaust me so this reading really speaks to me 🙂 It’s a temporary job so I think I should just continue with it but … it exhausting. Thank you!! It’ll really help me get through this !

For some reason I click this post. Very glad I did. Must’ve been directed to do so. I am not psychic but am very intuitive. Anyway, this reading definitely is on point. Have great Holiday Season! Peace!

Thank you and spirit for the answer you gave me. I believe it is a high chance of that being the truth

Thank you Soneca for your time and work….. will need to meditate on that and see what happens ….
some good messages and advises in there, thanks. Talk to you soon

Hi Soneca, This information is very encouraging and focuses my attention on what I now need to to. Thank you and spirit so much for these messages. I will recommend you to my family and friends. Much love and light coming your way!

Please stay with it. The following will come.

It was a wonderful reading hope and pray that i can hear a good news nxt week for the job that iam waiting.your readings matches my situation..

I’m doing pretty well interpreting the rider Waite cards n researching them. But you’re very good with picking up msgs from spirit.

great !!!

Thank you so much for this very nice reading. I really appreciate it. I’ve been praying for a new job. So, I hope May will be a good month. Thanks again.

Thank you sweet lady for your time, talent, wisdom and many blessings. God bless and keep up the good work.


Thanks this really means a lot to me and your readings are the best and so true

thank you Soneca for the reading you’re always so accurate. I’ve done and had friends do several readings for me this month and i seem to keep getting the same or similar cards each time

Hi! I don’t like, but love this video. 3/4 of this represent the past of my life; especially with the lovers card. It will b a year in June and it brought chills because it was exactly as read. However; the lessons is well learnt and it services as a reminder for my next relationship and don’t asked me what’s with the fire sign, because this person is also that. Thank u much.

“Patience” is the key word and my biggest weakness as you know by now. 🙂 Great news…. I felt a big sigh of relief after reading this. THANK YOU!!!

Thanks so much for the reading Soneca! This reading definitely makes me feel better

I have followed you and your readings on YouTube and am very impressed. I look forward to hearing from you. thank-you

Thank you you are quite accurate, I read the tarot and I have had the same cards.

Thank you very much Soneca. This helps.

Thank you for all your time you take to listen to your spirits and give us your talent readings. I am a LEO which was very helpful to hear your messages.

Hi Soneca, I enjoyed our last reading and would like to schedule a reading at your earliest available time.

Hello Soneca, hope you are doing amazing. Thank you so much for the September’s reading.

thank you my dear 🙂 I hope you remember i have done personal reading with you a month back 🙂 loved your reading

Thank you so much this makea so much sense

i thank you very much, you were very much right on, i will defenitly pass the word on =O)

Hi Soneca, Thanks for the reading. You seemed to pick up on the other person very well. In particular you picked up on my uncertainty going forward and your reading helped to bring some clarity on that front. Thanks again for your prompt reading and response.


thanks for your excellent readings Soneca

Your reading was amazing! Yes there’s a Leo in my life and it’s time for a parting of the ways. I do feel it won’t be easy on his behalf, but it’s been a long time coming……the swords card, yes, battling a toothache pass 2 days, no real sleep, crazy!!! Would love to know/see who will express themselves with a message, can’t wait!!! Thanks again, love your readings! Blessings always!

Thank you Soneca!

Thank GOD you were there stepping advices in helps a lot in me how to do future dcsions.GOD BLESS YOU & more power.

I review my notes from our readings and they keep me encouraged from throwing in the towel but you know I don’t want to do so I very much appreciate you and your encouragement.
She and I were talking on our way home today about how great you were and if we were ever in USA we would have to Look you up. you sound like a lot of fun. 🙂 Thanks for everything.

Hi Soneca: Thanks for the July readings and thanks for the vote of confidence for us sagittarius’s in the vid

Thank You! Have a Happy New Year! Everything you always say resonates with me in all that I do… It’s very crazy. Thank You… Take Care

I will keep in touch. I will try and do what you advise. I am trying to get on with my life and remain positive. I heard once that if you love something and set it free if it comes back it is meant to be! If I hear any news, you will be the first to know!!

thank you so much. I wil rewind and rewind. Its just been a difficult time. Recovery is slow. always. Sending you love and light always.

Thank you…very accurate
Its been a rough journey I think that everything is getting clearer now and I will say this that my husband of 15 yrs is poking me and trying to find a way for him to go. I also had an interview yesterday that I felt really good about. The hours are very odd and I think it will help him to move on. I love love love your readings and will be getting one from you soon when I make a little more money. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

Love your readings thank you

Wow wow wow wow well i found my girl! You are simply amazing. you are incredibly gifted, the real deal. I was litterally connecting to spirit in real time with you in a sence. the information as so spot on precise, simply incredible andi ish i could afford a reading soon! (I pray VERY soon!) I have listened to many differ channels over the years, and appreciated them but not like this, on this level of awareness. This felt more like a energy forecast/intuitive message, a “personal reading”, which for my unique Awakening Journey, allowed me to fully connect to the messages:) it’s as if You, Me, and Spirit were truly connecting in real time, on all 4 Videos i watched (taurus last 2 weeklys, last month, this month. Oh and my husbands Sagittarius ) You are very gifted, unique and special dear sister, so much Appreciation, and Abundant Blessings to you Shining Spirit! Thank you!:)

Thank you so much Sonika!! That was great guidance. I appreciate the free reading!

Thank you so much, Soneca! ❤

I’ve received the messages! Thank you very much Sonika! Your guidance is always so helpful and has helped me so much. Thank you!!

thanks for your reading. the part about the world is accurate because I will be having exams in mid november, and will be graduating on the first of december

you are great! thanks!

I’ve been a fan of your Youtube weekly/monthly videos and thought it was time I had a personal reading! I’ve decided on the 1 hour reading.

Hi Soneca. .very nice thank you.xo

love your reading ty u god bless u

I felt that this reading was accurate for myself. Thank you very much!

King of swords in reversed . I’m so exhausted from this case!!! Still getting negative energy and the scary part is that you’re ALWAYS accurate . Hope it’s the last one to deal with . I am trying to think positive but facing challenges and battles. Hope soon something good is in store

You’re daily and weekly readings are awesome and normally very accurate for me.Thank you!

Your tarot readings always speak exactly to me. I also do monthly tarot readings for myself and many times I’ve noticed the same cards you pick for my Cancer Rising are the same as I pick. Synchronicity at it’s finest. Also, that Page Of Cups has come up in every reading i’ve done for myself this past week, even readings that weren’t related to each other!

Thank you so much again for the reading. You are the best. I really appreciate it and thanks again for taking another question. You are really good at what you do. I’ve had readings before from other readers and you are the best by far.

I enjoy your readings. I just listened to what you said about every sign, including mine (Earth). You were right on target. Thank you again for your reading.
Thanks again great video
I love your reading! Thank you so much! Blessings to you!
Hi Soneca! You were right about the situation with my boyfriend. It is good to know i will be able to leave. One more thing before i end my message here, both my twin flame and my current partner are Air signs so its interesting that it showed up in the reading. Thank you very much for a great reading Soneca! much love to you
Interesting, first time I listen to this lady… will see what will come in a future..

Thank you Soneca – being in this universe – does not come with an instruction book. I appreciate your patience with me today with all my questions. I will keep in touch. Be well.

Very apt reading!! love it
Thank You
Thank you so much for your time, I rally appreciated.
Thank you so much, Soneca! I cannot wait to get another reading with you!
My son brought me flowers and candy for VDay…. So you were very accurate in your reading.
tyvm for early guidance for husband leo.greetings from greece
Good reading. I am happy x!
I enjoy your reading!
Thank you.
Your reading was so right on. the person man that I have or was talking to is a Leo but he can also be a Virgo. I don’t know what happened but I’m trying to get over it but it hard i don’t know if he will call me or what but it hurts a lot i don’t know what happened, it makes mee very sad but I’m dealing with it. Your reading was so accurate thiss happened I’m April. We will see what happened thank you so much for all you do will get back to you for a reading. .i
wow! outstanding!
thanks – it’s what was trying to get through but i was having a hard time hearing. all completely accurate & what i was sensing but couldn’t hear. yep, you nailed it again. thank you for talking to him too!!!! it seems like he respects you quite a lot! there was one reader he didn’t like and his advice was so hilariously ridiculous i was crying from laughing. but thanks. yeah, she isn’t going anywhere & i’m happy for the confirmation! thank you again for the reading! you’re a star.
Thank you so much Soneca…that was awesome.
Thank you !
Wow thanks Soneca and I really appreciate the clarity as this will give me better guidance going forward. Anyway Soneca thank you very very much and many thx to Spirit also.
Hi – I saw your horoscope video and liked it. You seem honest and knowledgeable.
This is so helpful, Soneca. Hope that I can use the sword well this upcoming week! Have a good week, thank you.
Thank you for the reading! And thank you for this channel!
Hi Soneca, Thank you so much for your time and sharing your Gift.
Thanks for your input and good advice
Thank you !!
I recently had a reading with Soneca. I was told what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to. Soneca is very patient and compassionate. I feel forewarned and better prepared to let the healing begin.

Oh try not to get sick I notice you get the sniffles in your videos. haha. Thanks for doing them by the way. I love them and have told friends about you. You are marvelous at what you do.

This months tarot reading was very good. Many blessings to you.

Very good reading!

I had a reading with Soneca and I must say that I am in awe! I was so impressed that I immediately called for a second reading . She is very gentle and very clear. Every question asked was accurate and without a doubt. I have had many readings by very good readers, but Soneca surpassed my expectations with her accuracy. You will not be disappointed!! Thank you Soneca, I am very grateful to you…

Awesome reading. Thank you!

Ace of Cups….. I’ve been waiting for that 🙂 Thanks Soneca!

I believe you have given me an honest and accurate reading. And thank you for the reminder about free will-because I am reluctant toward involvement in another “karmic” relationship which might drain my energy and turn out bad as it has in the past. I follow your weekly and monthly horoscope readings on Youtube and find them pretty accurate. I like the readings you’ve given me so far and look forward to more in the future. Thank You again and Blessings!


Thank you, it really resonated with me. Subscribed! soon a reading, looking forward to it soon:)

Love your online readings….you are amazing! Please keep it up, you are truly gifted!

Thank you for all you do. I am blessed to have reached out to find and utilize you gift to assist me.

Dear Soneca, Thank you for the reading. Finances and career are the two areas I was seeking guidance on so it’s great that advice on those areas came up.

First of all I wanted to thank you for your hard work. I really enjoy listening your free Youtube videos and they do give me a good insight and spiritual guidance.

My first reading EVER was with Soneca/Golden Sun Tarot. Being that it was my first time, there was some ambivalence as to what I might expect.
I’d watched her “general” readings and always found them insightful, so I knew if I was going to “give it a go” it would be with Soneca.
She didn’t disappoint.
There is a sense of calm to her readings and yet she tends to go quite in-depth where one gets a sense she considers her responses carefully with genuine interest and honesty.
I highly recommend her.

You are very humble my dear you possess a special gift and I would like you to do my reading I will order Nastema bless you

This resonates on soooo many levels,… I’m always appreciative of you’re guidance and also of my guides

lovely ❤

Soneca, Thank you again for your reading…I feel this one may be on point as well. I like your honesty 🙂
Thank you for this reading. It really “Speaks” to me. I am also “happy” to know that my intuition was right about him. I don’t think he’s a bad person but he is certainly not for me so thank you for that confirmation.
This reading was really helpful and everything is really related to what I am going through right now. You are very connected! 🙂 I am impressed. Some day, I will take your medidation course. I wonder how you can connect so well with the spirits. It’s really great.

love you too! and I love this reading. I am so used to the tower that I didn’t think much when you pulled it. Its been an uphill struggle for the past 6 months very karmic like you mentioned in May’s reading. It looks like all of that work may be starting to pay off, little by little. xoxoxo ty!

Wow…you are quite intuitive. I like the way you interpreted the card most projected as ‘finding the balance’. I like when you saw the card as indecisiveness.. a decision to be made and somewhat blinded. That really awed me. It is simple and clear but you are the first I heard being interpreted that way and I fully agree for I am living this example with a dearest Leo friend. I am curious about the judgment card on its representation. All in all, wow. Lot’s to think about.

Things have actually moved a bit and I am anxious to get your reassurance and advice moving forward.

Thank you for my reading, Soneca! You are extremely gifted Tarot reader. I feel stuck. I will probably come back to ask you for another reading. Thank you again, you are truly the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very accurate. amazing! thanks

Thanks again. Great reading and great insight. Always a pleasure speaking with you

Amazing. Wen I heard this it sounded like the reading was for me , love the way you interpret the cards and how understandable it was . Thnx so much and so I imagine wat January will be looking like

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us

I recently had an hour-long personal reading with her. She is great. She is very accurate, descriptive and

answered my questions accurately. Her predictions are right on the target with time line. I felt very very confident after talking to her. I will highly recommend her if you have guts to hear the truth. I will definitely consult with her again. Thanks a lot Soneca….

Dear Soneca, Thank you so much! I really appreciate your Gift!!

thx u

Thank you so much

I really enjoyed your reading the last time. Can you book me a 1 hour tarot reading?? Do you have any appointment for Thursday of this week? Ty.

you are so right about the fire signs and career confusion. I have an interview Tues, but the one I really like but don’t think it will progress. if I get the one I interview for, I think there will be a real reason for it that i don’t see yet.

Thanks for the reading , yes I’m closing a chapter in my life , wanting to go on a brand new path !

Ok thanks Soneca . This makes feel really good.

Dear Soneca, I want to thank yu for your wonderful reading. I m gonna schedule another one very son. I shall form my questions soon and be in touch. thank you so much.

I love your readings, Soneca. And they are always spot on! 😘

I finished the marathon!!! You were right.

I just wanted to tell you that I love your readings. They are always spot on! you have a wonderful gift.

Subscribed but could not get the like button to work. Thank you!

I really appreciate your sincere, in depth readings – you are the best Golden Sun Tarot

Finally some great news THANK U SO KINDLY

You are so kind and positive. You made me feel very comfortable. Blessing to you and be in touch.

great vids on youtube Namaste xxx

great posts on you tube xxx

I wil definately contact you for another reading if i feel i need one. I really think you have a GIFT!!
Your reading was something I did not expect to receive. It was very detailed and undoubtedly truthful.
It gave me courage to pursue with my life events, which caused me doubt and pain. I am certain I will resort to your readings on numerous occasions. Thank you so much for having connected to me so deeply to be able to give me such a great guidance.

I would like to do a reading with you. I have enjoyed watching your tarot horoscopes on YouTube.

Thank you Seneca for your reading. Maybe he was in my life for a lesson! Thanks for the advise for the second question. I appreciate your time

I just saw it and I can’t thank you enough for your insight. I’m just sitting at my work desk dumbfounded lol… I will definitely keep in touch and let you know how things go. And I will be connecting with the Arch Angels as you said. Thank you again

Thank you so much for your reading.

Thank you for the work that you do and for helping me out

It is all true. You, your support, guidance and encouraging words mean a lot to me as well.

Thanks Soneca for my reading!


I was introduced to Soneca through her YouTube monthly tarot readings and was astounded by how accurate they were! I decided to contact Soneca for a personal reading and was absolutely amazed at how she was able to see into my situation and let me know what I can expect.

Your readings impress me and each time I find I have more questions.

Good reading – hopefully I will receive a offer to work with a mega Real Estate agent here in the Ann Arbor, Mi area. Third interview coming, it’s all good… Thank you once again.

Hi Soneca wow that resonates with me now I’m thinking what’s gonna happen lol. Thank you for your weekly reading.xo

informative and quite detailed applying to me for sure

Thank so much Sonica gor this reading. God bless you, look i see a channel name Mai cul have your videos, i dont know if you sharing with them or not.

I just had a tarot reading yesterday with the Lovers card in reverse. Male counterpart is an Aries male. very accurate .

Thank you Soneca 🙂

Sonica great reading thank you !!

Thank you for your readings sweet Soneca

Thank you. I’m an air sign and this really resonated with me.

Interesting enough i did spend a lot of money that was supposed to go to something else on a psychic lol. accuracy

I have already referred many of my friends to Soneca and will be contacting her again for myself!

Much appreciated and very inspiring!

exciting reading! You are easy to follow and understand.Thank you!

I enjoy your reading every month on YouTube!!! Thank you!!!!

Great reading, love your approach.

What a wonderful reading. I am reconmmending yu to a good friend of mine whose mom is very ill. Thank you and spirit for all your kindness and blessings. I will be in touch.xo

Thank you so much for my reading and making it easy to understand.

I just had to share the wonderful experience I had after a tarot card reading with Soneca. Not only was the initial response fast, the cost just right and the turn around quick – most importantly- you just got the sense that Soneca cared. For me that made all the difference in the world. It’s not easy putting yourself out there to someone you never met, but with Soneca you’re instantly put at ease. I would reach out to her again without hesitation and happily refer her to anyone in need of guidance.

So far the first week has been extremely accurate! Looking forward to the the rest of the month! THANK YOU!

Dear Soneca, Thanks a lot for last week’s personal skype reading. I felt very confident about myself and my future. I want to share the good news with you that I received one of the grants from India and I am thinking of leaving middle of this month to fulfill my dream. I will surely talk to you again after settling down in India. I will update you later. I really appreciate your effort and time.

so far everything sounds true for me

Hello!! I have been following your channel since February, and I would like to purchase the personal monthly for the next 4 months. 🙂 I could really use the guidance of Spirit

I have been watching your videos on youtube, and thank’s a lot.

I will definitely keep in touch! Haha you pronounced it right, exactly right. The first time a reader has pronounced it right. Thank you thank you again!

I’d like to know if you can give me a half hour reading today. I had a reading with you a few months ago and everything you said was true.

Libra me sun sign and aquarius moon sign my daughter and we are right in the middle of what the cards told us. thank you spirit for guiding me. thanks golden sun tarot

Hi Soneca, your April monthly was very accurate for me, I have questions regarding a very specific situation. Thank you for all your help

My Bday is July22nd and i feel this is sooo accurate for me!

Hello Soneca, Thanks a lot for the reading, very impressive, I like the sincerity and the truth even if it is difficult…I’m processing all the information and the messages received

Thank you so much. You truly are a blessing and have an amazing gift!!

Thank you very insightful can relate to most of this hope your month is a great one to.

Thank you sooooo much Sonika! You are the best.

I usually never comment but i just had to these videos are always on the spot! Great videos love love love!! 🙂

sounds very good thank you!!
Thank you very much Soneca, the reading clarified a lot and helps!
Hi Soneca, I am sorry I wanted to write you earlier to say Thank you again… and I got lost in business. I very much enjoy your readings! Thank you !!
Thank you ! 😉
That was a great reading…I hope there is a job opportunity that I love coming my way…thank you..I like that you describe the details so well
Hello Soneca,
Just reviewed your reading and I have to say that it was HIGHLY accurate!!!! I just want to thank you, your guides and spirit for the time you spent on my reading! I have a friend that will most likely be asking of your services. I will be definitely getting another reading soon.
Much love to you

Hello..I just wanted to compliment you on the wonderful readings you share.It gives everyone hope.

Some amazing energies for next week. I hope for it to come to fruition. I already feel the change coming…but have yet to see it. Thank you for your weeklys!!

Sounds very spot on! Planning to do a farming internship next month and I predict it to be a lot of constant work. Thank you, I will definitely look into booking a reading with you.

Thank you Sonika for the positive reading. I truly appreciate it. May the Universe bless you and yours!

My experience was clear and pretty honest, not exactly what I want it to hear, but I prefer the truth!

Hello, Soneca,
Thank you so much for your time, insight and clarification. It was very helpful and on point.
I think that you you have an amazing gift and will contact you again at some point.
Thanks again!

Hi Soneca: How are you? I wanted to touch base with you and thank you for the great videos and we all greatly value your time and unbelievable energy and persistence in helping us all to create clarity. Your work is very very helpful to us on a daily basis. Take care and God bless:))

Thanks so much Soneca! I will keep you posted and check back by then. Take care and keep the great YouTube videos coming. Love and hugs,

I wish you well Sister, you are loved and appreciated by many of us out here.

Perfect you really got spirits i am sure.

Thank you so much. May your June be blessed!
Dear Soneca,


You described this man perfectly and what I believed in my heart to be true, you were right. I feel as if your reading has given me extreme insight which has helped immensely to provide closure for me. I wish that it’d been a more positive reading in that the frog kisses the princess and all was well, but I was prepared without expectation. I needed truth more than anything, and now I feel like your reading has propelled me further and quite quickly to letting go. I had hope still which has kept me stuck. Thank you for your truthful and honest reading.

I will consult with you in future and will also spread the word about you. Love and smiles.

I really enjoy your reading – very informative!

Thanks a lot. This helps!

I’ll go finish watching now. Keep up the great work.

~Thank you Soneca 🙂 we all mothers are QUEENS, including you!!~

Not a mom…yet. 🙂 Hoping to be more supportive and nurturing to the people in my life who need it. Thank you for your support and guidance, Soneca. Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello Soneca; I’ve listened to your reading and I am really and truly grateful for your insight. You are right that I am worrying too much about the event in June. I was surprised to hear you say “Janice” in your reading. When you spoke about my opportunities for financial flow and lifestyle improvements, I was happy to hear the positive potential in my future. So now, it’s nice to hear that I might be given a second chance to do something else that I’m also good at…. In term’s of your insights about her objectives for the company – it didn’t surprise me when you spoke of ‘self interests’. This is the way she operates.

I am looking forward to the near and long-term future and thank you Soneca for wishing me well. I appreciate you.

7 wands – standing in your own truth, very apt

Thank you!

I appreciate all you do for us!

Thank you!

appreciate your hard work!!!son,cpricorn needs to clear out his desk uncluttering junk!tyvm:) are overworking.tyvm for july and i do share.:)

Thank you so much.xx

It definitely helps me to know that as I go forward. I agree with the guidance that I got a week ago that I should look for other options to protect myself.

Mind blown! There was just a significant disagreement between us last month via text! I would really like to overcome our blocks as I love this person very much. I am very much willing to do the work and overcome the obstacles that you mentioned in my first reading. You are amazing Soneca!

I just found your channel and thought you were great.

Thank you so much for the reading I really appreciate the advice


This reading is so right on, to exactly how I feel. I just felt a huge shift in my attitude and soul Dec 28 2014. I know that without a doubt Love will arrive this new year 2015

I’m such a fan! I discovered you a few weeks ago on you tube and immediately told my sister about your eerily accurate readings.

Hello Soneca, I wanted to thank you so very much for the tarot reading!! Your reading was incredible and gave me a

sense of peace and comfort!!!! You put into words things I have been feeling for a long time now. Thank you

for the clarity and for your intuitiveness. You truly have a gift!!!! I hope to have a future reading with you!!

Thank you once again and love & light back to you!! 🙂

great choice of card positions… thank you very much!! Great reading – very helpful Stay well, Sonica
Incredible… thank you very much…
Wow…..everyone has told me I should be this lol… Thank you for the information on him, I can be patient. your reading was another message from my Angels and I appreciate it. Also, I am highly attracted to yellow even though my favorite color is green, I gravitate to yellow last few months. I feel so very much better, I feel protected now. Take care and THANK YOU!
I also want to add that with this reading you gave me, the october reading revealed the 3 of swords for this week. I find that remarkable since my reading was heartbreaking. Good stuff Soneca. Thank you!!

Hi Soneca, Thank you for coming back to me so quickly. Thank you very much Soneca for your guidance and messages. It was not what I wanted to read but it definitely sends me a message within me and a very positive one. I wish you many blessings and love.

Whew! I was hoping you would say that…. he is definitely making a lot of bad decisions but as you’ve already pointed out it appears it’s all going to come to a head in the next few months. Thanks again for your help…

Wow, what a reading. The energies are polar opposites: On the one hand “Go, go, go” on the other “Stop”. I very much need to motivate myself out of a number of bad situations a la the Eight of Swords reversed. I really hope that I will be able to work with spirit to do just that. Thank you for your encouragement and insight, Soneca.

Thank you so much for my reading! I will be back.

I have listened regularly to your weekly tarot messages and often it felt as if you are bringing me personally a direct message – remarkable.

Hi there, big fan of your Youtube videos.

Finally i can suscribe to your channel, i follow you sense this year start, but the sistem dont let me. Im Sagittarius and well i just hear your vidie and i say: snap!! She have a camera arroud me lol, cause i my interest start to meditation, chakras healing, cause i have like bit of open door to the spirit wold sense im a little girl but something block me, and now its pop i dont know who o what to do, but im brave, thank you for your reading. God bless you.

That is lovely my dear you are always awesome. i hope all is well with you and doing greatt….superb messages …

Hi Soneca! Thanks a lot this does help. It’s tough to hear the truth sometimes especially when it’s focused on someone you love. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I will stay in touch. I may be interested in learning tarot myself!

Wow!! That was amazing!!! Thank you so much!

Hi Soneca! Well, that’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this and I found it very exciting. Thanks very much. You were very clear and concise. It was much appreciated.

I’ve been watching your YouTube channel and really enjoy your readings and I would really like to get a 1 hour tarot reading from you.

Omfg this is scary how dead on this is.

Thank you. Excellent!

Your great! Im a Scorpio and your October horoscope for me was very accurate. Thank you for your professionalism. Best wishes Namaste.

The darkness and stress has been bothering me for some time, so the timing was right when I decided I’ll give Soneca a called. Within one hour It was worth every minutes and $ I spent with her. She was accurate and helped me with all questions I was concerned about. After talking to her I felt lifted and relieved. She’s very comforting and has a friendly voice! I’ll use her reading again in my future.

So accurate! scary

I played the video on my cell several times. I really enjoyed my reading and you seem to know your gift. I will comment on one of your public videos. I met tarot readers before and not half as good as you are. Thanks very much and will hang on to your info for future readings.

Wow you are dead right on, thank you very much you did a very great job on explaining all the circumstances, and you have covered all the parts that has happened so far for me this month. Just hoping the ending of this month the partnership cards will work out as a continuing relation.

I enjoyed my reading. It was very right on point. Everything Soneca said is happening.

So happy I found you! Wow, amazing reading.
Love your videos n I look forward to them thank you. Xo
Dear Soneca, Thank you so much for this reading. It literally gave me such a sense of relief I’ve been seeking for a while now. Thank you so much for offering insight about him who is my life, and lastly my career. Ironically I was researching sub careers in education just this morning! Again thank you so very much!

I am amazed at how much you’ve pinpointed about my situation. I will get another reading in a few months. 🙂 Thank you for being honest but at the same time giving hope.

Yeah I found a new path as a water sign and while studying and having fun with it, I found a black feather on the ground and picked it up and felt my angels protect me instantly so I was really excited and I’m looking forward to my new path!

Thank you , really appreciated.

Sounds like a classic Mercury Rx reading. Thank you for all of your excellent work. I am very grateful to you.

Thank you for the reading Soneca!

Thank you sooo much !

Thank you! I appreciate the reading and your efforts. And I’m sure I’m not alone in this 🙂

Thank you

Thank u that was amazin

Nice reading as always. I am a pisces with ascendent in aquarius and moon in leo. I am very happy that october has finished. I felt as that month was very heavy, full of conflicts. I already experience that november is lighter. Thanks for your insights.

tyvm!!!the great part is that i am progressing in this difficult moment putting up my shields to protect his negative infuencing my creativity.we aquarius have had it really bad so you have been right on spot.:)

Just Beautiful Soneca you are truly amazing! Each and every thing has happened so far. In fact I am deciding whether to burn that bridge with a very arrogant Leo that could use some straightening out. You are right, perhaps after the holiday. But geeezzz try some class and humility is my message to him. I would Love a reading with you. But truth… I’m a little scared of what I’ll hear! Such a lovely holiday gift you are, much thanks and blessing to you and yours ❤ Oh wow… I am liking the Earth sign reading this week!

Hi Soneca, Thank you for your message! Really appreciate it 🙂 have a great one!

great birth chart thank you !!!!

thank you thius resinates with me much love and angel blessings to you

Dear Soneca
Thank you thank you thank you !!! for all – I still need to digest all you said but I know that what you said will help me accomplish
what I have to do. thank you for talking to spirit and ask them to ‘give me a break”

Thank You so much

sending a big hug your way

Thank you so much Soneca you are amazing and so on point. I will definitely use your services in the future. One happy customer

Always follow your reading love it

Loved my reading!

I love your readings, you excite me,inspire me. Can’t wait to see what’s next for me. Love & Light

Very encouraging water sign reading, I’ve been leaning into a path of charity for greater fulfillment and now feel more sure footed in pursuing it

Hello Soneca, Thank you so much for your readings by the way. They are very much appreciated.

Thank you very much, Soneca. So much of what you said hits home. I’ve had other readings, but yours definitely is very in tune with what is going on and has been. I will stay in touch and let you know as time advances how things play out. I’m sure I will be reaching out for another reading in the future.

8 of cups, yes i know about this i’m always one step ahead 😉 Leaving old habits and being better than before. You might be right about the eclipse and november 🙂

Thank you for the video and the precise informations, I keep hope and faith .

You know, it is strange because I have already met someone in France this year, but it didn’t work because we did not want the same thing so we cut the contact.. It won’t be him even though I would like he changes his mind; Thank you very much, your reading are great.

tried to post on ur page to encourage u to kp up da gud work work but it wudnt let me Namaste frm fellow psychic frm Ireland xxxxx

The next one and a half months? Looks like I’m finally going to have to set some guidelines for myself. I think it will be beneficial. Time to grow up, hah! Thank you , Soneca. I hope you have a wonderful week as well.
Dear Soneca, Thanks a million for a great reading. And it was so fast. It is absolutely fantastic and you are amazing!

Happy new year for 2015,& thank you for your accurate reading,your predictions have happened for me back in the 3rd week of november & december also, so again thank you

Hi Soneca, Thank you very much for the reading. It’s very enlightening.

Oh my gosh !!!! you’re reading

is amazing ,& spot on .yes. I’ve was dating a Aquarius We break up on New Years Day it was terrible this person have two personalities … And yes. you are right he hooked on prescription drugs:( . I can’t wait for a new lover,&

The love that I deserve 🙂 .

Thank you soooo much for

your reading ! Luv you !!

Hi Soneca, Thank you so much for tarot reading video.

Thank you, Soneca. You are a gifted soul and I’m thankful I found you. I’m a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. I’ve needed spiritual guidance with this for a long time, which is why I was led to you. If you think a more in depth tarot reading would be able to give me more insight, please let me know. I have faith in your abilities as a reader and your spot on interpretations have convinced me that spirit definitely works through you. Everything you said rings completely true. And the part about it being “somewhat a long time in coming for you,” you have no idea how dead on you were with that statement! Many thanks, love and light

Thank you so much for your time and energy. Your right on the money. You’re excellent Tarot Reader.

Looks like a hairy month ahead, thanks for the heads up!

I will definitely be using your services again…sooner rather than later!! Thank you so much!!

Oh Soneca, thank you so much for taking the time in responding to my email! I sincerely greatly appreciate your time, words, and guidance on my feelings/reading!

Thank you Soneca, I finally watched it. I will be meditating on your reading. Thank you again Soneca, it was a pleasure listening to you.

Yes again…sure hits home for me today! Overcoming a disappointment + stuck emotions start to flow and not all is lost, not at all! Thank you Soneca, hope you have a beautiful mother’s day!

I’m grateful for your counsel Soneca. Thank you. Blessings to you,

Hi Soneca! Your message makes sense b/c I’m thinking about something coming up at week’s end that requires a great deal of strength and commitment to stay on course. In a way I’m not looking forward to it but its something that began in my past and I have to deal with it order to move forward with the life I want. This is a really big deal. Wish me luck!

Thank you Sonica, great reading as always

Capricorn here. It’s strange that I’ve had this feeling that I need to step back and reflect on my situation and trying to ponder the next best step for 2 days now and then when I tuned in to your video, you’re given out the same advice/reading. You’re amazing. Lol

leo husband , he does not communicate,h does not anjoy sharing and has become competitive after 30yrs. of marriage so sad..yes,me aquarius nd he leo,you are great in reconfirming my sad feeling…………….gave up.:)tyvm

Had a personal reading with soneca and she is great. I highly recommend her. Happy holidays soneca.

You are the best Tarot reader so far on youtube in my book!!!!

Hi! Love your YouTube videos!

Thank you so much for your kind words =)

Youtube says this action isn’t allowed when you press the like button. Take heart I am sure people like you a lot but when they try to press like it does not work. I bet eveyone likes you a lot. Also I tried to go to your page for you to like it but on my phone security popped up and said to go back. I am sure people like you. Thank you for your readings. Hugs

thank you, am at the point of struggling to keep the faith. This really helped.

I am hopeful for this month thank you for the reading


Water and air OMG this week for me thank you

Thank you for your work

Loved the cards and messages, you are an Earth Angel, Thank you very much !!

Awesome reading….

Neat… this is my north node!

thank you for the reading

Thanks so much Soneca! You’re the best!
Dear Soneca
Thank you very much for this remarkable reading.
It gave me a great sense of peace and direction.
Thank you very much.
I will be back to ask for more of your help and guidance.
Thank you once again.
Gr8 reading….. thank you so much !

Thank you so do have a gift and have been spot on

Dear Soneca, Thank you so much for your reading! I really enjoy listening to you, feel like I can keep listen to you all day long. You are so accurate in your reading and was right to the point. I feel so encouraged to continue working through my situation now. I feel so much more inspired and can now focus on improving those things you mentioned which are so accurate! Thank you again! Hopefully, I will be able to get more reading from you again.

thank you .. i really enjoy your long readings…

Where is the Capricorn monthly for June? Is it coming? Thank you for your detailed and tourough readings, Soneca! Appreciate the time spent to do this for all of us!!!

Thank you so much for the precise reading. You have shed a lot of light on the situation and I appreciate your insights. If I have anymore concerns I will definitely seek more advice and continue to watch your videos on youtube, which I do enjoy.

I had a reading with Soneca and she really has open my eyes and ears and has veered me into the right direction with her accurate tarot reading and guidance from spirit.. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction, if i had not had this reading i would have been waiting for something that would have never eventuated.

Thank you for being so honest in your reading it was such an eye opener!

I recently had my first reading with Soneca and I must say she was right on spot with great precision, shedding much light on my relationship situation. I definitely will be seeking her spiritual advice again and very soon.

I recently have a Tarot reading with Soneca. I was really please, she was on point in everything she toll me and I field that she put her heart in my reading giving me good advises and answering all my questions. I will definitely contact her again for future reading.

You are so accurate! God bless you to give us more messages from the spirit and help us with everyday life. Even if it’s a general reading it’s right on the spot !! Thank you !!!!

Thank you Soneca… Very good advise.. And i really need to work on myself, your’re very encouraging..thank you and i will keep in touch 🙂

I’m not one for many words but when I finished my email reading I was moved to tears, to say the least. That’s how on point my reading was.

Thank you so much for your reading and guidance!!!

Omgeee!! Thanks a lot for your reading. You gave me hope I’ve been waiting for this opportunity to come. I will surely email you and get a full reading next time

Thank you Soneca. Your reading has helped. Love your monthly videos on YouTube! Have already recommended you to friends that want readings.

hi there….your readings are amazing. I am going to work very hard on my matter. I pray for patience and guidance. You are truly wonderful in helping me get over this. It was quite devastating and has lasted a very long time. Looking forward.

Thank you again for your clear , full message and reading.

Thank you so much! You’re awesome =)

Hi Soneca: just saw your wkly vid ….yeah a good card finally for Earth signs and you even felt relieved. Great job:))

Insanely accurate with the water and air signs… I gave an air sign whom was depressed their very first beautiful tarot cards and I lit her life up and restored her joy and happiness and I am a water sign and I do feel like a star :3

Thank you so much I really appreciate your insight.

I’m really burdened this week with projects and spreading myself out .. Ugh I need a break 🙁 Thanks so much Sonica for the reading! Sorry if I spelt your name wrong hehe

I have been checking your monthly tarot readings on You Tube and am truley impressed by your sincerity when giving a reading.

Thanks so much for the reading Soneca. I worked you hard. I’m sorry. I felt so desperate. In spite of many negative things you said, which kept me somber for the rest of the day, I woke up with a spirit of action. Soneca’s reading was simply amazing and surprisingly thorough. Her concern about me was obvious as she took every question seriously and put intense energy into evoking the cards with the answers. She kept it honest. Although much of it was positive she told me things I didn’t want to hear which gained my trust and inspired me to take action. The reading put many of my over idealistic ideas into reality, while keeping a bright side to obtaining them. Even after the reading, I thought about some of the things she repeated that wasn’t making sense at the time and had an incredible ‘aha’ realization later that could really help my situation. I HIGHLY recommend a reading from her. Thank you so much! I have no idea why I feel uplifted now when there was so much bad stuff and so many years before happiness. Indecision is the worst for my sign so maybe having a course of action is whats making me feel so much better. This is the first day I’ve worked like a lunatic and with fervor. I realized who I need to ask for help and how those hours you kept mentioning need to be used. All the best and hope your life is wonderful. You have a gift.

Hi Soneca. Wow. My ex, and Air Sign, is seeing a Water Sign and a Fire Sign. Maybe its his karmic issue that they will both break up with him.

Thank you for your reading.

Soneca thanks for the reading, today is the 1st September and as you said some bad news came disappointed thankfully it happened today so im hoping as the month goes on it will be better

Thank You for reading my horoscope. You are very good at it. You’re inspirational !

Soneca was so accurate it was uncanny. She provided exact details of people and situations. I would definitely do another reading with her.

Thanks so much! You are great!!

Blessings, a beautiful and insightful reading. Thank you.

Especially the queens card with the virgo sign my jaw just dropped the whole thing very true on that card WOW

this is so wonderful of you that you offer a free birthchart for the brithday kids… thank you … I will check it out when my darling Cancer has his BD… thank you

Dear Soneca

Thank you for the ready your kindness and understanding is much appreciated. Delivery is with care yet conviction. I always feel better when you ready for me… Until the next time (:

PS you always pronounce my name perfectly.

In all honesty, you “came across” via you tube and I liked what you had to say about Scorpio under the current planetary energies/influences (I am very much acquainted with Western Astrology) and was sort of taken aback when you expressed that Angels were transmitting messages meant for Scorpios.

My rising sign is of the element of water, Cancer, and my Sun is Taurus and Moon is Capricorn aka Earth. I also have an Grand Earth Trine in my natal chart and isn’t there a fire trine currently manifesting in the sky? That speaks to the fire element cards here for me. Oooh this week definitely spoke to me.

i had a reading with soneca a short time ago and wanted to take a few days to process everything she told me. she is fantastic, accurate, and definitely honest about what she read for me. my reading wasn’t an easy one, i knew it wouldn’t be because of everything i am going through but, when we talked, she delivered the messages with kindness and compassion and a large dose of understanding. because of everything i’m going through right now, if she had given me a sunny skies and pot of gold coming reading, i would have known she wasn’t accurate! i can’t recommend soneca enough and i can’t wait to have another reading with her!!!

I first did an email reading with Soneca and her answers were very detailed and I honestly was just expecting a “yes” or “no” simple answer from her. But instead, she provided me with detail description and guidance regarding my questions. She was also very patient and replied my follow-up question emails in great length. I also did a 45 minutes reading with her and felt very connected with her. The reading was very accurate and provided me with great insight regarding my current situation. The cards she pulled for me also reflected my current state of mind accurately as well. Her reading was very detailed and honest. It was a great overall experience with her. Her energy is very calming. I will definitely do it again with her.
Thanks, that was very insightful and calming for me…believe it or not.
Thank you very much!!!!!!

Your reading is amazing! Thank you for sharing 🙂

My reading via phone with Soneca was a great experience. We started on time, she was patient and delivered the message from spirit in a humble way. I felt very comfortable speaking with Soneca being that this was my first reading with her… However, it won’t be my last. I referred my friends to her – and I’m referring her to you as well.

Thanks again Soneca

Love & Light

Soneca gave me a great, very clear and most importantly a very honest reading, enlightening me on my current situation. She also took the time to answer all of my questions very thoroughly and accurately through a recorded video of my reading which was then emailed to me straight away. I will certainly recommend her to all my friends and family who are interested in getting a little help and insight through tarot readings.

Thank you…Dec 31CAPRICORN

Thank you! I’m a Cancer on the Gemini cusp with Scorpio rising and Libra Moon so I definitely feel the air energy already. I’ve been really putting my creative talents to work. And yes I’m dealing with an ex Capricorn boyfriend lol. Yeah Spirit is really guiding me. I feel very blessed.

My reading was absolutely amazing. Loved it! I look forward to future readings. Thank you in advance for your awesome reading and approach which is truly admirable.

Wow! You are amazing so spot on with EVERY reading. I can’t believe how exactly on point and relevant that advice is to what is going on on my life! I’m thoroughly impressed!

Hi Soneca Many thanks for your sincere reply. I sense what you sensed is what I sensed.

I enjoyed the detail and clarity of the reading.

Your Amazing, Blessed to have you in i life Sistar! Thank you and I Bless your Journey!

I like Ur style of reading keep up the great work Thank you
Soneca really gave me some insight into some particular issues regarding my love life and social circle and it has given me the courage to try and reach out in a different direction, to lean back and allow events to unfold without trying to manipulate others because the ones I thought were right for me probably aren’t. I really felt she had good insight into my life.
Great job !

I had a look at your reading for my sun moon and ascendant, you’re good!. thanx

Thanks for posting these readings Soneca!

Hi Soneca, Interesting insights from the spirit guides. Thanks a lot.

Dear Soneca, I spent the day letting your words fully absorb before writing a response to you. I printed out your beautiful and insightful reading and read it several times throughout the day. When I opened your reading this morning and read it for the first time, it made my cry deeply, not from sorrow, but from relief.

Thank you for your insights!

This reading was amazing to watch despite the tough news but everything you said from carter career choice to love is exactly what I am experiencing. Thank you!!

Oh man ! I wish I could get a personal reading ! Everything you said for the month of august was true, and september seems to already be what you read in the cards ! You’re amazing ! I want to get into tarot cards as well pretty soon

Good morning! Thank you so much for the insight. After speaking with my mother several times, I can
detect the contentment. Now I feel more peace, and that is a very good feeling.
So, gratitude to you…

I can do another hour or what ever works for you. I loved the phone interaction. It was so helpful and inspiring.

I just want to thank you for the personalized tarot reading that you did for me yesterday. I’m very impressed of how much information you gave me. Good or bad, you were honest and I’m a happy client. I will continue to reach out to you for future readings. Thank you very much!!

Thank you for a great and interesting reading.

Hi. I really like your weekly and monthly tarot readings. I would like to buy 1 question for tarot reading by email.

I’ve recently had a few readings with Soneca (Golden sun tarot) pertaining to different aspects of my life. I feel she was right to the point and precise. I was actually quite taken back as she pointed out certain things that have already occured. I highly recommend her to others.Thank you Soneca.
Hi I like your tarot reading. Its very good true im a leo girl.. single 31 years old.
Dear Soneca,
I can’t thank you enough for the reading you did for me. It was so impressively insightful that it felt like you have known me for a long time. And I didn’t even know that you existed just a couple of weeks ago. I will definitely seek your guidance again whenever I have to face another life dilemma.
I listened to the reading again and noticed a lot more things that were really hitting home, as the first time I read it I was rushed getting ready for work. I am very happy with my reading. I felt Soneca’s vision was right on. Thanks so much
Love your readings, very accurate. thank you for posting, I’ll see you next month. 😀

Thank you!!! Yes, they resonate. 😉 I’ll probably be consulting you in the future (near and far) with other questions. 😉

I just saw this message again, and everything to the t I promise is what has been happening to me for the month of August. I’m amazed at how close you are to my entire life. I also get a feeling toward the end of the message like your saying keep your head up.. I really appreciate your sincerity. Thank You for what you do. Take Care

I thoroughly enjoyed having a reading with you. Also your inspiring words. I will keep you in my mind, and recommend you to others.

Soneca a very gifted intuitive who is able to see things that you might not see or might not be willing to accept. Unlike some “psychics” who tell you anything to fill a general picture, , Soneca provided insights she gathered from the cards and her intuition. She brought me a great peace in regards to what my approach is and how I could better my life, and I am very grateful for her reading. I am impressed by her true interest, calm demenour, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a real and gifted reader.

Your readings definitely ring true in my life. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Thanks for the extensive read. So far the first week re bad news or not so great news via text etc in the first week did come to pass.

Am hoping the next 3 weeks are much smoother and work out as predicted. Thanks again 🙂

That reading was mind blowing!!! I can’t thank you enough for that.

Thank you for your reading and positive energy. yes, it resonated! I appreciate insights as to why he left?—and those resonate as well considering the situation. Until Next Time.

I’ve been following your readings on youtube and WOW did you hit on the head for me for the month of October so far!

I recently had a reading with soneca and I was completely amazed. She was very accurate and through when using the cards and help from spirit. She truly is one of a kind reader. I will update when I see what comes about. Thank you so much

Soneca is very intuitive and honest with her reading for me. She tuned in to my situation and told me everything as it is rather than saying things I wanted to hear. Her reading provides great insights. It helped me to stay centered and see through problems with a clearer mind. I truly appreciate Soneca’s honesty and professional ethics and I would definitely come back for more readings.

So grateful for a wonderful reading. God bless you!

hi soneca,
thanks so much for such a great reading!
it wasn’t all sunshine and roses but i know if that’s what you said i would not have trusted the messages.
thank you again and i’m looking forward to having another reading with you in the near future.
thanks again 🙂

I recently had my first reading with Soneca, loved it and immediately ordered another 3 question email reading. Soneca is kind & very quick with her response time, even just to let you know eta of reading (which is really appreciated!). I was pleasantly surprised with quality reading I received for the very affordable price. I highly recommend Soneca!!

Fantastically accurate, Thank You Very Much for posting. Looking forward to the next reading.

Thank you lovely reading! 🙂

Thank You for your reading. Very nice. ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you ,Soneca! Another month of never ending challenges.. Lol. 🙂 ty This is crazy!! It just resonates with me sooo much…is like the cards were meant for me. I emailed Soneca and promptly received an answer back. All the questions I had were answered and in days I had my reading. Everything flowed very nicely. I had my Tarot reading with Soneca and I feel I got a lot of insight and guidance to the questions I needed answers to. You were very helpful and I thank you for taking your time to read for me Hello Soneca, Thank you and wishing you joy in all you do. I’ll be happy to provide additional testimonial by the end of the year! I was very impressed with a down to Earth, practical interpretation of the cards you have provided. thank you very much for the reading and the insight into my love life. 🙂 Me and him had a close bond. But I feel as if his parents had an issue with me. So that’s why I was a bit astonished when in the future reading you mentioned that a “mother” figure would have a problem with me. I feel like this is already happening in my life 🙂 thank you! I put my house on the market today, so this reading is interesting Thank you, that makes sense. Lots of love, light and blessings to you and thank you for your patience and understanding with me xx EVERYTHING u said about me for August was right on the money…the ex in the first week. He gave me some financial advice….I got a lot of rest & I do meditate. I had forced myself to rest & think about some things because my kids were with their Dad (ex-husband) all week. Then the last thing u said about the first week & last. I wish I would’ve seen ur video before. I’m just now watching it. Sometimes I like to watch after, but then again if it was a destined journey. You can’t do anything about it. You just need to be aware that u have a choice. Now, I’m in a situation because of him. U were right for the start of September bad news about money. The guys not paying me back. Wonderful reading, things are happening exactly the way your explaining at this time..Thank you for sharing your gift!

Hi Soneca, Thank you very much for my reading, and for your open honestly. I lived the reading and it helped me very much. I will be back for another one soon I’m sure because your reading help me to feel I’m on the right path.

Thank you so much Soneca. I enjoyed the reading and a good bit of it did resonate with me. I do hope to get the good news. I literally froze when you mentioned that regarding the friends question…. we visit my friends often and they don’t live far away so that was kind of interesting

thank yo so much! I think you are amazing and you are helping me to heal so much. Also, You are making me aware to trust my gut. I was right on so many things. I will have more questions soon.

This reading has come closer than any of several astrology readings I’ve listened to. Tarot seems much more in tune with what is actually going on in my life. You are quite adept at pulling out helpful highlights for me personally. Thank you very much! Many hugs here for you!

Wow! You’re awesome! Thank you so much! You were very on point about him. I will continue to watch your you tube videos. I just discovered you not too long ago. Thank you again! =o)

I’ve two readings with Soneca, she was so on point the first time, I had to know more. She connects with you on a deep level in her readings. She’s amazing!!!! She has blessed me with clarity and direction on my path. I’m grateful to Spirit for the messages. She’s definitely gifted, honest, straight to the point woman. Her readings are gueniune,powerful and enlighting. She touched on very deep topics she had no way of knowing. I’m very happy I found her and would recommend her anyone that’s ready to hear the truths. I will definitely consult with her in the future.

Thank you very much Soneca, for your service of love and light

Thank u

I am a Libran I have listened to your predictions for the first time and I love it. I am able to relate to many aspects that you have told for Libra. thank you. I will come back every month.

Hi Soneca

Thank you very much for your reading for me and

I really appreciate that you soled the problem with our connection in this way. :))

Yes, you picked everything in right way, my life now is such a complex that

its not very easy. About my son is everything is right. About mom is very true,..I need to go and try to balance..

About this too. you picked fears. Thank you soooo much, you brought a lot of clarity to me with your words.

Many miracle blessings to you..

Thank you very much for your time and reading!!! Its excellent!

Thanks so much for the further clarification. They are very helpful for me to better understand the reading. I truly appreciate your honest reading and professionalism and will definitely be back for more readings

This just reinforced everything that has been going on! Although I am going against my energy in holding back, I’m trying not to move forward recklessly and am trying to get many things to come together, things for which I feel I need the practical cooperation of others.

It’s crazy because everything about Aries is me. XD

You’re so right! This week has been slow for this Virgo!..Waiting for my divorce from Aqaurius male.. He seems to be stalling the entire process. So many delays!! I don’t think he’s in his right mind. Can’t wait for this to be over

I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful experience. During the reading when you told me you saw me kissing my son all over his face as he sat on my lap, it was clear to me that you have a gift. Thank you for the positive reinforcement and guidance regarding my job search and my relationship. I have had a really difficult journey the past few years and I am grateful to God that things are getting better and that I have much to look forward to. I will stay in touch

Sag/aqua is happening to me .thank you

I want to thank you for your readings on you tube. I am not sure how I stumbled upon them. But between me being the Leo and my recent ex being a Capricorn, your monthly readings on both our signs were so accurate …to almost the general day. Thanks again for sharing your gift

Thank you so much, you are so right about the Page of wands for me as a Cancer.

Soneca was very professional and very thorough in my reading. She was very caring and detailed.

Scorp sun & Sag moon, so the Emperor Reversed is certain to play out for me this week. I watched this on Sunday, Aug 10…and sure enough by afternoon i found myself addressing situations in this manner. Then I remembered this vid and decided to pull back the reigns a bit. Let’s see how this week works out. Thanks so much for sharing.

i am Libra , going through alto f struggle . but your reading is very close to my circumstances, you have a good knowledge you are looking each card in depth,

You just told me what my whole month looks like

I loved the Scorpio month of October it was spot on.

Nice i love to hear that from you .Thank you very much ..

Great insightful reading would recommend to anyone thank you all the best for the new year bless you.

Hi. You are good. Thank you very much. Blessings

Cannot believe how bang on this is. Thanks!

Amazing, I love Jesus! I really believe in divine timing, cyclical so true..Interesting points you are making, on point brother is a Leo who I’ve had problems with him..He takes by force from anyone if it gets him ahead, not nice!

I had a reading with Soneca on 3 issues that bothered me. I just posted her 3 questions, without any explanations or cues. When I got her reading, I was simply astonished. Everything she said about the present was so true and accurate, even the stuff that I wasn’t admitting to myself. I even got some confirmations for things that I have assumed and sensed about my life. Those things are so unbelievable and they seem so unlikely … but all that she said and as weird as it may sounded, it was so true. The stuff that she told me wasn’t all nice and there are some difficult issues that I have to deal with, but at least I know now that I’m on the right path and even that I don’t see the light at the end, I know I’m heading towards it. Thank you Soneca, I’ll definitely get back to you soon
Hello Soneca, You have been on my mind past few days. My son has been doing really well in school thank God and I can’t help but feel your message has something to do with why. I have been more patient and loving than ever since our reading and more confident than ever in how great love can indeed move mountains.

Thank you Soneca. It was interesting to watch this now several weeks into August at which time I was interviewing for jobs and my divorce has finally started. It has been an emotionally challenging month – but the changes occurring are all good. Your reading really did match up to what I recorded on my calendar! I am looking forward to September. xxxooo

I have to say that you are really amazing and that your reading was truly awesome and inspiring. It clarified a lot of things for me.

1. I have a feeling that after 7 years my relationship truly is coming to an end. So, you were right. We just became totally different persons in these 10 years and we don’t have a lot in common anymore.

2. I’m also sensing that I won’t be able to work here at this company for very long, because I cannot find any higher purpose and for not getting any satisfaction from my work. And I guess you were more than right here, this is not my soul group …

3. About her, you were right all the way, every single word you said … I’m glad to get the confirmation from you, since I had a feeling that this is some karmic relationship, something from past life and there’s got to be some mayor life lesson behind.

there is just so much information Thank you so much for your truly fantastic reading.

Thank you!!!!

This was awesome! Thank you so much.

Thank you! I’m a Pisces and that was nicely done!

Thanks for my sun sign reading!

Rising in Aquarius it seems that the first week is already accurate I had an ex get in contact with me. Ironically he is a Aqua Sun. I will try to stay positive!

Right on the button. I needed this. Patience is so correct.

your great

I would like to say that my reading was iluminating and gave me comfort in knowing that things will not be as bad as I would make them seem. It gave me a sense of relief so that I could continue on with my life without all that fear that doesn’t allow you to live a normal life.

Great interpretation. I’m a fan

Thank you, I AM being a Hermit, re connecting to the Universe and my Goddess, seeing where possible ex husband stands and a Cap friend who cut me off unexpectedly- you are on the money for this month!

Thank u for your honesty. Lovely reading.X

Thank you very much for your time. My gut felt the same way about the company and the bank as I am more leaning towards the bank as well.

My reading with Soneca was good I look forward to seeing what becomes of the questions I asked her. I will in the future ask Soneca any new questions I might have I highly recommend her.

Good tarot reading.

Thank you very much for your insights, this was very helpful to me in what is without doubt one of the most testing periods of my life.

wow you are amazing!! so far what you have said I can relate to I will send you a message in the end of the month and let you know what happens thank you so much for taking the time for reading the cards

Some trouble with some friends ended July for me with some feeling of hostileness and I am trying to get away from it this week and next weekend I am suppose to go on a trip with an old friends who I havent seen in awhile and then the third week I am not to sure what decision will be made but I will remind myself of that and then in the fourth week I am starting high school and I have been having some worries so I am sure thats what it means for me thank you!

Wow very good. thank you.

very interesting! thanks!

I could understand you very good. Thank you . Great job

Thank you, I could relate to a lot of the things that you spoke about.

You are great. I am an Aquarius Sun and Rising Sign. I hope August and the rest of the year will be great, cause upto now it has been terrifying… lol

thank you very much!guidance helps us aquarius overcome these difficult times!:)))))))))

Nice! Thank you for the reading Protection Status